i hate u to i love you (Episode 5)


Guys sooory for late update and I will reavel suspense as per story so you have to wait till then
Next morning priya come in abhi room and see room messy and abhi sleeping on floor holding his dad pic priya cry seeing his like this and think why you left him he has made him stone hearted now don’t know when he will get happy
And suddenly a sound come and abhi get up shouting dad but see priya their priya comes and sit beside him
Priya: beta please cry your heart out to me I will give you some relif
Abhi: no ma bcz to me dad left us only me
Priya: that was not your mistake I belive you
Abhi: but ma nobody belive me that day why is my am that much bad my love also don’t belive me
Priya; try to understand her situation also
Abhi: no ma bcz to her one dibelif I lost my dad
Priya: but she also lost her mother na
Abhi: ma I don’t want to talk
And goes to wash room and on the shower and cry and here priya cry seeing his son like this
Abhi comes out of wash room and get ready and come to hall
Aliya: gm bahi
Abhi: gm my princess and go and hug him and started leaving
Priya: beta do breakfast na
Abhi: no ma I am not hungry I have some important work
And goes from their towards office and when he reach office he goes to his cabin and dials some one no.
Abhi: I don’t know what you do but I want every detail ofpragya mehra where she go what she do every single move I want to know of her you got it
Men: yes sir

Abhi: ok work should be done
And tanu come in cabin and give abhi some file and goes out and dials someone no.
Tanu: I think he is doing upto something as I heard him talking to someone that he want that work done
Now the second person reveled he is suresh
Suresh: don’t take tension jaan bcz of our tomarrow plan he is now hating her so planning against her that’s it
Tanu: yeah its ok are you ready for your next move you have to propose her ok
Suresh: yeah I know and then these pic will wrok
Tanu smiles: ok jaan bye
And they cut the call and start doing their work

Here in arora mansion pragya wake up and see bulbul no where she goes to her mom pic and smile seeing her mom and tell gm
And then gets ready and go down and see purab and bulbul are doing breakfast
Pragya: gm dad purab and my sweety little princess
Rahul: gm beta
Purab: gm di
Bulbul: gm di di come na feed me today
Pragya: as your wish my princess
Purab: hey kiddo eat it yourself na now you are big enough
Bulbul: di see na
Pragya: purab for me she is my cute little princess and I will feed her
And pragya start feeding her
Bulbul: di today I will also feed u
Pragya: ok
And both feed each other and rahul abd purab smile seeing them happy

They did their breakfast
Purab: ok kiddo come lets go to collage
And they go to collage and pragya to office
Purab and bulbul come to collage and their they see aliya and ignore her and start going in but she come in their way
Aliya: you have slap aliya na for her I will show you what can I do
Purab: I think that slap is not enough for you you want another one
All laugh hearing this and he make her side and goes from their and aliya group come to her
Girl1: he again insulted you
Aliya angrly: I will not leave him now see what I do
And discus her plan with her group and all smiles
Here purab and bulbul come towards her class
Bulbul fearly: what if she did something
Purab: don’t worry kiddo I am here na I will not let u anything happen now smile
Bulbul smiles

Purab: ok now you go we will meet in cantten ok
And bulbul go in her class and purab in his class as class get over a boy come in bulbul class runningly
Boy: you and your frnd insulted aliya na she has shut your frnd in store room
Bulbul get panic hering this and runs towards store room and that boy smile and call some one
Boy: aliya work is done she is coming
( store room is area where no one comes) bulbul goes towards storeroom its was dark their as she fear of dark but for purab she goes in and as she goes in aliya goes and lock the door and give hifi to her frnd bulbul see gate closed and panic as she fear of dark and started going towards gate but falls and her head get injured but she goes towards gate and shart shouting to open
And outside aliya do her acting andsmiles
Aliya: he messed with me na now I will show him what can I do
And goes from their here bulbul started shevering in dark and due to this she fall uncoinseous
Here purab is wating to bulbul in cantten she does not come so he goes to her class but doesnot find her sio he ask her classmate he tell she is gone out of class after break purab start searching her but didn’t find her
And screen splits on tensed face of purab and uncoinsouss face of bulbul


Credit to: queen

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