i hate u to i love you (Episode 4)


Abhi goes from party angrly and reach to his room and close the door and start breaking the things in this his hand get hurt and he thinks so miss pragya mehra from now I will make your life hell you has played such a cheap game now I will show you who I am
Scence shift to arora mansion party gets over all guest goes and bulbul and puran goes in their rooms and rahul and pragya are alone in hall
Rahul: beta please forget everthing I want to see my old pragya her smile please beta
Pragya: no dad this cant happen my smile faded that day itself
Rahul: but beta try to forget it na
Pragya: no way dad when I see his face I remind everthing which happens
Rahul: beta don’t keep your pain like this brust it out
Pragya: no dad this pain give me strength and remind what he has done and increase my hatness
Rahul: but beta you are making your life hell by this

Pragya: dad please I don’t want to talk on this topic gn
And goes to her room and here rahul think when I get my laughing and naughty pragya
Pragya comes in room and goes near her mom pic and tear come in her eyes
Pragya: why mom why you leave me alone I miss you so much mom
And pragya start thinking how she meet abhi first
Flash back start
Pragya at that time in collage and bulbul is in school they are middle class and rahul has a small business and they live happily
A small flat is shown in which a lady is doing aarti and her face is shown she is sarla pragya mother and she done the pooja and go to rahul and give him aarti
Rahul: where are my two princess

Sarala: they are still sleeping don’t know what will happen to them without me today pragya has first day collage and
A voice came mom don’t you dare to talk like this we cant live without you even a second
Sarla turns and a girl face is shown she is pragya wearing a pink top with jeans and open hair a another small girl is shown she is bulbul she is wearing school dress
Pragya: mom how can you tell that
Bulbul: yeah mom we will not talk to u right di
Pragya: yes
And they go and sit on sofa with angry face sarla smiles and goes to them
Sarla: mom did mistake soory mom will never leave you alone
Pragya bulbul: promise
Sarla: promise my princess

And they booth smile and hug sarla
Rahul: all love for mom nothing for dad
Pragya: see bulbul some one is getting jelious
Bulbul: yeah di
And trio smile
Rahul: that’s not fair you 3 made team and left me alone
A voice came from behind I am here na uncle in your team all turn and see a boy and smiles his face is shown he is purab he come inside
Purab: gm uncle and aunty
Rahul: my teammate come see
Bulbul: really dad this motu hahaha
Purab: bulbul call me anything but don’t call me motu ok
Bulbul: motu motu motu hahaha
Purab: wait I will see you
And bulbul start running and purab also run behind her and all smile seeing them after some time bulbul hide behind sarla
Bulbul: ma save me from this motu

Purab: see aunty she again saying me motu
Pragya comes their
Purab: di see she telling me motu
Pragya: so you can call her bandriya na nice name

Purab: yeah di bandriya
And purab and pragya give hi fi to each other bulbul get angry
Bulbul: how can you call me bandriya
Sarla: now enough you all you are getting late come do breakfast and go
All say: yes and they sit and do breakfast and rahul leave for office and prahya on her scooty with bulbul and purab she drop bulbul and purab to school and then going towards collage in way a car coming from wrong side hit her scooty and she falls she get angry and take stone and throw towards car and car back light break and the car stops and from car a handsome boy come out his face is shown he is abhi mehra
Pragya stand her scooty and go towards him
Pragya: don’t you have eyes you rich people think that you are only person all are nothing to you
Abhi: hey miss don’t over recact in know people like you take this money and go
He put monet in pragya hands pragya get angry by this and take stone and break the second light
Abhi: hey miss what you did how dare you

Pragya: you mr. take your money and put his money in his hands and take some money from pocket and put on his hands
Pragya: repair it ok
Abhi gets angry by this
Abhi: I will see you mr. attitude queen you have insulted me
Pragya smiles: insult unki ki jati ha janki respect hoti ha you blo*dy rich spoilt don’t understand it and yeah don’t mess with me again
And goes from their abhi see her going andthink now I will show how spoilt I am ms. Attitude queen
And sit in car and goes towards collage pragya thinking this but come in sense by a knock she goes and open the door and see bulbul and tear in her eyes pragya gets worried she takes her inside and make her sit on bed
Pragya: my cuite what happen

Bulbul: di mom ki yad aa rahi ha
Pragya wipes her tear and make her sleep on her lap
Bulbul: di mom promise us na she will never leave us but why she broke her promise
Pragya: don’t cry my cuite see mom is always with us and now stop crying ok
And pragya cares her face and after sometime she falls asleep andtear come in pragya eyes
Pragya: why mom you left me you promised me you will never left us alone then why you break your promise mom dad tell forget everthing but how mom he is responsible for everything bcz of him you are not with me I hate myself that I love him I cruse that day when I meet him I cant forgive him ma never I only hate him just hate him
Here abhi holding his dad pic

Abhi: dad why you left me I am missing you dad pragya that day you don’t trust me I lost my life my everthing that day if that day you trust me my dad is with me I hate u pragya just hate u and by doing this cheap work you have increases my hatness towards you I will never forgive youscreen splits in two parts abhi crying seeing his dad pic and pragya crying seeing her mom pic

Credit to: queen

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