i hate u to i love you (Episode 3)

Thnks guys for support and love
The episode start with the gowdown scene
Person1: we have to make them that they only hate each other nothing else
Person2: and today we will do it
And both shakes hand and goes

Its evening pragya comes home and bulbul hug her
Bulbul: di I know you will win
Pragya: why not by lucky charm wishes me
Bulbul smiles
Purab: congras di
Pragya: thnk u purab and yeah today you stay here there is a party so you also join na
Purab: but di me
Bulbul: you are stating and that’s final
Purab: ok bulbul mata
Bulbul: jeetae raho vatse
Purab : bulbul ki bachi ruk and they start chasing each other and pragya smiles and goes to rahul and hugs him
Rahul: congas beta
Pragya: thnks dad
Rahul: beta cant you forgive him
Pragya: dad I don’t want to talk about it I am going to freshn up
And pragya goes to her room and stand near salrla pic
Pragya: ma you know today I destroy his ego I will not forgive him for what he did with me
And a drop of tear come in her eyes and she goes to wash room

Here abhi also come from office and see aliya
Abhi: what happen to my sister
Aliya: nothing bahi but bahi that concract
Abhi: you don’t take this tension ok now smile
Aliya smiles
Abhi: now that’s my good sister
And then aliya goes to room and abhi comes to priya
Abhi: ma I am going in pragya party
Priya: but beta
Abhi: its ok ma I will not do anything
Priya: why don’t you talk her about it
Abhi: ma please I dant want that topic againg so please and go from their
Priya thinks don’t know what happen in future

In arora house party get started all guest comes and rahul is greeting them and theircomes abhi and goes to rahul and shake hand
Abhi: hello uncle hows you
Rahul: fine beta and you
Abhi: see uncle fit and fine
And their comes pragya wearing a black gown and making her hair open with curls all are seeing her and abhi also see her
Abhi thinks miss attitude queen is looking so hot today
Pragya comes and greet everyone one she takes the mike
Pragya: thnk u ladies and gentlemen toady I won bcz of my staff and my dad suppert and I want to tell them thnk u and you guys now enjoy the party all claps and pragya see abhi abhi smiles at her curtly she goes to abhi
Pragya: so you come I think you will not come
Abhi: abhi both calebrate his loose and his win
Pragya: yeah best excuse this give some relif to your ego right ok lets enjoy the party and goes from their
Abhi goes to bar and oder a drink he is seeing pragya and pragya is taking someone suddenly she put all her hairs towards front now it is seen that her dress zip is slightly open and abhi see two mens are seeing these he gets angry and goes towards pragya and hold her hand and pull her towards a corner
Pragya: how dare you abhi mehra to touch me
Abhi: really miss pragya you cant take care of yourself and telling me
Pragya: what do you mean
Abhi: I mean your dress zip is open
Pragya hering this get panic but abhi pulls her towards him and she hug him and he closes the zip but some one take their pic while hugging and abhi closing dress zip
After some time pragya jerks him
Pragya: thnk u for your help
Abhi: miss attidute queen only thnku
Pragya: don’t think that by this help I will forget everythin I always hate u and this hatness will never end
Abhi: then who is ready to end this hatnees I am just enjoying it
Pragya: yeah and I will completely destroy u
Abhi: you are same as like in collage attitude queen
Pragya: and you betrayal king
And goes from their and abhi also goes from their
And after some time abhi see pragya going some where but he see only her dress and flows her she goes to some one and abhi heard their talks
Pragya: you have done great job by giving me details of that project this is your two laks
Person1: ok mam I did only this for money
Pragya: he don’t get to know about it and from now I will nnot know u
Person1: ok mam
Abhi comes to see them but they left
Abhi : so you done this cheap trick to get the contract miss attitude queen now I will show you what a betrayal king cand do and fumes anglry and goes from their and their shown two people but their face are not shown they shake hand
Person1: our work is completed
Peason2: he think me as pragya now he will do anything to destroy her and he sdesrtiy her after that we will o our work
Person1: yeah and then our revenge will completed we have make this much effort to mantaine their entimty but that abhi is not doing anything to her
Person2: but this plan will not get flop now he will do something and see I have something
Person2 shows some pic to person 1 in which abhi and praga hugging each other and abhi is closing pragya dress zip
Person1: it will help in increasing their hatness you are great
Person 2: yeah that’s I know
Both smiles
Person1: so toady is party day for us
Person2: yes
And they goes from their

Credit to: queen


  1. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    College days eneminity to working days tashan.
    Mysterious episode and definitely a good one too.

  2. shree

    Arey who are they and y abhi and pragya hate each other arey u give more suspense yar… today’s episode was awesome I really like it…

    • Kristy

      It is actually 11:35 pm for me in Toronto. I stay up at night to read ff daily. So I get upset when some ppl don’t update their ff. It is like I can read it in the morning when it is night for you but I like to read it before I go to bed like many bed time stories without an ending.

  3. Nivethitha

    Amazing episode yaar u r a fabulous writer I can’t wait to know what is going to happen next update it soon dr eagerly waiting for next episode..

  4. Sharmi

    It increasing our eagerness…..plzzz dont do dis much suspense yaar…..plzzz dont make abhi too angry on pragya…..plz reveal d suspense asap yaar……..i m waiting for d nxt part. …..

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