I hate u like the way I love u (episode 2)


Sorry for the delay… My college festival was going on… Hope you like this….

Scene 1 –

A guy standing in front of a mirror thinking about something

Flashback ….

Guy – but y…

Girl – coz u nt good enough for me Rehan…look at u and look at me ….we are poles apart

Guy – but wt hpnd overnight

Girl – I met him…. and it’s over between us now….i am the beauty queen of my college and you a joker

Fb ends

Rehan looking into mirror her words echoing in his ears


Scene 2

A girl waking her sister up

Girl 1 – Cmon di wake up…

Girl 2 – stop disturbing me lemme sleep

Girl 1 – Di Arun won’t know by himself that u dreaming of him since years u gotta wake up and tell him 😛

Girl 2 – I’ll kill u Alka if u told anyone

Alka – Piya and arun …looks good na 😉

Piya blushes and leaves to get ready for college

Alka ( to herself ) – I wish I can tell him too

Scene 3 –

Bhawna and Bhaavya reach Bhaavya’s colg

Bhawna – So there you go…good luck for day 1

Bhaavya – Thanks di…bbye

Bhawna left from their for her college and Bhaavya starts going in

Just then Arun And Aaryan reaches there too

Aaryan – finally here I am…beware chicks I m comimg ( with a smirk )

They both started moving in when Aaryan noticed Bhaavya checking him out and passed a smile

Rehan & Piya Joins them too and they left for their respective lectures

Scene 4 –

Medical College

Alka hurriedly going towards class when she collided with Bhawna…

Alka – I’m sorry I didn’t saw…was in a hurry ..it’s my first day here and I’m late..can u tell me the way

Bhawna – ya sure take second left ….

Alka leaves and Bhawna Smirks devilishly……

Really sorry for my narrating skills and thanks to all of you who are reading this story will start taking twists really soon 😉

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  1. I thought bhawna is innocent 😛

  2. Seems interesting
    Keep going

  3. Plz tell couples

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