I hate u like the way I love u (episode 1)

Thanks for your comments guys. And yes This is real. A very normal story with daily life issues which we teens face.Forgive me for my writting skills i just needed to write this down.

So lets begin –

Scene 1…

A girl is dancing on loud music in her room when a lady enters her room

Lady – Cmon beta stop this and get ready

Girl – Ya mom jus 5 more minutes

Lady – ok but be quick i don’t want my princess late on very first day of her college

Girl – Dont worry mom i’ll be on time

Girl (To Herself) – So Bhaavya it’s time to start a new life….college life :)…good luck sweetie

With that she enters in other room thats of her sister Bhawna

Bhaavya – WTF..How do you wake up so early and that too to study 😮

Bhawna – Well thanks to your music :p

Bhaavya ( holding her ears) – sorrrrryyyy 🙂

Bhawna – Lets get ready for college it’s your first day be prepared for new challenges

Both of them start preparing for their day

While leaving for college they are stopped by a man returning from his jogging

Bhawna & Bhaavya – Good morning Dad

Raj Sharma – Good morning beta and good luck Bhaavya

Bhaavya- Thanks dad..bbye tc

Scene 2 –

Boy 1 – You all set for college

Boy 2 – Yes bhaiya…i just hope my class have some chicks :p

Boy 1 – So thats why you choose Comp. Sci. 🙂

Aaryan – Yes it is but its not the only reason Arun Bhaiya :p

Arun – Yeah yeah i know your reasons very well…Now come you’ll be going with me today

Aaryan (excitedly)- sure let’s go 😀

They both drive for their college in Arun’s car

Sorry first few episodes will introduce each character and then the story will unfold…Again really thanks to everyone who’s reading and commenting..ur feedbacks are really valuable…and trust me you guys are awesome tht u tolerating my writing skills 😀 :p but this is a normal real story afterall :p

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  1. Waiting for all characters to get in 😀

  2. Waiting for nxt part.. Keep going..

  3. Wts the couples?

  4. I think bhaavya and aaryan
    Piya and Arun
    Not sure about others maybe bhawna and rehan

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