I hate u like I love u (Twinj Sidmin) Epi 1


Kunj sarna- Arogant spoilt brat..stay with his family..
he has a niece..his elder brothers and bhabhis daughter..
who died in an accident..
his life revols around..his mom dad and his little princes…
he just frndly to them..
but for others hes as rude and strong as a rough uncarved stonee..

Twinkle Taneja-Daughter of a rich business man..but she never revealed herself to others thaat shes daughter of the great Rt..
shes frndly in nature..and dedicated to her work..but at home a jolly kid..
and only infrnt of her parents and her elder brother UV shes a spilt brat..

so these are our leads..
lets start with the story..
guys i m not sure if this story ll continue till last..coz really i dont know if i ll b there to contiue or no..
just due to some personal problms..
but my bestie..my crazy she said that by mingling in TU i can get rid of it so i m here..

(Sara Sarna)SS company..one of the top companies of the world..

(heheh! yeah ff hai yaha kuch b hosakta hai..-this is what our crazy madam said when i asked her how SS..soo plz how and why this cmpny ask her only..)

All the mens and womens in office are doing their work..
but one man is talking in his cell..
infact all were gosiping..
but suddenly all became silent..
and only his voice was heard..
so the person turned back..to his utter shock..
the devil the kharoos sarna mr kunj sarna..
potrayd by Sidhnat gupta..
was there..

he threw a chk on his face and said ur fired …
hhe rushed to his cabin..
his PA…
came running to him..
he signed some peon..
the peon came and gave him a coffee..

kunj took a sip..
and gave a side look to his PA mr KAvi..
K-sir..i got it..by tommo i ll give u the list of best computer eng..of the city..
and their bio data will be here..
K-u can lev now..and yeah what abt the meetings today..?
PA-sir..its with tanejas..
K-fine..prepare for that..v shall lev soon…
K-listen..if their are any dues of that employee..then it shd be forbidden soon..
b4 the new eng..enters..
PA-with in an hour ur work ll be done sir..

Taneja mansion..
a big room is shown..
with blue and white combinations..
someones sleeping..there taking the whole blanket..on oneself..
sllowly someone..pulls the blanket..but again he takes up..
this continues..
at last the screma..
Twinkle ki bacchiii

s the guy is Uv..

“Twinkle ki bacchi nahi twinkle hi…
vase twinkle ke bacche hogaye aur abbtak twinkle ko hi pata nahi..

UV-i wont lev u now..
T-hahah!pakad ke tho dika…UV
UV-bade bhai ko naam se bulati hai..sharam kar
uv gets down of his bed to catch her but our bubbly girl..
she had put marble stones all over the floor..
and uv fell over their..
but somehow he gets hold of her and shes says sorry uv bhaiya..
now lev me..
UV-ooo uv became uv bhaiyaa…han…
T-oky oky..i promise i ll do what ever u say me now lev na baba plzz…
fine..he takes a file and says
UV-this must reach dad soon..
and he falls on bed and dozzes off..

so how was the episode?

hii hope u like it han..
n more news for fans of crazy..
she ll not upload any ff on twinj for few days..
so plzz dont force her too..
hope u understand her..

plz throw ur cmmnts ..
and UR hater..
i really dont know u..but u really took her worng..
whar ever u have issues i dont know..
but when u dont know the person ur talking to u shd not judge them..
that to on their character ver bad…bro/sis..
i have been with her since 4 yrs..
n trust me u ll never find a girl like her in ur life..
n oly coz f u..the prankstr is full quite..
so requst if u have self respect say sorry..
i know i m none to interfear within ur matter..
but i know how my girl is..
n i cant tolrate anything to her..

u wont believe me but i had met with an accident..
i dont have legs now..
u know after that all left me..
the only girl and a frnd stood with me was she..
all said that they would feel ashmnd f standing with me..
but this girl..
she said she made me frnd from hrt..
not all these things..
n u hv hurtd a gem man..

sorry to say but plz do ask sorry..!

and yeah guys crazy ki jo b episodes hai..i think of twinj strategy..
it ll last one till he mood gets fine.

stay positive..and spread positiveness..

ur Puh..

Credit to: Puh

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  1. Hey puh wc to TU dear n loved d starting n seems really interesting do cont asap

  2. It was nice.

  3. Welcome to our tei family dear….thanks for increasing our family with ur presence..
    Ur ff is started with a great bang ….loved it ….waiting for the next one…nd today we got a precious gem like u…All the best..

  4. Puh u r fighter….seriously…. Loved the ff….don’t have words for u….be positive and spread happiness…… Hope these words will get a smile on ur face….
    Keep going ….awesome????????

  5. it was amazing and crazy had also told about u in her ff
    waiting for your next epi
    and puh message to crazy that her fans won’t see her quite as she is our bak bak queen
    and please crazy forget that incident as a bad dream and we all are proud of u yaar
    and puh please tell crazy not to take stress for results she will top that also and win all hearts

    1. Kassh asa hota but this girl z mad..
      Till results cm she ll b like this only..

      N u know at she does ?

      1. Dambo ka,frnd

        Are wait puh I ll say

      2. Just shut up oky pratu
        If u say u ll get punches like u always get n if I say I won’t

      3. Dambo ka,frnd

        As if I fear for her

      4. I think u forgot her her slaps n punches
        So only u r udding na..
        Vyshu baravaa Ivan bhal hatadytan nod..

      5. Some1 bcm dare Hai na puh

      6. please puh tell

  6. and puh u are amazing writer and please continue your ff till thousands centuries
    your first epi was a bomb ???
    and welcome to out tei family????? ? ? ? ?? ? ?? ? ???
    kuch meetha toh banta hai?? ? ?? ? ?
    and u are very precious just like crazy???? ?? ?
    and please smile once for us and give your valuable smile we can’t see but can feel through your reply? ?
    u will get support from everyone and one more thing puh , ur hater had apolized earlier

    1. sorry dear it’s our instead of out(typing error)
      sorry if u are heated

  7. Nice epi.
    Please can u just translate a few Hindi lines into english if u don’t mind? I don’t speak Hindi. Thanks.

  8. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome. …kahan chupi bai ti thi yaar itni amazing writer ho tum…

  9. hey puh…. idnt knw whether crazy is a gem.. yeah she is a phenomenal writer… bt u tooo are so.. imean really a gem.. in ur situation i cant even imagine what i have had done…. bt u really r a fighter… nd m sure u will achieve great heights… with ur writing…coz u r fantastic in that… keep writing such pieces… all the best.. nd plzz tell creay we r with her..!!

  10. welcome , di . u r as amazing as crazy di . continue . and u r also like her , hoga hi na . kiuki friends mein bohot match hota hain . mujhe hi dekh lo . my all friends are abnormal , otistic as well as me . and yes tu mein sab possible hain . mujhe pucho . itni sari ffs parti hoon . pagal ho jaati hoon

  11. Puh a big welcome to tu.
    Great start.
    Pls if u can tell crazy di…..that she is raunak of our tu forum and if raunak hi nahi to how we can smile.
    She os our bak bak queen, v luv her alot.
    Idk what happend eith that message thing but I know one thing 4 sure that our crazy di is very strong and confident and crazy;) lol..,.and bcoz of sum words not 2 spoil our lovely didi’s mood.i know its not easy but nothing is impossible for our crazy di.
    Amd as 4 results tell her not 2 take tension as she gonna get the best as she is the best.she is a great human beings.
    No probs if she updates later….v all r eagerly waiting….but first u get better…..u r our inspiring idol so u can’t be gloomy…smile pl and asap update u r ffs.
    Luv u crazy di, our best wishes r with her
    And puh….tu kuch kam nahi hai.
    Crazy di ki tarah osum, duper duper writer hai tu.
    U snd crazy di have inspired me a lot.
    Both kerp smiling, b happy and all the best.
    Puh update asap dear.

  12. U get better means let crazy di’s mood get better.
    Sorry for spelling mistakes.
    Update soon puh

  13. Yar iss shaitan ko itni sympathy bhi mat do..
    U dontvknow her
    She’s actually a torchr queen…
    N mostly a irritating character f my life..

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