From hate towards love.. chapter 1

Thanx guys for ur comments …..
I have decided that gautam rode will be there as pair for aditi as i love them most…
his character name will be aditya diwan.
regarding his character- cute & hot dashing . A guy who have all qualities which every girl wants in her future… bestie of swara as they are in same profession

So here we start….
@ Gadodia Mansion
all family members are doing preparations( except our swaragini ) for pooja ( sumi is super happy forwelcoming her eldest daughter the favourite of all. and only she knows that sge is coming.) Swaragini didnt know this as aditi wants to give them surprise . swaragini thinks that there is pooja at home…

swaragini room
sumi comes to wake them up but they are already awaken as they took too much tym to get ready in tradional clothes( as they think pooja is there at their home)
sumi: good u both are already awaken now get ready fast .. as she would be coming…… sumi realizes what she was about say which our genius swara notice.
swara: who is coming and who is she.
sumi collect words to give reply and say: vo…vo.. shona… ap ji is coming along with her family….
as swara heard that maheshwaris are coming she got furious that our hero will definitely come she doesnt want to see his face..
ragini also get furious as she knows that her biggest rival laksh is coming…
sumi understands that why rago is furious but whlie looking at swara she got confused as she does not know what is going on b/w swasan.
sumi: rago i know u r upset as laksh is coming but dont forget he is son of ur dad’s bst frnd so plzz dont start ur rivalry …
rago nodes in yess.

as sumi leaves swarag got ready in diff colours of anarkali of same design and comes down.
all praises them and maheshwaris arrive and greets them …
sumi: where are our sons?
ap: they r coming.
sanlak arrives both are looking awsome.
sumi comes to sanskar asks when u return frm paris ?
sans: a day before yesterday auntie .
he takes blessibg frm all
a voice come frm behind : why u all always forget me . he is our laksh. all smiles but rags intruped and says: sab tumhe isliye bhul jate h kyuki tum yad rakhne wale chiz nhi ho…
lucky replies: oh plzz miss so called best lawyer nobody asks for ur opinoin.
they turn their faces on opposite sides.
sumi looks at rags and ap looks at lucky respectively and signs them to keep their mouth shut.
sumi : ok come lets start the pooja .. again one voice comes frm behind and says puja that too without aditya. all turns and are happy as their aditya has come. swara runs and hugs him and he lifts her in excitment. all are happy while seeing their bonding except sanskar( not bcoz he is jealous but he is swara best frnd and he knows that swara never consider anbody as her bst frnd other than him in childhood so he is not jealous he is hurt.)
shekhar : now can we start the pooja .
all in unison ofcourse

as pandit start the mantra
a car stops outside the mansion a girl comes out wearing black jeans and white shirt and black boots looking very stunnig in her casual outfit too. as she walks inside the gate sumi got sensations that her beloved daughter has arrived and tears rolled downs frm her eyes . Nobody notices that bcz they think that bcz of smoke tears r coming out frm her eyes.
aditi remove her boots and comes inside silently and signs sumi to dont say anything as wants to suprise everybody. nobody sees her bcz of smoke but a mother can see her child even if eye are closed. sumi eyes her lovingly and aditi hides covering her head with scarf between other ladies . as pooja got over sumi told swargini to greet all women as they started greeting them aditi comes and shouted: bhooo .. both got scared but as they come to know that their sister has arrived they were very happy and shoted in fear abd excitment at same tym : aaaaaaaa!!!!! diiii!!!!!
All were shocked and turns and find their darling has arrived and gets emotional …..

precap: swaragadi moments ,
swara and aditya frndshp, swasan and raglak hatred . aditi and sanskar are shocked!!!!!

guys plzz do comment..
lots of luv
plzz tell me if u r not lyking this..

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