hate to love a shraman fan fiction part 11

Hy guys me again!! 😀 wid prt 11 hope u lyk it….. N thank to all for their precious comments!!
So lets strt!
After taking all classes Sumo is coming out of d univrsty—–
Here in uni garden Shr n his grp r talking —
But Shr eyes was searching Sumo….
Abhi: aray yr wo mai leh raha Tha ke…..
(suddenly Sumo came)
She smiles sees Shr n he smiles….
She Was abt to cm to d grp but sddenly stop she remembers d incident—- 🙂
Sumo wids him by n strts to go…. 🙂
(But Shr ws keep stairing at her wid much concerned as he was worried cause the floor was slipryyy due to rain)
Abhi: Shr?? (shakes him ) shr!?? 😮
Kahan khoya hoa hai ??
—-Shr ws abt to ans sddenly he her Sumo voice—-
She fall cause of slprnss—
He rushes to her—-
Shr: Sumo!!! 😮 o my god!!!
—-Sumo screams in pain—-
Ahh !!!! My foot!!!
Shr chcks hr foot—-
Moch aagai hai!! Sumi dheyan rakhna Tha na ! 😮
Sumo: han or danto !!
Shr feels guilty he glares at abhi—-
Shr: wi8 here!
–aft 5 min he cms with his car—-
— he makes her sit in d car—
—n they drive away–
At 8:30
Tia cms to MM (malhotra mansion)
Tia straight goes to shr room—
Tia: hy champ!! 😀
Shr: hey ! (he luks tired) 🙂
Tia : oyy r u ok?? 😮
Shr: ham wo bss……..
(Tia cuts him)
Sumo ke ghar Tha!
(he nods)
Kaisi hai wo??
He says fyn! 🙂
Tia : hey yaad hai tune ek baar kaha Tha tukhe kabhi pyaar nai ho ga!! 😀
(Shr nods)
Tia: hahahahah 😀 tu wrong Tha dear !!
(Shr is confused)
Tia: ji han she strts singing!
Ho gaya hai tujh ko toh pyaar sajna
lakh karle tu inkar sajna
hai ye pyaar sajna……
Shr: pagal ho gai hai kya?? Mjhe? Pyaar??? Kis se!???
Tia : Sumo se!!! 😀
Shr is shocked 😮
hav u gone crazy!!
Tia: no no!! u hav gone crazy abt her dear 😀
Shr: Mjhe koi Pyaar wyaar nai hai us se samjhi!!
Tia: hmmm u r ri8 is liay mai ne usko bhi bol dia ke tu n trishaa…….
Shr: ooy pagal toh nai hai kya bola tune usko!?? 😮 mere or trisha ke beech kuch nai hai!!
Tia: hahahhaha 😀 beta tere andar yahi jazba junoon anger passion dekhne ke liay kaha !! 😀 man u r in luv!!!
(here Shr shocked Tia rocked) 😀
Screen freezes!!

Precap: Sumo’s car tire punchrd! 😮
Shr cms to prking area n she luks at him…….

So how ws d ep guyss!!!
Do tell! 🙂 🙂 🙂
N silent readers plZz AP bhi kro…… Cmmnts.! 😀
so here is d ques guys: who do u think puchrd sumo’s car’s tire?
Give ur views through Cmmnts
n han ans zaroor dena!! 😉 😉 😉
Luv u guys!!! 😀
[4:11pm, 2016-06-16] H: ❤❤
[4:11pm, 2016-06-16] H: ?

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  1. LovelyLady

    jhakas epi… yar aaj kl taarif k wrd km ho gye h… kuch nya nikalna prega….. 😉 🙂
    i think tia n kiya h….. to arrenge cute romantic momnt between shraman….. hope i m rt….. fnger crosed…..
    love my sweeetuuuuu

    1. Hahhaa thank u so much Di!!! 😀 😀
      well lets see kya hota hai….. 🙂
      Thnks fr d ans!!

      1. LovelyLady

        maria khi tumne to ni kia????? 😉

      2. Ahahaha Di 😀

  2. Bhoomi

    Superb episode…. Bichari Sumo..
    i think tia ne kiya hoga tire puncture ?

    1. Thanks alot Di 🙂
      will see u did dis 😉
      Thnkx fr d ans…..

  3. WeirdSister

    Amazing maria…eagerly waiting for next epi…post soon

    1. Thankx alot WS ……… 🙂
      will post 1 soon 🙂

  4. U did it..maria…u did a gud. Job..keep writing like this…?☺☺☺☺

    1. Thnk u soooooo much sona Di 🙂

  5. Nice epi…..

    1. Thnks dear 🙂

  6. Sumo

    are maria…. kamal kr dia tune yaar.. loved it.. ??
    itna sweet tha na Shravan???

    1. Awww thank u soo much Sumo Di!!! 🙂 🙂
      Soo sweet of u 🙂

  7. Nikita

    Kamaal ho gaya shravan ko toh ho gaya hai pyaar… I think tia punctured. Not sure.. Amazing ep.

    1. Thanks nikki!!
      hmm lets see !! wat will happen!

  8. Angel_pari

    such a cute n sweet epi maira u rock

    1. Thanks alot angel Di……!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. It was very cute epi keep writing…..??

    1. Thnks anamika dear….! 🙂 🙂

  10. Itss really nice

    1. Thankxx dear!!

  11. Affaa

    Amazing…..my sis superb…as usual ..loved it….Maria it’s bcoz email problem….how are you….how is preparation going for eid….

    1. Thank u sooooo much Di!! 😀
      ohh email hmmm no worries 🙂
      I am perfectly fine… how r u Di?? 🙂
      Eid prepations are going vry well how abt u?? Shopping ho gai! 😀

    2. Affaa

      Haa I did my shopping…how is your mom

      1. Mom is abosolutly fine Allah je karam se how is yr mom n family 🙂 Di ??

  12. Superb ep ???? …. and I think Tia ny kiya hoga ?

    1. Aww thankx alot Perry !!
      🙂 lets see wat will happen! 😀

  13. Shalini Naicker

    loved it.

    1. Thanks dear…… 🙂

  14. gourvi aggarwal

    Awesome and superb episode pls keep writing

    1. Thanks alot dear!! Keep commenting!! 🙂

  15. Sharmansangel

    Mind blowing episode love ur ff sample haathon me to jaadu hai early waiting for next episode jaldi post limited ga

    1. Aww thanks alot yr fr ur complement 🙂 will ve glad to see ur cmmnt on my nxt prt also 🙂

  16. mario rocked readers shocked thats it
    tyre pnchered by trisha ithink so anyways take care result aaraha h r ramzan ja raha h so pray for urself and me too plz

    1. Hahaha Thanks ufaq 😀
      thanks fr d ans lets see wat will happen!!
      N yeah best of luck fr d result i will definately pray fr u 🙂 🙂

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