I hate you swara ff story


I hate you swara
This is a new fan fiction this I hope that you guys have a lovely day I will be uploading every day 05:00pm London time
It is the auspicious time and a woman is walking down the stairs to the altar to have her wedding take place she is wearing heavy earring and necklaces her shoes are adorned with glitter and gold her wedding dress is worth 10 laks her hands are covered in mendi.this is swara and accompanying her is her sister ragini she is upset about the wedding she loved the man that swara is going to marry sanskar.she keep her hatred she has of her sister to her self.
Sujta:Come it is time for the wedding look the bride is coming
Sharmista:shona!she looks amazing

Woman1:she will give you healthy grandkids they will look so pretty
Woman2:yes although why her older sister has not got married yet
Woman1:me too
Ragini ignored the comments
Ragini thinking:I loved sanskar it should be me marrying him first I wanted lakshya I mistaken his friendship for lovers and now he is happily married and here I am alone.i am alone alone God.but it is swara fault she knows what she did when she did it she ruined my life everything was over I will never forgive her.i hate you swara
Swara thinking:I am so happy swara and ragini are together once again swaragini i will start my life ii will live a happy life I will never forget my family dadi dida papa ma never.
Sanskar thinking:I can’t wait to marry swara I love her so much
Lakshya:I am happy for sanskar and swara i hope they have a happy like mine is the worst i never wanted to marry kavya(swaragini show)
Swara and sanskar get married and ragini watches silently from the back and cries and wipes her tears and goes off To congratulate the new couple
Ragini:congratulations on your wedding
Swara:thank you
Sanskaar:thank you

*all the ritual are preformed*
Swara:bye ma papa
Shekha:you will soon forget about us soon you will have so much responsibility as the daughter in law of the house
Dida:yeah I will die with no granddaughter because she will be with her husband
Swara:don’t say that I could not stand if anything happened to you
Sharmista:I will take your leave now
The have an emotional hug and go
Swara goes back in the house and parineeta takes her to Sanskaar room where everyone Is standing and send her into the room
The room is decorated with petals and flowers she sits on the bed and Sanskaar comes in they shy away khuda jaane plays Sanskaar takes her earrings and all her jewellery the lights go out and they consume their marriage

Meanwhile ragini is alone sleeping her face stained from crying curled in a ball
Lakshya is on the sofa and his wife on the bed

Precap:Lakshya wife pushes ragini off the stairs when She comes to visit sswara.parineeta faints and lakshya has a

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  6. is ragini a lead in ur ff ???

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      Yes she is

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    awesome and interesting too

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    Is ragini is lead or swara ???????

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