I hate you swara ff story episode 9


Meanwhile Ragini is seen heading towards the police station
Ragini:excuse me I am here to see kavya
Inspector:Come this way
Kavya:hello ragini
Ragini:hello kavya
They begin to walk to each other
Kavya:nice acting
Ragini:good body cover up

Kavya:nice story
Ragini:nice way to make Uttara leave
Kavya:nice slap (she holds her cheek)
Ragini:nice strangling (she holds her neck)
Kavya and ragini hug
Ragini:I am so happy swara is going to pay and then soon the house will be under our name
Kavya:yes 50% 50% each

Ragini:fair enough for me
Ragini thinking (Don’t think your so smart that property will be mine and you leave Laksh alone and I will make sure that.i will save my family I am just doing this for them )
Ragini:anyway I better go I need go and do some plans
Ragini:don’t worry I will bailing you out soon
Kavya: okay bye
Next morning
Ragini is doing arti and everyone is happy
Dadi:laddo tie this thread for safety
Ragini: okay
Ragini:ma dida papa come get blessing
They all recive blessing 
Ragini:ma today we should visit parineeta it has been a month since I have seen her
Dadi:soon that will be you 
Sharmista:what wrong beta
Ragini:ma you too I won’t speak to you anymore
Sharmista and dadi:sorry (they hold their ears)
MM mansion
Ragini:how is parineeta
Annapurana:she is fine 
Ragini:what happened

Annapurana:Sujata won’t eat
Ragini:let me
Annapurana:Sujata ragini is here with
Ragini:Uttara is not here
Sujata slumps back I cries
Ragini:Sujata you need  to eat food here
Sujata:no (she throws the food)
Swara:I told you she will no eat
Ragini:swara wait I have  not even tried
Swara: okay
Annapurana:at least ragini is trying you did nothing
Swara:fine you don’t need to rub it in my face
Ragini:I will get more food

Sujata:I will touch nothing
Ragini goes to get the food and sees Laksh in the kitchen she turns around and just as she goes Laksh notices her.
Laksh:where are you going
Ragini:I n-need to get something
Laksh:no you don’t what’s wrong never seen a man in the kitchen
Ragini:no Laksh
Laksh:I  am just making tea for my Aunty
Ragini: oh okay
Ragini is just about to leave
Ragini:what happened Laksh are you okay
Laksh:c-could you try the tea
Ragini: okay

She tries it and she’s spits it
Ragini:(laughing)are you trying to p-poison me
Laksh:(hurt)I wanted to try to make it
Ragini:wait!I will show you
Ragini:first you mash the ginger and heat up water put the tea leaves and then add the ginger and milk let it boil and then put it through a strainer
Laksh: okay
He does it all while ragini strains it the steam gets in her face she slips Laksh catches her they look into each other eyes
Laksh:are you okay
Ragini:I am fine it need
Laksh in heart:what is this I am feeling for her is it love?yes I love her
Ragini in heart:I love him I love him
Ragini out loud:I love him I love Laksh 
Laksh:u love me
Laksh puts his finger on her lips
Laksh:I love you too
They share a hug
Ragini:we will tell everyone after Uttara come back
Laksh:I love you

Precap: parineeta begins to suspect swara and Ardash friendship as something else when they fall accidently from each other swara will be thrown from the house

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  1. nice but wat is swara fault

    1. Dalchini

      Sanskaar won’t forgive her

  2. awesome but i think ragini may be misunderstood if they find out

  3. Pls dont seperate swasan

  4. Mica

    ohoooo..many shocking part, ragkav ??? Ragini love Laksh ? she just acting or what ?
    ooh soo much twist and suspense… luv it Dhalcini! ty

  5. Kakali

    Sooo many twist n turns all together … oohhhooo loved it Dalchini.. thnk u..

  6. Akshata


  7. A.xx

    can’t wait for the next episode ragini has been thrown out too many times in the seriel atleast its swara’s turn somewhere.

  8. Hy don’t separate swasanpls

  9. Did she do Anything wrong

  10. Awesome

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