I hate you swara ff story episode 7


Uttara:ma ma MA MA
sujata:what happened Uttara
Uttara:explain this
Sujata looks shocked this is not true you are my own daughter
Uttara:really ma you are saying the truth these are adoption papers WITH YOURS AND PAPAS
Annapurana and  swara :what happened
Sujata:jiji she saying she is adopted tell her you were there during my nine months
Annapurana:Uttara kya bakwas hai you talking to you mum like this what has happened to you.
Kavya:what happened
Swara:Uttara thinks that she is adopted

Kavya:is there any evidence
Uttara:a massive one look at these documents
Swara:these must be fake
Kavya:no I completely trust Uttara how could you do this to her
Annapurana:what are you talking about
Kavya:the truth the evidence is all against you
Sujata:what are you doing trying to break my daughters relationship with me
Uttara wipes her tears and says coldly
Kavya did  not have to say anything to break are relationship there was no relationship from the start and now there will never be

Swara:Uttara listen to me
Uttara pushes swara
Uttara:I am leaving far far from here
She runs to her room and packs her clothes
Swara:kavya what was all that what have you done
Kavya:I support the truth
Swara in head:I now 100% belive she kidnapped ragini
Kavya goes off to help Uttara pack and Uttara comes out with her suitcase  at the same time  lakshya Sanskaar ram prasad dugra prasad come inside

Dp:what is going on
Annapurana and Sujata explain everything
Sanskaar and lakshya:KYA
Sanskaar: mom tell the truth is this the truth Uttara is not my sister
uttara:not anymore
She takes her suitcase and leaves
Sujata:u-u uttara
Sujata fall to the floor and she faints

Precap:Uttaran leaves the house and ragini exposes kavya

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  1. Awesome

  2. Nice

  3. thank god i thought u r making ragini negative in ur ff seeing previous precap but happy to see todays precap

  4. Dalchini

    Thankyou for all the comments they mean so much to me even the silent readers

  5. Kakali

    Wooowww !! loved d chappy Dalchini.. thnk u..

  6. superb

  7. Mica

    Dalchini ! your precap somehow always changed dear!.. or i should lil bit patient hehehe..
    about pari-adarsh-swara, not exposed yet.. sorry , ty

    1. Dalchini

      Don’t worry this next episode ragini will expose kavya I promise and soon pari and ardash

  8. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome … but in previous part precap u had shown that ragini will take revenge from swara but now she will expose kavya can’t understand …. and why uttra is over reacting … i know its fake documents but sry but if sujata had adopted uttra but she had given same love and affection to her … so uttra should hug sujata instead of leaving the house and kavya plan should fail

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