I hate you swara ff story episode 5


Ragini:where am I?
Someone.comes in front of her and takes off her mask it is kavya
Kavya:yes me you have to pay for everything
Ragini:for what I barley know you
Kavya: oh yes you do remember this picture
(Shows ragini picture
Ragini is shocked

Outside MM mansion
Swara thinking:I miss you swara only now I realised the bond we have.this is all my fault
Ardash comes outside
Swara:Ardash what happened
Ardash:nothing I am fine it need to tell u something
Swara:kya hua?Is it parineeta what happened to her
Ardash:relax it is not her it Ragini
Swara: please Ardash don’t I feel upset after what I did
Ardash:what do you mean ‘I did’ u killed ragini
Swara:no Ardash I was not me  I feel so guilty though
Ardash:anyway I have something to tell you I don’t think that ragini is dead
Ardash explains
Swara smiles
Swara:this means that ragini is not dead and in fact she is alive 
Ardash:yes but we should not tell anyone first we need to go to the hospital and question the nurse I am 100 % sure someone is making her do it
Swara: okay but tomorrow
Ardash:goodnight swara
Swara:good night
Dark place
Ragini: please someone help me anyone please
Ragini:water I need water please
She faints

The next day
Everyone is doing arti but very sadly
Swara is going out with Ardash
Kavya overhears the conversation
Ardash:we need to go meet that nurse now before the family know we have gone
Swara: okay
Kavya:that women will open her big mouth I have to do something about her
Kayva:swara Ardash parineeta is having tummy problems
They run off quickly
She goes to the hospital
Swara: parineeta
Parineeta:kya hua
Swara:don’t you have tummy aches
Parineeta:no! I am fine
Ardash:this means that kavya was lying

Nurse:you what do you want
Kavya pulls out the gun
Kavya:I don’t like eyes that have seen me
She shoots
The nurse falls on the floor kavya checks her pluses but not properly
Kavya:she’s dead

Precap: parineeta begins to suspect swara and Ardash friendship as something else

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