I hate you swara ff story episode 4


Every one is tensed and worried for ragini suddenly the doors open and the nurse comes out
Nurse:I am sorry but we did not save her
Everyone cries
Sharmista:This is not possible Shekhar tell them please MY DAUGHTER IS NOT DEAD
Swara:RAGINI RAGINI it is all my fault what did to her no sister does it to her it is all my fault.RAGINI FORGIVE ME
Sanskaar:it Is no-one fault
Annapurana:ragini died happy she saw her sister wedding although she didn’t get married that is not important
Sujata:it was pure accident
The nurse smirks and Ardash notice that
Ardash in head:something is wrong ragini was not even on the steps when she fell and the nurse  smirks at such sad news I better investigate 
the nurse leaves to get ragini and replace her with a person with ragini mask on her face she goes to the back of hospital and someone face is covered
Person:here is your money you don’t say anything give ragini to me
Nurse: okay but this is only 9 laks
Person:here is the rest of your money
Nurse:thank you

Ragini funeral:
Everyone is wearing white and fake ragini is laying on the wood
Everyone cries and are sad
Swara:RAGINI *sobs*
*all ritual are preformed*
Swara,Sharmista,Shekhar and dadi light her pyre
*later on*
Swara collects ragini ashes and goes home
She goes home and goes straight to her room
Sujata:swara wai-
Annapurana:leave her to rest
Everyone goes to their room

Sanskaar and swara room
Swara:Sanskaar I treated her badly very badly
Sanskaar:no you did not it was her time
Swara:I can’t stop thinking of her
Sanskaar:you will in due time let’s go bed
Swara:you go I want to go for a walk
Sanskaar: okay

Parineeta Ardash room
Parineeta:I hope that swara is okay
Ardash:she will be fine these things happen anyway you need to take care of yourself more than ever
Parineeta:I will don’t worry
Ardash: promise me
Parineeta:I promise you chaal let’s go bed

Lakshya and kavya room
Lakshya:what do you want
Kavya:I want to speak to you
Lakshya:well I don’t I was wrong about you the day you spoke to me I should have ran away
Kavya:run away like a coward
Lakshya:don’t u Dare speak to me EVER UNDERSTAND I am only doing this because my family reputation is at risk go away NOW
Kavya:don’t speak to me like that before I forget we share any relation

In a dark place
Ragini slowly wakes up she is tied to the chair
Ragini:where ….where am I?

Precap:uttara finds out a secret and ragini manages to escape the person which kidnapped ragini is reveled

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