I hate you swara ff story episode 3


MM mansion
Ragini:where is swara i have come to pay her a visit
Sujta:she is in the bedroom with Sanskaar
Ragini:thank Aunty
Sujta:ragini wait –
Ragini runs to their room with sweets but stops

(In swasan room)
Sanskaar is romancing with Swara they are hugging each other while Sanskaar is putting her bangles on swara’s hands
Water drips from ragini face and she runs off and bumps into lakshya he catches her and they  share an eye lock
Lakshya:are you okay
Ragini:yes I am fine it has been a long time since I spoke to you
Ragini:how’s your wife
Lakshya:she’s Is fine
(Akward silence).
Ragini:anyway I have to go
Lakshya wife see this and gets angry
Kavya:I will teach this  ragini a lesson
Ragini is walking towards  the stairs into the main hall kavya pushes her and there is a massive scream and everyone runs to ragini she is on the floor knocked out
Annapurana:is she okay
Sujata:don’t worry will call hospital
Parineetia:wait I will go don’t worry she will be okay
Parineeta rushes and suddenly faints
Ardash: PARINEETA!!!
Sujata:what is this God why do you do this
Annapurana:don’t worry everything will be okay
Swara:Uttara or sanskar call the hospital ragini is bleeding badly and something has happened to parineeta
Uttara:ji swara
Kavya smiles evily
Kavya thinking:don’t worry Sujata there is more drama to come but first I need to make an important phone call.

Swara:have you call ma papa dida dada
Sanskar:ji don’t worry they are on their way
The hospital door opens and ragini dad runs in
Shekhar:RAGINI RAGINI where is my daughter
Nurse:don’t worry she is going to be okay her chances are slim but she will pass through
Swara:what about parineeta?
Nurse:we have happy news for that where is her husband
Nurse:your will become a dad
Sanskaar:brother take care of your wife properly
Sujata:your going to be grandma Annapurana
Annapurana:I am so happy my first grandchild when will you have yours
Sujata: be quite  the kids are here
Sanskaar and swara smile a bit and look away
Suddenly the lights go red
Nurse: oh no ragini is going into coma
Everyone becomes tense especially lakshya
Will ragini die?

Precap:someone is watching ragini and kavya has brought evil intentions to the house.Ragini  and swara begin to argue and lakshya may have feelings for ragini.Also Uttara finds a secret about the family

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