I hate you swara ff story episode 22

They call the doctor and they bandage her arms up

Night time
Ragini room
Ragini:Uttara i going to get my dad next
Ragini:my dad betrayed me he looked at proof over me his daughter
Uttara:ragini I understand but I don’t want to take part
Ragini:okay goodnight

Swara is going Baddi
Ragini:swara can I come
Ragini:I would love to meet your parents
Swara:okay but thought that you are supposed to learn hindi
Ragini:I am but I Need pictures as well
Swara:okay Baddi ma I am going now
Ragini:okay bye everyone

Swara: papa today I have a visitor
Swara:ragini come inside
Ragini comes inside
Shekhar:you I thought I threw out why are you here I have no relation with you and if your looking for kavya she is dead
Swara:relax this not ragini this another ragini from london
Shekhar:sorry I had a daughter and she did a bad thing so I disowned her anyway let’s go pray
Swara: papa where is ma
Shekhar:she is still not feeling well 
Swara:wait Ragini go light the dia I am going to see my mum
They all come and pray
Ragini in head:although they deceived me it feels good to pray with them again
Ragini:shall I make tea my mum taught me this really good one for sick people
She makes it and sticks a sleeping pill in his so that he is late to work
She gives the tea
Swara:we better go I have to make dinner today
Night time
Parineeta:swara could you give parishmita food I need to wash my hands
She goes up to the baby
Swara:this stupid baby I hate so much why do I have cook clean
She shoves the hot bottle into parishmita mouth and burn the baby’s mouth
Swara:be quite
She shakes the child and ragini sees that
Parineeta comes
Parineeta:what happend
Ragini:swara was shaking you baby
Parineeta slaps swara
Parineeta:why swara look at her she has a massive burn on her mouth
Ardash:swara why
Annapurana:kya hua
They explain
Annapurana also slaps her
Annapura:you tried to kill my grand daughter I shall never forgive go lock her in her room she shall not be feed for 2 days
Ragini in head:this what you deserve swara but why harm parishmita I need to find out

Precap:ragini finds out Swara and kavya were working together and didn’t want her marrige to happen


  1. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    Oho super interestng episode dear….precap is amazng..waitng eagerly for it…keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 😉

  2. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome dear….Swara and kavya r working together….ragini prove urself dear most infront of ur dad. ..waiting for nxt one…

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