I hate you swara ff story episode 21

Ragini leaves the house and Uttara runs after her
Uttara:I know you inoccent everyone told me how you threw kavya out the how why would you help her now you have done a lot for my family now I will help you
Ragini and her cry
Ragini:okay but first I need to get into the house
Uttara:don’t worry I have a plan for everyone to forgive you
(Flashback ends)
Ragini: our first step is this today I want swara to know how it feels to be kicked out
Uttara:okay so what do want me to do
Ragini:your cooking dinner today aren’t you. your going to spike her drink with a pill which will make her allergic reaction go off
Ragini:serve it to her ONLY or anything could go wrong
Uttara:okay I will

Dinner time 
Uttara cooks the food and spikes swara drink
Uttara:here you go swara
Swara:thank you
She drinks it and Uttara signals ragini that the mission is complete
Within a few minutes of eating swara starts to get weird
Swara:Sanskaar my arms around itchy
Sanskaar:swara not here
Swara:Sanskaar seriously
She pull off her  sleeves and screams
Swara:Sanskaar my hand look at it
Everyone looks at her hand they are all swollen and are covered in blisters and there are open sores leaking
Swara starts to cry
Swara:I had penicillin someone gave it to me that is the only thing I am allergic and it reacts to me badly Sanskaar I look so ugly
Ragini:Uttara now the drama will really begin
Uttara and ragini laugh

Precap:ragini plots an idea on her father

Ragini is not a negative character she is just getting revenge and I have decided that swara is going to be negative for a bit

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  1. A.xx

    Loved it and loved how she’s getting revenge I wonder what she’ll do against her dad??.xx
    can’t wait for swara to turn negative.xx

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    1. Dalchini

      Thank you for commenting

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