I hate you swara ff story episode 19

MM mansion

Laksh is seen drinking in his room
Laksh:ragini how could do this to me I loved you and you betrayed me no one deserves to love you why I fell for you I have no idea
A baby can be heard crying
Parineeta: parishmita don’t cry
She is cradling her baby in her arms
Ardash:she looks so much like you
Parineeta:no she looks like you
Swara and Sanskaar are coming down
Parineeta:do you want to meet your Aunty and uncle
Ardash:Come meet your neice
Swara holds her
Swara:she is so cute
Parineeta:Uttara come
Uttara:ji parineeta
Uttara:awww she is so pretty
Parineeta:I wish ragini was here She loves children
Parineeta:yes swara sorry 
Ardash:don’t speak to her like that is it a crime what she said respect your older swara
Swara:sorry Parineeta
Parineeta: it’s okay
Laksh comes down stairs drunk  and is singing Bhula dia

Naina lageeyan baarishan
Te sukke sukke sapne vi pijj gaye
Naina lageeyan baarishan
Rove palkein de kone vich neendh meri
Naina laggeyan baarishan
Hanju digde ne chot lage dil te
Naina laggeyan baarishan
Rut birha de badlan di chaa gayi

Ardash:Laksh what is this
Laksh:ragini favorite song
Ardash:stop drinking your ruining your life she did a mistake you should forgive her
Laksh:why should I
Parineeta:my baby is sleeping please Laksh be quite
Laksh:who cares
He grabs her baby of her hand and rock parishmita  high
Parineeta Ardash :LAKSH
Annapurana:Laksh please stop
Laksh:no why don’t we go skydiving parishmita
Parineeta:what do you mean 

Precap:ragini saves parishmita

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