I hate you swara ff story episode 18

9 months later

Dear diary,
In my life now I have motive and that is to get revenge on the girl which destroyed my life she took everything away from me and I shall never ever forgive her for what she did she turned my whole family against me and I shall never ever forgive her I never even got to see parineeta baby and i was never able to fill my hairline with sindoor i am sure your wondering what happend so I shall explain to you

(Flashback )

Ragini brings simar home and no one asks any question about ragini because simar explains everything which happend simar then faints and is taken to her room but then swara came home and began to interigate her
Swara claps her hand
Swara:wow nice story Ragini are you sure that is not fake just as your care for this family she grabs ragini phone
Annapurana:swara stop this nonsense what are you doing
Swara:wait ma

Sharmista:swara what are you doing stop it
Ragini:give my phone back
Swara:look ragini has been working with kavya
Laksh:Ragini is this true
Ragini:Laksh no this not true
Swara:STOP LYING RAGINI look she sent you do you have the money and you replied yes.you also said give me the address of simar
Shekhar:ragini you betrayed us
Ragini: please let me explain
Laksh:no ragini leave this house you and me are not going to get married

Ragini:Laksh please forgive me
She runs to him and hugs him
Laksh:don’t touch me
Laksh pushes ragini to the floor and she bangs her head and she bleeds
Aradya:ragini I don’t belive this
Ragini:ma papa you belive me
Shekhar:ragini you broke my trust
Swara:ragini you heard what Laksh said leave from here NOW
Ragini runs and stops at the top of the stairs
Ragini:fine I will leave but I curse this house nothing will ever go right  no one will be happy this is my curse.she put her hand in her pocket and throws ashes.she leaves

(Flashback ends)

I will never forgive any of them I shall take revenge with each of them starting with you Swara it is time to pay my dear sister a visit

Precap:ragini avatar is changed she comes in as a rich business person interested of signing a contract with them she spikes swara drink with something she is allergic to

Just to let you know the maha episodes are over now so there is no more simar and Aradhya

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  1. Amazing
    They understood ragini is at fault .
    She did it to save laksh .
    Poor girl .
    Teach swara a very nice lesson.
    She should feel guilty.

  2. amazing but don’t make ragini negative here and make everyone repent

  3. Akshata

    awesome…. poor ragini nobody trust her. they should have to repent.

  4. Good going

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