I hate you swara ff story episode 16

Annapurana:Laksh wake up today is you tiki ceremony
Laksh:I want to sleep na
Sujata:we can cancel everything If you want
Laksh:am coming
Annapurana and Sujata laugh
Sujata:I hope she is not like kavya
Annapurana:don’t worry she gave me her word
Sujata:she should be like her sister

Swasan room
They wake up on each other and they change
Swara:sanskar how do I cover these marks
Sanskaar:your talking about yourself what about me there is a massive one across my face
Swara:mines worse than your so be quite
She goes to change
Sanskaar:Swara what are you wearing
Swara is wearing a thick scarf
Sanskaar:they will definitely notice something weird
She takes it off
Sankaar:just use makeup
Swara:no sanka- wait that does not sound bad come I will do it with you
Sanskar:no I don’t do makeup
Swara:fine let everyone  ask what happend to you
They apply to each other
Parineeta and ardash room

Parineeta:I am I getting fat look at my tummy a 2 months I look like a 9 month old
Ardash:don’t worry your not fat I can still hug you see
They hug each other
Ardash:Come on let’s go

Swara,Aradhya,simar parineeta,annapurana and Sujata  go with ragini to do wedding shopping with dida dadi and Sharmista while Shekhar aryan ram prasad Ardash Sanskaar and dugra prasad prepare for Laksh tiki
All the preps have been made and all the men get ready
Laksh sits down
Priest begins to chant mantras
Priest:everyone go seek the blessing from the Lord
In turns they all get the blessings from the Lord 
Priest:now the bride father apply the tialk and then everyone else
Shekhar applies it and then the rest of the men
Priest:the ceremony is over now you give the gifts to Laksh now
They all give him gifts money and more.

Ragini sees kavya signaling her
Ragini::I am going to buy some sweets
Swara:should I or simar Aradhya come
Ragini:no its fine I will meet you
All of them go to the shop apart from simar
Simar:why do I feel that ragini is hiding something
She follows her
Ragini:what do you want Kavya
Kavya:remember the note
Ragini:yes now I will help you only for Laksh
Kavya:you do this
Kavya says something which can’t be heard
Ragini:no I won’t do it
Kavya:are you sure about that Laksh
Ragini:fine I will do it
Kavya:if you tell anyone I will kill your beloved Laksh
Simar:I have to speak to her now
Simar:ragini I want you to tell me the only truth what happend don’t lie to me you will carry that sin with you forever
Ragini:kavya she threatened to kill laksh if I don’t do what she says
Simar:don’t worry I with you now nothing will happen
Ragini and simar hug

Precap:kavya hold simar at gunpoint and ragini slaps swara 9 months leap

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  1. amazing but why she slapped swara???

    1. Dalchini

      Because she is listening to what kavya is saying

  2. Awesome

  3. Akshata


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