I hate you swara ff story episode 15

Laksh and ragini are still in the same position as last night
Laksh:ragini wake up
Ragini:wwwwwhat Laksh were am I
Laksh:ragini it’s 04:00am you mum must be wondering where you are and so Is simar
Laksh:yes I have no time to bye I love you
Ragini:love you too Laksh
Ragini goes into her house and tries to sneak into her room
Sharmista:not so fast where are you coming from at this time
Ragini:I went to see swara
Sharmista:achaaaa so swara gave you a gift
Ragini:yes mummy
Sharmista:I will call swara now
Ragini:no ma
Sharmista:kya hua
Sharmista:thought so now stay here

MM mansion
Laksh tries to sneak in as well
Simar:you did not think we would forget Laksh
Aradhya:yes Laksh why did it take you long
Laksh:ugh I don’t know
Laksh in mind:I need to do drama
Laksh:my head hurts I feel dizzy

He falls to the floor
Simar:Laksh Laksh
Aradhya whisper:don’t belive him he’s faking since when did Laksh faint follow my lead
Aradhya:simar go tell his mum while I will call doctor
Laksh quickly gets  up
Laksh:I am fine no need to tell my mum
Simar:(laugh)Laksh if I see this again I will stretch your ears
Laksh:sorry simar and Aradhya
He runs quickly to his room while simar and Aradhya go to their guest rooms meanwhile swasan room
Swara wakes up when she hears the phone
Sharmista:shona I want to ask you something did ragini visit you
Sharmista:thank you bye see you tomorrow
Swara:why m-

The line cuts dead
Sanskaar wakes up
Sanskaar:what happened Swara come to bed
Swara:no Sanskaar I am stressed out ragini wedding and kavya on the loose
Sanskaar:let me take you to a world off now stress
He pulls her towards the bed and she runs he unbuttones her clothes and kisses her back she turns over and her clothes fall  he kisses her on lips her eyes and cheeks and he says
Sanskaar:I love you

Precap:Same Precap as yesterday

I hope swasan scene was not to romantic it is just you guys did not just want falling on the bed so I gave you this tell me if this is too inappropriate thank you and also the story is based on ragini and after her wedding all the focus will go on her there will be a leap where parineeta  will give birth tell me if you want a leap or not the one with the most votes win if not I will decide I also need a name

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  4. Dalchini

    Don’t forget to comment below if you want a leap and a name for parineeta child

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    Parishmita ,,, d name sounds good …
    pari n Adarsh s daughter = Parishmita… hmmm love it dear … thnk u..

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    ot’s OK Dhalcini, the swasan is perfect one….
    hmmm how about Ragini hatred to Swara… ?
    about leap.. hmmm i dunno, ,,,

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