I hate you swara ff story episode 14

Ragini and her family arrive at home to
Ragini:I am so tired I could fall asleep on the floor.
Sharmista:don’t because I cleaned the floor today
Ragini:I am going to change i will see you later
While ragini changes a note flies in through the window and lands in front of her

Dear ragini,
Ragini you didn’t not forget your promise don’t think I won’t leave you alone if you don’t help me I will kill your beloved Laksh
From kavya

Ragini drops the paper on the floor
Ragini:lllllllakshh I need to call him
The house line rings
Ragini:I will get it
Kavya:don’t try and call Laksh or in a blink of an eye he will be dead understand
Ragini:yes meet me at the bridge tomorrow at 12 I want to settle the score
Kavya:okay but don’t try to act  smart
Dadi:who was it
Ragini:swara wanted to say that she is bring sweets and she is coming over
Dadi:okay could I speak to her
Ragini:she went off the phone
Dadi:okay I will call her later

Sharmista:ragini go to bed you need to rest
Ragini:but it is only Laksh ceremony tomorrow morning so why do I need to go to bed
Sharmista:just because your getting married does not mean I am not your mum now go to bed NOW
Ragini:sorry mummy
Sharmista:I was just joking you can stay up

Ragini:I am going to speak to Laksh
She goes to her room and calls Laksh
Ragini:hello jalebi it feels so good being able to call you I miss you soo much
Laksh:I know you do I miss you too rasgulla
Ragini:I want to see you after the haldi I can’t see you until the wedding
Laksh:okay I will come to your house
Laksh:yes now see you soon
Ragini:Laksh this boy
MM mansion ‘
When Laksh is about to leave Aradhya and simar sees him
Aradhya:Laksh where are you going I hope you are not going to see ragini
Laksh:no I am not
Simar:yes you are unless it is someone’s birthday why do you have a gift
Aradhya:yes is it for me
Laksh :no it is for
Simar:ragini am I right
Simar:anyway we should leave you after the haldi ceremony you can not see each other until the wedding
Aradhya:unless your desperate like aryan which came to my house and dressed up like a woman to see me I can give you my sari
Simar:(laugh)go Laksh but careful I am watching you
Laksh:okay bye
Ragini:where is this Laksh

Laksh:your jalebi is here
She runs to him and gives a hug
Ragini:I love you
Laksh:I love you too so here is something from me to you
Ragini:thank you laksh
She begins to open it and Laksh begins to leave
Ragini:where are you going
Laksh:I am tired
Ragini:don’t go
She runs and holds his hand don’t leave me alone please
Laksh:fine I will stay with you for a bit
They end up getting so tired that fall asleep holding hands

Precap:Laksh tiki ceremony and simar finds about ragini and kavya

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