I hate you swara ff story episode 13

In this maha episode aryan and Aradhya are together and there is no  shravini  and sasural simar ka it is the same plot line in the actual show this maha episode will last up until the wedding

Ragini wakes up
Ragini:in a few days I shall be married I will miss this room so enough I will have to share everything with Laksh  wardrobe bed room and my life I am going to miss my lazy life and I am going to miss my mummy
Dadi:LADOOOOO get ready it is your sagai  ceremony.
Ragini:why all of these ceremony why can’t I just get married
Sharmista:Ragini get ready
Ragini:yes ma
She gets ready and they all go to swara in laws

Swara:I would like you to meet my two best friends here is Aradhya and her husband aryan  and this Is simar.

Ragini:hello simar Aradhya and aryan
Aradhya:Namaste how are you
Ragini:I am fine how is your family
Aradhya:my sister and her husband are fine and so Is my mum and dad and my grandma and grandpa are fine
Ragini:okay you will come to the wedding

Ragini:hello simar how are you my sister has been talking about how nice and helpful you have been I am so happy you came you will come to the wedding
Simar:yes I will come in promise you
Ragini:how is your family
Simar:well I am trying to win back my husband  love and my daughter is going astray
Ragini:don’t worry your daughter will come back to you blood is thicker than water
Simar:thank you so much you have given me hope that maybe she will forgive me and my husband will give me hope

Swara:Come on simar don’t cry we should be our friend is getting married
Aradhya:we have night time to talk about our issues
Aryan:Come on the priest has to decide the auspicious time and we have lots and lots of presents and sweets for you
Ragini mouth waters
Simar:ragini your drooling
Ragini:huh what
Everyone laughs at her
Dadi:Come on ragini the ceremony is starting
Ragini:you guys go ahead I am going to wear my earring
Swara:okay come on Aradhya simar
While ragini puts her earring she sees a shadow in the window 
Dadi:laddo the time is passing
Ragini:I am coming

She quickly goes and the ceremony starts
Annapurana:Uttara bring the rings please
Uttara:your the youngest in the family and suddenly everyone wants you to do everything I wish I could get married
Uttara:I am coming 
Laksh and ragini sit opposite each other and the rings come
Priest:Laksh put the ring on ragini
Laksh in heart:I love you so much from now on my pain is your pain
Laksh puts the ring on ragini
Priest:ragini put the ring on Laksh
Ragini in heart:Laksh I can’t wait to do everything with you we will live a happy peaceful life 
Priest:now I predict that the auspicious time is the 8th of October this is a good day and close  to diwali
Annapurana:thank you priest

Ragini:ooooohhhhh Presents
Simar and Aradhya:Laksh be careful you future wife seem very demanding
Swara:yes Laksh
Parineeta: and we will make sure that you get her everything
Ragini:thank you guys
Aryan:don’t worry when I am here you will get everything
Laksh:I know that we will see who gets more gifts
Ragini:it Is going to be me

Aryan:okay everyone give your gifts
Annapurana:to my future daughter in law here are some gifts
Aradhya:That’s 6 gifts oooh your lucky aryan why didn’t you give me this much gifts
Shekhar:to my future son in law here are
Some gifts sorry I don’t have a lot of money
He gives him 1 gift all the girls laugh at him
Simar:are you sure your going to win
Sanskar:hey its the thoughts that counts not the value

All the elders give the  gifts everyone smiles and laugh
Aryan:everyone quite the winner is ragini with 30 gifts and Laksh with 19.
Ragini:we told you I would win
Simar:yes congratulations to you

Night time
Sharmista:swara simar Aradhya and aryan we are going see you tomorrow
Simar:okay I will see you tomorrow
Aradhya and aryan:bye
Swara:bye ma
Sharmista:Come on ragini let’s go
Ragini:bye  swara

Precap:ragini gets a note from kavya that if she does not do what she says she will kill laksh

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