I hate you swara ff story ep 39

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Sujata: DO YOU think I am mad I shall not do this

Swara:do you want me to call the NGO

Sanskaar:MA leave it is will do it

Annapurana:this girl is ruining my life

Sujata:what are you waiting for let’s do this then

Ragini(whispering to laksh):she is taking control of this family

Laksh:I know

They follow

Sujata: knock the kalash over with your right foot

Swara knocks it over

Annapurana: parineeta place the plate on the floor

Parishmita starts crying

Annapurana: parishmita is crying

Parineeta:I will get her

Annapurana:you do it Ragini

Ragini:okay She bends down

Swara (whisper) :how I like it your on my feet beneath me

Ragini eyes go cold

Swara performs the rest of the rituals and goes into the main house

Everyone goes to their rooms or the kitchen


Ragini:it’s okay I’m coming

Only swara and ragini are left

Ragini:your back

Swara:I heard the news congratulations

Ragini:I’m warning you stay away from me and my child

Swara: I’ll try.

Ragini:why are you here

Swara:the sindoor and manglasutra says it

Ragini:This is my family and I will go against anyone even if it’s my sister that tries to hurt anyone

Parishmita cries

Swara:don’t you think that she is a bit too much

Ragini:stay away from her

Swara:I’m just saying

Ragini: I’m warning you stay away

Ragini leaves

Swara smirks

Swara:everyone will be wrapped round my finger

She smiles and takes her suitcase to her room

Later in the evening

Ragini and Laksh are in bed

Ragini:Laksh my tummy getting big na

Laksh:nope your still my cute rasgulla

Ragini eyes filled with tears

Ragini:I love you Laksh

Laksh kisses her and ragini smiles

He brushes her hair away and smiles

Ragini looks into his

Ragini in head:my husband I love him we were made in heaven and I love him so much

Laksh in head:My wife forever I love you

They go to sleep

Precap: person is revealed

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