I hate you swara ff story ep 36


Sharmista:swara listen to me

Swara:no ragini is evil

Sharmista:swara should I tell you something

Swara:tell me

Sharmista:ragini was one of the reasons you survived the fire and no one died from your in laws apparently you were carrying petrol and you hurt her

Swara:really so then why did no one from there visit me

Sharmista:swara ragini got memory Loss

The phone rings and it is ragini

Sharmista:why is ragini calling me at this time

Swara:you need to speak to her outside there is no reception here

Sharmista:what is it Ragini

Ragini:ma I have news I am pregnant

Sharmista:what don’t lie

Ragini:no its the truth


Ragini:tell papa for me okay

Sharmista:okay see you soon

Sharmista comes back inside

Swara:what did she say

Sharmista:your going to be a aunt

Swara (sad):it was ment to be me  and Sanskaar

Sharmista:it’s your fault

Swara:leave it ma

Sharmista:let’s go I don’t want to speak to you

Back in the house

Ragini and Laksh room

Laksh hand is on Ragini’s tummy and they are on the bed

Laksh:what do you think it will be a boy?

Ragini:no a girl





Ragini slaps his hand away

He moves his hand to her face and brushes her hair away from her face

Ragini:don’t Laksh

Laksh:all of a sudden  this woman gets pregnant and thinks that she can’t romance with her husband

Ragini:I don’t want you to squash the child are
 you dumb


He gets out the bed and lifts her up and gives her a lip lock



Ragini:I’m going to kill you


She chases Laksh around the bed

He runs underneath the blanket and she goes underneath

Ragini:you tricker

Laksh chuckles

Laksh:what I want to romace with my wife and I have her under my control

He brings her closer and closer

Ragini looks into his eyes

He kisses her softly on her neck and her head

Ragini kisses him back

He kisses her tummy and ragini gets tense he puts his hand behind her back and kisses her

They commusmate their marrige



Ragini:don’t ever leave me I will die with out you

Laksh:i swear I will never leave my wife ever

Ragini:awww I love you

They fall asleep

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  1. Raglak is so cute laksh naughty..NXT part soon plz

  2. mixed u so much plzzz try to be regular and give raglak moment

  3. what happened to raglak writer and their love bcoz she swasan ff is increaseing and raglak ff is one or two in no plzzzzzzz speach plzzzzz loved it guys what happened to raglak ff writer now its so less in number plzz try to write more bcoz now days raglak ff is decreasing as compare to swasan bcoz raglak ff os ss ts plzz give more and don’t stop in bcoz many writer are stop in middle and some end sudden plzzz guys prove that raglak fandom is not less plzz guys give some new one try to regular plzz give some new raglak ff and yaa plzz write more at least 100 episode bcoz many swasan ff reached 100 but none raglak ff reach plzz write more guys for raglak its a request by raglak fan

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    awesome dear….

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    Awesome loved raglak

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