I hate you swara ff story ep 34

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So swasan some point in the story will get reunited and there will be other negative characters.thank you so much
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Swara:I thought my sister cared for but she does not.do I can only do one thing and get revenge i need to wait for whoever that person is and tell me what is going on in that house

MM mansion

Ragini:I’m going to go out now ma

Annapurana:where are you going 

Ragini:it’s Laksh birthday tomorrow so I should get him something

Annapurana: promise me that you take care

Ragini:I will

Annapurana: you can go now

Ragini:thank you

Ragini takes car and she goes off to buy Laksh some perfume and a baby boy or girl shoes to surprise him

Seller:your having a child


Seller:im happy for you my your child have long life.show me your palm


Seller:your child will bring you happiness and smiles but beware with your marrige someone is trying to destroy it

Ragini gets a bit tense

Ragini: oh okay thanks for that (not believing the last part)
Ragini gets confused and scared
Ragini:nothing will happen God is with me and Laksh

Ragini sees parineeta talking to someone

Ragini: I thought she went to get parishmita medicines

She goes closer to listen

Parineeta:swara will have to pay for what she did for

Ragini: oh my God

She runs quickly before parineeta sees her

Ragini:what did I just see but what is she talking about

Suddenly her head hurts and she sees fire in the MM mansion she see swara attacking her

Ragini:what is that since when was there a house fire I need to ask someone when I get home but first I need to wrapp Laksh gift

MM mansion 

Ragini goes to her room and gets 2 box’s and puts the two pairs shoes
in one of them and the other the perfume she wrapp it all up and hides it under the bed

Ragini: oh today is my day to make dinner let me make It now before the rest of them   come home 

She goes down stairs to see Annapurana in the kitchen

Annapurana:hello ragini how are you

Ragini:I’m fine can I tell you something

Annapurana:sure tell me

Ragini:I’m going to surprise Laksh today but I have to tell you a secret first

Annapurana:what is this I don’t like this ragini

Ragini: on the day the doctor came he said that it was cramps but

Annapurana:tell me

Ragini: I’m expecting a child instead

Annapurana:ragini you

Ragini:(happy) yes ma

Annapurana:Ragini I’m so happy

Annapurana hugs ragini

Ragini:Come outside my room with the whole family at 12

Annapurana:okay I will tell them,I’m still so happy for you.im going to be a grandmother

Ragini:I’m going to make some food now

Annapurana:don’t worry I will make food
Chappati with lots of ghee  and Lentils they are so good for you

Ragini:okay I will go now

Ragini mouth waters

She goes back to her room and sits down 
ragini:I should call Laksh and ask where he is

She calls him and it goes voicemail

Ragini:always busy so it understandable

Ragini:I’m so bored i should see parineeta I need to ask her what was going on


Swara is ready to leave the hospital

Swara-get ready Everyone swara is coming back and Sanskaar don’t worry


As ragini is about to go to Ardash

Parineeta room  Laksh comes in with a plaster across his for head


Precap:Ragini tell Laksh about their  child

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