I hate you swara ff story ep 33

Ragini faints

She fall to the ground

He picks her up and lays her on the bed
Laksh:MA papa quickly Come

Annapurana:Laksh what happened your ment to go work right now
(She sees ragini)
Annapurana:Ragini what happened to her

Laksh:she was okay but when I turned away she fainted

Dp:call the doctor quickly



Parineeta is seen sneaking out the house with some clothes

Meanwhile Hospital

Swara:w-w-where am I please help me don’t let her hurt me please

Sharmista:who are you talking about swara

Doctor:you should let her rest leave her and come in my office I need to speak to you

The person comes in again
Person:Swara you need to get revenge from ragini she put you here everything was her she put you here in fact she caused the fire everyone hates you and they think it’s you in your in law everybody

Swara:what don’t lie

Person:if I am not lieing ask your mum you are nothing to your sasural and while ragini enjoys her luxurious life your crippled in the hospital

Swara:that girl should have never trust her.don’t worry I will get my revenge just wait and see.a leopard never changes it’s black spots

Person (thinking):my work here is done

The person leaves

Swara:wait who are you

Person:the truth

Back at the house

Uttara comes home with a smirk on her face and parineeta comes home after her smiling
Parineeta:my plan is complete everything will fall into place no one messes with my family

Uttara:I’m so happy no one messes with me or anyone else here


Ragini regains concise

Laksh:carefull Ragini we still don’t know what is wrong with you

Doctor:could I speak to ragini privately


Doctor:your going to become a mother you have been pregnant for a couple of weeks you need to be carefull so that nothing happens

Ragini (thinking):wait this could be Laksh gift

Ragini:doctor doctor me a favor and don’t tell my husband that I am pregnant I want to surprise him

Doctor:okay I will tell him it was cramps

Doctor:you can come in

Doctor:ragini is suffering from severe cramps

Laksh: oh okay I better stay with ragini to make sure she is okay

Dp:let’s go doctor

Everyone leaves the room

Laksh:Ragini are you okay

Ragini:yeah I feel bad in 2 days it’s your birthday and your so sad

Ragini smirks

Laksh:it’s fine

Sanskaar room

Sanskaar looks at all the memories of him and swara


Shows all their romantic moments

Sanskaar:i miss you swara i miss you

Swara:somewhere in my heart it aches and it aches for you Sanskaar I miss you Sanskaar I miss you

Precap:It’s Laksh birthday and ragini tells Laksh and everyone else

Okay thank you for watching the episode but I want you to make a decision down below are three choices the story could go so pick one and comment down below your choice and the most amount will be chosen so until then I will upload on Monday cause I can’t write a story -this is based on swasan

Choice 1
Sanskaar and swara won’t reunite swara will be negative throughout the whole story and it will all be based on ragini and the person will get thrown out

Choice 2
Sanskaar and swara will reunite and there will be other negative characters.swara will be a good character and ragini and swara will become swaragini.

Choice 3

Give your idea and everyone comment if it is wanted

Thank you


  1. Lavanya

    hi i started to read ur story before few weeks only.. its really nice story.. i would like option 2 swasan unite.. want to read some raglak romantic moments..

  2. Mohini

    Wow this was awesome!
    Actually I would vote for choice 1, don’t get me wrong like I love Swaragini, but it is really hard to find Swara with a big negative role. It’s more interesting, like the sky turning a different color. Anyways please update sooon!

  3. nikky

    awesome amazing excellent superb mind blowing brilliant speechless next part soon don’t be late and yaa thanks to all raglak writers for writing mind blowing concept and they are just brilliant hope we get more raglak ff ts ss O’s and plzzz raglak ff give daily ff or be regular and yaa plzzz write more bcoz now days raglak ff is very less in comparison to Swasan so all raglak ff writer plzzzz it’s a request

  4. Sanji


    |Registered Member

    hey dear its a ragini ff that doesn’t mean that swara should be negative……so I go for option 2 obviously….

  5. Anu


    |Registered Member

    2nd one!! If uh will go with option 1 then this will be wrong… as uh said this is swasan story nd swasan wont unite nd swara will be negative then where will be the swasan story?? There will only be ragini ragini ragini bd raglak story!

    In other point i cant force as its your story..your wish but as a reader nd a true swasan fan i will ask uh that plz whatever will be your decision tell in starting of next part!

    Hope uh dont mind

    Take care
    Gud ngt

  6. Mica


    |Registered Member

    i read your earlier episodes, you made ragini negative, messed all of her relative life, she turn everything upside down…did she get karma for what she bad deed already as she suddenly become santa for everyone ?

  7. lovely

    I don’t know this is ragini FF, I missed to read this

    Today onwards I’m regular reader and commentar, please add more raglak cute scenes

  8. Pooja

    I lik 1st bcs swara ko ngtv role m ni dekha bt i like swara also so plz 2nd optn is btr nd 2goooood unite swasan nd swaragini nd plz gv raglk scn nd osmmmm chpy love ragooo cuteee suprbbbb epy wtng fr nxt

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.