I hate you swara ff story ep 31

Next morning

Everyone wakes up to the sound of parishmita crying loudly

Ragini and Laksh room

Ragini stirrs
Ragini:Laksh what is that noise na it’s only 5 let me sleep
Laksh:it’s probably parishmita

Parineeta Ardash room
Parineeta:Ardash why is she crying
Ardash: I’m not sure
They check her and then they feel bumps on her back
They are shocked
She is covered in pimples that are large and are red
Parineeta:what should we do help
Ardash:Hospital quickly
Come on let’s get ready

Everyone comes down to the hall

Annapurana:what happened
Parineeta:(crying)Parishmita s-ssshe has got bumps
Ardash:we are going hospital now it’s an emergency
Dp:Go we will pray for you
Ragini:take care parineeta
They grab parishmita car seat and the car keys and they run off to the hospital

Swara’s room
The same person goes into her room
Person:Swara your sister in law is coming with her daughter.maybe something is wrong with her.but swara don’t worry you won’t know anything when your 6 feet under
He begins to strangle her

 The person hears foot steps it’s Sharmista and Shekhar coming in.
The person runs out the room pushing them both
Shekhar runs after the person he grabs them by the hoodie the person sprays something in his face
Shekhar coughs and the person runs
Sharmista:Shekhar are you okay
Shekhar:no I have no idea what that person has done to my daughter
Sharmista:don’t worry she will be okay let’s go quickly

They go into the room and at the same time Parineeta and Ardash come into the hospital

Parineeta (worried): Doctor,Doctor I need help my child she had massive bumps please help me
Doctor:Come with me  into the room

Swara’s room
Swara begins to move her hand
Sharmista: Shekhar! Look! She is moving her hand
Shekhar:thank God doctor doctor
Another doctor comes to the room she checks her heartbeat.
Doctor:she is recovering I think that she will make it
Sharmista and Shekhar smile
Meanwhile outside the person is seen running away the person climbs into the car.
Person:just wait and see you don’t hurt my family and I don’t hurt you.anyway I need to take off these clothes before anyone recognise me.
Back in the hospital Ardash is with the child while parineeta went to get the medicine
Parineeta:here I got it
Doctor give it to her every day and her bumps will get better she had just go an allergic reaction

Precap:not sure sorrrrry ???

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