I hate you swara ff story ep 30

Hello friends hope you are enjoying it have a lovley day and see you tomorrow with another episode note:Today’s episode will be on everyone’s thoughts
3 weeks later

Ragini is out of hospital and swara has slipped into a coma.Ragini stayed at her sasural and she has a bit of memory loss she still remembers Laksh and the family she just does not remember the day of the fire.Sanskaar is not doing well.

MM mansion (night time)
In Raglak room
Ragini:Laksh let’s go bed now are you waiting for Christmas it just past na
Laksh:yeah I’m just thinking a bit
Ragini switches off the night and climbs into bed and cuddles Laksh

Laksh:why did this had to happen to my rasgulla.its all your sister’s fault if only I could tell you then maybe everything would not be as bad please get better soon I miss my old ragini

Ragini:why does everyone act weird around me and what is this fire everyone talk about I’m very confused.laksh seems very distance away from me soon it’s going to be his birthday I need to surprise Him with something

Downstairs in Annapurana and dugra prasad room

Annapurana: oh my why this ill fated swara girl why is she like this she has broken my daughter in law I wish I could tell her everything

Dugra prasad: peace that’s all I want peaceful life

Sujata and Ram prasad room

Sujata:this girl why did my poor son fall for her .I knew that his marriage should have been arranged it would have been better now he drinks now what  am I going to do.

Ram prasad:ah God i love my life but please save me from my wife.she is going mental

Parineeta and Ardash room

Parineeta:it’s so lovley to see my little girl grow aww and me and Ardash are going to live a happy life.love you both so ooooo much

Ardash:my child and my wife they are both soo cute I love them.i hope everything is okay.but right now all that matters is my small family.
Parishmita: m-u—–mmy

Sanskaar room

Sanskaar:swara you ruined my life why did you do this to me I hate you I don’t care what happened to you.i would not even come to you funeral.i hate you

Swara:fire,person —black – outfi-t stalking,controlling n-me

Please let my daughter be alright God She has  done nothing wrong to achieve this.please you are my last hope

Shekar: please God save my daughter my  other daughter is okay now just please save swara.
They both leave the room and go home

Someone is seen entering swara hospital room the person strokes her hair and looks at her

Person:swara i am tearing your family apart and you only have your self to blame 

Precap:the person tries to kill Swara

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  1. Pls unite swasan

  2. plzzzz give raglak moment amazing superb excellent mind brilliant speechless ne nice xt part soon don’t be late plzzzz be regular bcoz we missing raglak and only raglak ff ts ss writer is make the alive as raglak plZzzzzzzz keep writing as much as u can bcoz raglak ff is getting lesser in comparison to Swasan plzz write more and a big Wala than to write the ff

  3. I want some twist like if you want
    We can say swara should say this to herself that I hate u swara, she should create more misunderstanding between her and other family members who just pretend to show that they trust her. Like shekhar ans sumi trust swara they know she is right.

    Like by harming herself for saving them she become wrong in everyone eyes and then left them and then becoz of gulit when they remember her they dhould say hate her

  4. Unite swasan pls

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