I hate you swara ff story ep 25

4 week later after all the pre rituals it is time for the bride to get married
Ragini comes down the stairs she is wearing a lovley red saree adorned with gold and beading and she is wearing so much jewlery and she is wearing gold bangles  she goes and sits next to laksh
Woman 1:I heard her sister tried to kill her
Woman 2:she is so pretty though
Woman 1:I  hope that gets all the happiness she wants

The priest begins to chant mantras
They exchanged garlands and ragini begins to cry but this time they are happy tears
They take there 7 pheas and everyone throws flowers on them
Ragini in heart:I promise to stand by all your choices to love and care for you and all your pain is mine
Laksh in heart:I promise to love and care for you and for all our future kids I shall never leave you and we shall be together until death
They sit down
Priest:fill her maang with sindoor
Laksh fills her maang with sindoor
Priest:now tie her manglasutra
Laksh does it
Priest:you are now husband and wife go recive blessing from elders
Ragini and Laksh recive their blessing
They all go to eat their food and everyone dances and have fun
Sankaar: parineeta and Uttara have a performance
Uttara:we will dance to saleem e ishq
They begin to dance and sing and they all clap and laugh and have fun until late afternoon

Annapurana:ragini you need to go to the temple now with Laksh
Laksh leads her into the car and the both sit down Ardash comes and puts a shawl around ragini and the drive off
they stop at the temple and they leave their shoes and enter and go seek the godess blessing
Ragini: please protect my husband from any evil or danger
Laksh: please guide ragini and to cook me lovley food
Ragini shoves Laksh and they both giggle
They leave the temple and go back home
Annapurana brings the kalash and sits it down and then she does arti on ragini and throws  flowers on her and she does the same to laksh
Anaapurana:stay happy 
Ragini knocks the kalash with her right foot
Parineeta puts the plate down
Ragini lifts her foot and walks into the house and everyone follows her and laksh into the hall
Annapurana:it’s time for games Laksh Ragini sit opposite each other
Parineeta:ragini wins this game for me please I won it with ardash so now he has to listen to me
Ragini:don’t worry I will win it
Parineeta place a plate filled with milk and Sujata drops a ring inside and she mixes it up
Annapurana:the first person to get the ring will dominate the other person in marriage
Parineeta: 3 2 1 GO
Laksh and ragini frantically look for the ring and they both find it at the same time and they touch each other hands and they look into each other eyes and ragini takes the opportunity to grab the ring
Ragini:I found it
Annapurana:ragini wins
Ardash:why Laksh first parineeta and now Ragini
Dadi:because Ladoo is blessed by God to get everything she want
Sharmista:you have not seen her wardrobe yet it is filled with clothes shall bring her favorite ones
Annapurana and parineeta:your wife looks so demanding
Laksh: oh my God ragini
Ragini:what (she puts an inoccent face)
Laksh:okay leave it let continue with these games
They play the games until the night and ragini family is going to leave

Dadi: our daughter is going to leave us
Sharmista:I will miss you so much
Ragini begins to cry
Dadi:laddo don’t cry
Ragini:ma papa dida dadi I will miss you
Dida:we will miss you too
They all hug and her family goes

Parineeta takes ragini inside the room which is decorated with lights and flowers and petals on the bed shaped in a love heart the room has a nice aroma  and the bed is draped with beading
Parineeta:good luck
Ragini:thank you
Parineeta leaves the room
Ragini sits in front of the mirror and fresh her self up
Parineeta comes back in the room
Parineeta:I forgot to give you this
Parineeta hands over ragini the milk and ragini places it on the bed side
Parineeta:ragini go sit on the bed Laksh would be coming now
Parineeta covers ragini with her duppata and she Leaves the room
Ragini:where is Laksh na
Annapurana and everyone else stands near the door and Sanskaar brings Laksh
Sanskaar teases him
Sanskaar:Laksh and ragini sitting in a tree
Laksh:stop it not funny
Sanskaar:your holding up your lady
Laksh:okay okay
He goes into the room and shuts the door
Ragini shys away
Ragini:laksh he-
Laksh puts his finger on her lips
Laksh:I like jalebi better
Ragini:jalebi here is your milk
She makes him drink the milk and the song tum saath ho plays

Pal bhar thahar jaao
Dil ye sambhal jaaye
Kaise tumhe roka karun
Meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye
Aankhon mein tum ko bharun
Bin bole baatein tumse karun
‘gar tum saath ho..
Agar tum saath ho

They look into each other eyes lovingly and she puts the milk down

Behti rehti..
Nahar nadiya si teri duniya mein
Meri duniya hai teri chaahaton mein
Main dhal jaati hoon teri aadaton mein
‘gar tum saath ho

He takes off her jewlery bit by bit and then he gives her a lip lock he kisses her tummy all the way up and kisses her neck and she begins to breath heavy and faster he unfastens the pin from her saree and he unbuttones his shirt and they cover the blanket and consumate their marriage

Sanskaar swara room
Sanskaar:why swara why did you do this to me I loved you soo much and you betrayed me I want to get a divorce and end it all I hate you you deprived someone’s happiness your sister for your own sake
Swara: please give me a chance
Sanskaar:not now and not ever again
She tries to get into bed
Sanskaar:sorry we are strangers we can’t sleep in the same bed

The screen is split in half ragini and Laksh hugging and swara and Sanskaar angry and crying

Precap:ragini preform the rest of the rituals

Thank you all for commenting it means so much to me and I also notice a lot of you tell me that I am to fast so I am sorry for that I didn’t know I am really sorry I will slow down to make it more intresting

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  1. Superb

  2. Sry to say this.I know u r. Ragini fans .but I want to say it.s all ragini mistake first she think she love sanskar and then she try kill swara and then she love laksh she want to take revange for swara didn’t did in her in her life sry to say I want ragini suffer

    1. Dalchini

      Okay I will try and include it into the story

  3. Fairy

    Awww!!!raglak marriage ws awesome…..loved raglak to d core….superb part sweety????witng for nxt part…keep rockng n st blessed dear????

    1. Dalchini

      Thank you fairy I hope are okay ☺☺☺☺ I was just wondering if you have a FF because its not fait if you read mine and I don’t read you have a good day ?????

      1. Fairy

        oh dr its nthng lyk dat….i read ur ff bcoz i love it!!!!its not compulsary to read mine too yaaar????u too have an aamzng day???

  4. Domt seperate them

    1. Dalchini

      Okay don’t worry they won’t be sperated

    1. Dalchini

      Thank you pooja

  5. A.xx

    nice I wonder what Swara will do next??.xx

    1. Dalchini

      Thank you A.xx

  6. Kakali

    Dalchini u made my Swara negative…. wooowwwww !!!! its quite new for me.. coz in any other FF i didn’t experienced that…
    haaa!!! give ur best dear …
    Thnk u…. ;-*

    1. Dalchini

      Thank you for commenting

  7. Unite swasan

    1. Dalchini

      Okay I will try my best

  8. JenniferAndrews

    Please unite swasan soon

    1. Dalchini

      Okay I will try my best

  9. Its so nice finally raglak united n ya it is so different becoz even i didn’t find in any other ff that swara is negative so it makes ur ff special!!

    1. Kakali

      U know Ragzz !!! me2 think d same.. it makes Dalchini’s FF more rare.. afterall my Swara is Negativeeee… ;-*

    2. Dalchini

      Thank you so much dear

    3. Dalchini

      Aww thank you so much rags

  10. Jazzy

    Amazing its very rare to see swara negative

  11. I didn’t have mind if Swara and ragini had some logical reasons for becoming negative, like some misunderstanding which should be genuion (not envy between sisters), got some betrayal, for something.

    I m really against enemity between sisters, sisters should always share best bond.
    Sisters drama is maximum is shown which is too wrong

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  13. Asra

    amazing dear…sry for late comment….finally raglak married happy….tkcr dear…

  14. Mind blowing

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