From Hate to Revenge and From Revenge to Love (Adni OS)

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From Hate to Revenge and From Revenge to Love (Adni OS)

He was driving his car with the speed of 180kmp/h on Eastern Express Highway towards ASR Enterprise as he was already late for important business meeting but didn’t want to be later than that. On his way to his office suddenly an old man came in front of his car while crossing the road, Advay Singh Raizada who never made a mistake for the first time in his life failed to stop his car timely and hit the old man. He rushed out to see whether the old man was fine or not, when checked out that the old man had minor injuries he shouted at him, “Are you blind old man, couldn’t you see this jumbo-size car running on the road, you wasted my time” “hey Mr. Whoever you are, you should be apologizing to uncle rather shouting at him, he is elder than you might of your father’s age, shame on you” suddenly he heard a girl scolding him, “Chandni what are you doing? Why interfere in someone else’s matter?” her friend tried to stop her. “One minute Nandni, just stay here and keep quite” she hushed her friend “Come on uncle let me help you in getting up, hopefully you have no serious injuries” she helped the old man.

Suddenly, she felt strong hands clutching her by her small waist and pulling backwards powerfully, forcing her to turn around, a sudden gasp of shock escaped her lips, when she saw the face of that person he was the same man shouting at the old man, and without thinking for a second she slapped him with full force imprinting her hand on his face. Advay Singh Raizada was left in a state of shock and Chandni hurriedly freed herself from his grip. It took some seconds for Advay to process what just happened to him. With his anger touching the skies he grasped Chandni’s wrist real tight hurting her badly, Chandni on the other hand got angrier at this action of his “isn’t one slap enough for you or do you want one more or you want me to hit you with my sandal?” Chandni shouted at him struggling to get free of his grip.

“Listen you middle-class cheap girl, you don’t know whom you have insulted, Advay Singh Raizada can destroy you and your whole family within a second.” “Mr. Arrogant and Saroo Raizada, you are not a God and I don’t give a damn how much wealthy and powerful you are, I have seen many rich and spoiled brats like you and I know how to teach them a lesson” Chandni retorted with equal anger. “This time you won’t teach a lesson to anyone you low-minded and despicable girl, whatever is your name” Chandni gave another forceful slap to his other side of the face “My name is Chandni Yash Narayan Vashsisht, yes, I’m a middle-class girl but I’m not immoral, low-minded, spoiled, cheap and arrogant like you.” Another slap from Chandni again had put Advay in shock, availing this opportunity Chandni hurriedly freed her wrist from his iron-grip and backed away from him helping the old man once again to stand.
“Now when you go home, have a look at both sides of your face so when next time you hit a poor and old man or misbehave with a girl you will remember these slaps and you will know that you deserved it” Chandni told him angrily. She left for hospital with her friend and the old man to get medical treatment to his injuries leaving Advay standing there. On the other hand, Advay was getting insane with anger, he needed something to punch to control his anger, suddenly he punched at his car’s driving seat window, and consequently, he broke the glass and got his hand badly injured. Still his anger didn’t cool down, he badly wanted to teach Chandni a lesson, he wanted to take revenge from her the humiliation she had inflicted upon him. “Chandni Yash Narayan Vashisht today I promise you that not only I’ll even the score with you for this insult, I’ll make an example out of you so next time no girl will dare to clash with Advay Singh Raizada” with anger in his eyes he made that promise to himself.

Chandni’s mood was off due to today’s incident “what happened to my sweet doll? Why this sad face?” her mother Indrani asked her kissing her forehead “nothing Maa, just had an encounter with world’s most arrogant and spoiled rich brat” “tsk tsk tsk, Chandni bad manners to call someone with names” Indrani told her. “Sorry Maa, but he deserves it” Chandni told the whole incident to her mother “that’s my brave girl, I’m very proud of you for taking stand for a weak person” Indrani hugged her “thank you Maa” Chandni said happily and hugged back her mother. “I forgot I came here to discuss an important matter with you” Indrani told Chandni “what matter Maa?” she asked.

“It’s about your marriage, it’s 16 years I haven’t talked about my best friend and her husband they both died in a car accident, leaving a daughter and 2 sons behind, her elder son is 8 years older than you, you are 22 years old now and he must be 30 years old now” Chandni was listening to her silently “before the car accident my friend came here to meet me after a long time and you were just 6 years old, that day she made me to promise that I’ll get you married to his elder son because she loved you a lot wanted you to be here daughter-in-law, now it’s time for me to fulfill my promise, I just wanted to your opinion” Indrani asked Chandni searching her face “your wish is my command Maa, you know I will never refuse you” Chandni replied her with a smile. “You surely would want to know his name?” Indrani asked her “his name is Advay Singh Raizada” the she heard his name the world began to spin around her head, she was trying to make sense of what she just heard “Maa can you repeat his name once more” she asked her mother “sure, Advay Singh Raizada.”
“O God! What should I do? I can’t break my mother’s heart by going against her wish, but I also can’t marry him, he is not a good person” Chandni was in continuous torment. “Chandni” her mother’s voice brought her out of her thoughts “Advay with his elder sister Pooja and his Nani is coming to meet you by tomorrow, I have complete faith in you, you won’t let anything bad happen right?” “Sure Maa, I’ll do my best” she told her mother with a compelled smile. Chandni remained restless all night thinking of what will happen tomorrow suddenly she got an idea. Searching through her mother’s phone diary, she got Raizada Mansion’s phone number “Hello is this Raizada Mansion?” she asked when her call was received on the other side by a man, “Yes it is, whom you want to talk to” he asked “Mr. Advay Sing Raizada” she answered “Yes speaking” the man replied “Mr. Advay, it’s Chandni your Nani must have told you about my mother and your mother’s friendship and the promise they made to each other” she asked hesitantly “yes she did, so?” he asked. “Is it possible for us to have a meeting before you come to my house with a marriage proposal, just need to clarify things with you” Chandni asked hopefully with crossed fingers. “Sure, just let me know the time and place” “Grandmama’s Café at 11:00am”Chandni told him quickly. “Ok, I’ll be there” he replied and disconnected the call, “he has no manners at all, I can’t marry him” Chandni thought to herself.

Chandni selected a white coloured Shalwar Kameez with a multicoloured embroidered Dupatta to wear for her meeting with Advay, it was the most decent outfit of her already decent wardrobe. She reached at the decided place at exactly 11:00am, she saw Advay already sitting there and waiting for her. “Hi” she went towards him, “you? What are you doing here?” Advay asked her with surprise. “Before you start shouting at me let me finish first, and then you can shout as loud as you want to” Chandni interrupted him. It was for the first time Advay was looking at her keenly, and he was secretly admiring her beauty, he had never seen a girl more beautiful than her, her eyes were big, attractive with chocolate brown colour and what made them more prominent was the tinge of innocence in them, her hair were of the same colour as her eyes and stretched below her waistline, her complexion was milky white with a touch of zaffaron, he found himself lost in his beauty, suddenly he scolded himself and came to his senses. “You might have no idea but I’m that Chandni who called you last night, as you know our families want us to marry each other but we both know that we hate each other and even can’t stand each for a second. I love my mother more than anything in this world and I don’t want to break her heart with my refusal, so it would be better if you refuse to marry me” Chandni suggested a solution “you can make any excuse that you don’t like me, I’m not your type of girl, you don’t like my mentality or you are interested in someone else anything.”

“Are you done” Advay asked her with a crooked smile “now it’s my turn, I have no issue at all in marrying you, you are beautiful, smart, and an upright girl, as you said I’m an arrogant and ill-mannered man so I think you will be a perfect wife for me, teaching high morals and good manners.” His reply left Chandni jaw-dropped for few seconds, “but we hate each other, how you will change that?” she asked him. “You can say that for yourself but I don’t hate you at all, rather I like you very much, I think I had fallen for you the moment I saw but that unfortunate incident got the best of me and I couldn’t understand my feelings for you that time, as far as your hatred and disliking for me is concerned, I’m sure I will change it into love” he smiled again. It was so hard for Chandni to process all that Advay told her “what if I’m in love with someone else?”She asked him with a little fear. “ If it’s true then I will kill both of you, because Chandni Yash Narayan Vashisht once I choose something then it belongs to me only and no one else can have it” he told her and the madness she saw in his eyes made her more scared of him “so is it true?” he asked her. “I think it’s none of your damn business, it’s my personal life and I’m not answerable to you” Chandni told him stubbornly. “Soon you will share your personal life with me and you will be answerable to me understood you Kattu Gullehri” he told her with a sarcastic smile on his face and left the café area.

Chandni on her way to home accursed Advay many times in her heart and wished that he may refuse to marry her. It was evening time when Advay with his reached at Chandni’s house where her parents and 2 younger sisters welcomed them. Meanwhile, Advay was getting acquainted with them Indrani went to check on Chandni whether she is ready, she was in the same white clothes, her mother opened her room cupboard selected a party-wear light shaded tea-pink frock and dupatta with pearl-white embroidery, matching trousers and pearl-white earrings with them and made Chandni to wear them. After getting ready when she came out to serve the evening tea Advay was stunned to look at her as she was looking more beautiful than before. “Accept it Mr. ASR you really are falling for her” his treacherous heart told him “shut-up” he scolded his heart “I have only one motive for marrying Chandni, I have to make her pay for the insult I had to face at her hands.” “This is my daughter Chandni, Chandni this Advay, his sister Pooja and this Nani, she is not only Advay’s Nani she is your Nani too because she is a mother to me” Indrani told Chandni. “Yes beta Chandni, I’m your Nani too, your mother is absolutely right, I love your mother as my own daughter” Nani also added.

Nani and Pooja were busy in talking with Chandni and her family while Advay was busy in plotting his revenge against Chandni. Suddenly a boy of 26 or 27 years entered Chandni’s house “where is Chandni?” he asked Indrani “she is kitchen Raghav” Chandni’s father replied instead, Raghav was an orphan and Chandni’s sworn brother. “Ok” he quickly went to the kitchen where Chandni was standing with a sad face “what happened to my little doll? Why are you so sad?” Raghav asked tickling her to make her laugh and she did “Raghu bhaiyya you always know how to make me smile” she hugged him. “Ok, now tell me why my little sister is sad hmm?” “After marriage I would have to leave all of you that’s why?” she pouted.

“Just this, no problem we will ask Advay to become a househusband so my little doll doesn’t have to go away from us” they both laughed together. Advay was watching this whole scene from a distance but couldn’t hear what they both were saying, “so Miss Chandni this is your lover for whom you don’t want to marry me, no doubt you might have spent many nights his arms. But I’ll make sure not to leave you worthy enough for anyone” Advay promised to himself. As Nani’s health was not in a good condition so she wanted to watch Advay settle down soon, so they decided to have a simple marriage within next 3 days. Indrani tried to convince them to give more time for marriage preparations but Nani’s decision was like a stone streak.

Soon enough the day had come when Advay and Chandni got married and she in her beautiful light pistachio bridal dress entered in Raizada Mansion as Advay’s wife. She had so many fears in her heart regarding this marriage but the love Advay’s family showered upon her, made her forget all of them. After all the post-marriage rituals Pooja took Chandni in Advay’s room which was beautifully decorated and her beauty was making the room more beautiful. Pooja helped her sitting on the bed, she was quite exhausted now, after helping her Pooja left the room and few minutes later she heard Advay entering the room, she couldn’t dare to look up as she was feeling shy.

As he was approaching near her, Chandni’s heart began to beat faster and she started to shrink in herself, Advay sat in front of her lost in her beauty he softly held her chin and raised her face towards him. Looking at her face he delivered a soft lingering kiss on her luscious lips while romantically removing her jewelries and veil, his every move was arousing Chandni. After getting his desired response from her, Advay turned his soft kiss into a savage one, brutally cupping the back of her head he increased pressure on her lips to torture her, Chandni was unable to understand this sudden change in his behaviour. She was trying to push him back to get free of his hold but it was too strong for her, finally Advay ended the kiss and looked at her swollen and bruised lips, his heart was feeling bad for torturing Chandni but his ego was reminding him of his mission to destroy her.

With tears in her eyes Chandni looked at him with complaining eyes, Advay’s heart skipped a beat at her plight but his ego again reminded him why he married her. Ignoring her torment, Advay again captured her lips increasing the pressure he probed at her lips with his tongue to open her mouth for him, as her lips parted he explored the soft insides of her beautiful mouth with his tongue. Continuing the kiss Advay began to remove first his own dress and then hers, leaving a trail of kisses he moved from her lips to her jaw-line and then he kissed her earlobe, earning a sharp gasp of surprise from her. He placed a kiss at the visible blue vain at her neck touching a sensitive spot, then moving lower Advay kissed Chandni’s bare shoulders earning a sigh of pleasure from her. He was having a continuous battle between his heart and his ego, but all his manifestations were without a planning rather they were very natural.

Pushing her down on the bed, Advay pinned Chandni’s hand above her head and moving lower than her shoulders he placed a wet kiss on her left br*ast and suckled hard at her strained nipple and did the same to her other br*ast, it was driving Chandni crazy. “Tell me Chandni is he as good as I am?” Advay asked her parting her legs and positioning himself between them, Chandni looked at him confusingly. With one powerful thrust he entered her, it was too late before Chandni could control her moan of pain, there was a look of surprise on Advay’s face when he felt tearing through her mayhem, and it was a moment of realization for him that his calculations about Chandni went wrong, she had been a virgin until now. “Chandni are you ok?” he asked her with concern restraining himself from moving further into her.

“I’m fine now, don’t stop” Chandni told him panting. After her assurance, Advay moved further into her thrusting again and again, harder and harder, every thrust were taking both of them to new heights, it was like sky full of stars for Chandni and then a wave of happiness exploded within her, with the last thrust Advay groaned her name and spilled his seeds inside her womb. Spent with his passionate love making he dropped his head in the crook of her neck, she smelled amazing and refreshing. Getting beside her on the bed, he turned her towards him and placed his right arm under head, placed a soft kiss on her lips and forehead, and brought her near hugging her tight as if he never wanted to let go off her. Until the morning Advay made passionate love to Chandni for many times. When he woke-up and looked at Chandni he saw bruises on her arms and shoulders given by him, he was cursing himself to put her through such pain, at that moment he realized that he loves Chandni and cannot see her getting hurt.

“Chandni” Advay tried to wake her up in a low voice, “Chandni” he patted at her cheek this time “hmm?” Chandni said in a sleepy voice, “Its 8 in the morning, we should get-up” he told her. “What? It’s 8 in the morning?” Chandni asked almost screaming “I’ve never been so late to get-up” she said to herself. “It means that I’m really good at keeping you satisfied” Advay replied mischievously. Chandni started blushing at Advay’s bold statement as well as at the condition they both were in, she hurriedly covered herself with the sheets and got out of the bed, taking her clothes she went to bathroom to take a shower. Advay lying lazily in the bed thought to himself, “although it was out my temporary anger but marrying Chandni was the right decision, no other girl could be best for me than her”. “Advay” Chandni called from the bathroom “there is no soap in here, can you give me one please?” “Sure” Advay replied her with other devilish ideas in his mind; Chandni opened the door slightly stretching her hand to take the soap but instead of that Advay caught her hand firmly, struggling to get her hand free from his grip she accidently pulled him inside, which made both of them fall on the floor with Chandni above Advay.

Taking benefit of this accident Advay picked up Chandni in his arms and once again he made passionate love to her under shower leaving her quite exhausted, “I wouldn’t have done this if you Kattu Gellehri, hadn’t left me unsatisfied in our bed in the morning” Advay whispered in her ear covering her small frame in a large size towel, and after covering himself too he lifted Chandni in his arms, she placed her hands around his strong shoulders and rested her head on his bare chest with closed eyes and he went into the and placed her at the bed. “I think you are quite tired to go downstairs, I’ll bring our breakfast here ok” Advay told her with a soft kiss on her forehead, she smiled at his gesture of love and care. “It was so foolish of me to have fears regarding this marriage, Maa’s decision was right I couldn’t find a better life partner than Advay” Chandni thought with a smile on her face.

Time was moving quickly as it had been 2 months since Advay and Chandni’s got married and every passing day was a blessing for Chandni everyone in her in-laws loved her a lot because she deserved it, she loved all of them more than her own life and she couldn’t remember when it happened that she began to love Advay more than anyone in this world. After two or three weeks of their marriage Chandni started to notice changes in her body, her br*asts got very sensitive and sometimes she felt little pain in them, she had her doubts but when she was late she realized that she might be pregnant. It was only today that she got time to see a famous gynecologist to confirm her pregnancy, until then she didn’t share it with anyone. After a detailed check-up the doctor told Chandini “I think Mrs. Raizada that you are pregnant but let us confirm it with a final test and we will let you have the results within 24 hours” she said in a professional tone. “Sure doctor” Chandni replied with a smile. When Chandni reached home she wanted to share it with Advay, she was searching for him in their room but he wasn’t there. Suddenly something on the floor caught her eyes, it was a diary engraved with ASR “it must be Advay’s diary” Chandni picked it up and her name in the diary caught her attention. Out of curiosity she started to read it. “Today was the worst day of my life, I got insulted by a cheap, immoral, low-minded and despicable girl, I can never forget the insult you inflicted upon me Chandni Yash Narayan Vashsisht, today I promise that I’ll make you pay for it.”

Chandni turned another page of his diary “Today I met her in the Café, how dare she to insult me again by rejecting me, she has made me more passionate to take revenge from her, I have given her the impression that I like her and respect her, but in reality she is most hated girl for me, the only reason I’m marrying her is to destroy her” Chandni felt hot tears rolling out of her eyes. “Today is the best day and worst day too for me, best because now revenge from Chandni begins and worst because I’ll have to tolerate her until I destroy her” the diary slipped away from hand and fell on the ground with a thud.

Chandni tried to bring herself to her senses; she felt as if she needed to protect herself and her baby from Advay so she decided to leave his house without telling anyone where she was going. She hurriedly packed her things and made a phone call to her friend, after finishing the call she secretly headed towards the exit gate making sure that no one is watching her, and coming out of Raizada Mansion she called a taxi and told address of her destination. She was very sad for leaving other family members because their love for her was genuine but now she had to think for her baby first, she was sure of it as coming back from the doctor she was getting impatient so she had bought a pregnancy testing kit and the results were positive, she was definitely pregnant. With heavy heart she completed her journey and reached her best friend Nandni’s apartment. Nandini was also getting married soon so she told Chandni that within a week she will be going back to Delhi to her parents’ home but Chandini didn’t have to worry because Nandini was owner of this apartment and Chandini was welcomed live here as long as she wanted to. The problem of a place to stay was solved by her friend but Chandini had other things also to worry about like money for food and other necessities plus she had to earn for baby now. She had been an outstanding student good in both science and arts subjects so she decided to home tuition to children.

Advay reached home late that night “Chandni” Advay called for her “Chandni”, “what happened Cheeku? Why are you shouting?” his Pooja Di asked “Di have you seen Chandni? I can’t find her” he told his Di. “No I didn’t see her for a while, maybe she went to her mother’s home” Pooja shared her opinion. “Yeah, maybe you are right; I should call at their number” he brought his cell phone out of his pants pocket “what are doing? It’s quite late in the night, call in the morning” Di stopped him from calling. When he went inside his room he saw his diary on his study table and there was a folded placed in it, he opened his diary and saw the pages where he had expressed his anger and hatred for Chandni and how he will destroy her. He opened the folded paper; it was a note from Chandni:

“Dear Advay,
I had no idea that you hated me so much and couldn’t bear me anywhere near you. I want to hate you so much but I can’t because I love more than anything in this world. But I can’t let you destroy my life anymore; I’m leaving your life and your house forever, you are free of the relation with me. I know you will be happy now that you don’t have to see my face and bear my presence, I haven’t told anyone about it and no one knows where I will. I’m sure that you will not try to find, still if they pressurize you to look for then don’t bother because you will never find me. Goodbye for forever.

He felt like his whole world has crumpled down and his life has been snatched away from him, he fell on his knees and tears started to roll out from his eyes “no, Chandni I won’t let you go from my life, I will look for you and bring you home even if I have to the last corner of the world, that’s my promise to you and Advay Singh Raizada always keeps his promise” he said with determination. In the morning he got ready for his office as well as for his search for Chandni when he heard the phone ringing “Hello” he picked up the phone, it was a lady on the phone “Hello is this Raizada Mansion?” she asked, “yes it is” Advay replied her, “can I talk to Mrs. Advay Singh Raizada?” she asked again, “I’m sorry she is not at home right now, I’m her husband if it’s important you can tell me” he replied, “sure, my name is Dr. Sangeeta Agarwal, she visited my clinic yesterday to confirm her pregnancy, we took her pregnancy test and results were due today so I wanted to inform her the result is positive and your wife is 8 weeks’ pregnant” he felt like a bomb has been dropped on him, “thank you doctor I’ll inform her”. It was now a matter of life and death for him to find Chandni because she was not alone now she was carrying his child. He had been searching for Chandni since last 4 months, hired best detective companies but all in vein he couldn’t find her.

He was losing all hopes to find her when one day at his office after 2:00pm he got a call from the detective company “Hello Mr. Raizada this HS Detective Agency, we have found your wife, she is in Mumbai, we will email you her address” the CEO of the Agency informed him “thank you so much, please send her address quickly I’m waiting” he replied with gratitude. “I promised you Chandni that I will find and bring you back to home, I’m coming to take you” he was now looking at the address sent to him “Apartment No.5 Ground Floor, RNA Apartments, Sunder Nagar Road Number 2, Vidya Nagari, Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400098, India.”

After 2 hours he was driving his car to the given address with full speed and reached there within 15 minutes, he parked his car outside the apartment building, he stayed in his car trying to find words to convince Chandni to go home with him while his eyes were continuously on Chandini’s apartment suddenly he saw the door opening 6 children of same age with their school bags were coming out of the apartment and Chandni was holding hand of a nearly 3 or 4 years old boy walking him to the door “Rishi don’t you want to go home?” he heard Chandni asking him the boy shook his head right to left and left right saying a no and hugged Chandni’s legs, which made her laugh loudly “No, very bad you should go home, your mom will be worried for you, I’ll ask her to let you come here again ok, trust your Chandni Di” she tried to convince the boy “pinky promise?” the boy askeed for confirmation “yes pinky promise my chotu shetaan?” Chandni pinched lightly on his nose “Ok Di bye” the boy went home and Chandni went inside.

While listening to their conversation Advay was also noticing the changes this pregnancy had made in Chandni’s body, she was 6 months pregnant now but it had made her more beautiful, her skin was soft and more radiant and she had become more attractive. He left the car and went to knock at her door but it was already open, so without making any noise he entered the apartment, it was small but very neat and clean, everything was in order opposite to his room after Chandni left him. With her back to him Chandni was busy in kitchen preparing for dinner when she felt someone was standing behind her, her heart skipped a beat recognizing the familiar smell of his aftershave and cologne but her mind refused to accept it.

“It’s just my imagination like the past 4 months, how can Advay be here, it’s not possible for him to find me” Chandni told herself. Suddenly Advay moved forward standing very close to her back he put his arms on both side of the kitchen counter imprisoning her there “Were you missing me my Kattu Gullehri?” he whispered in her ear. Realizing it was really him she tried to turn around quickly which made her losing her balance but Advay caught her quickly saving her from the fall “Chandni you should be more careful in this condition” he told her with little anger in his voice.

Chandni tried to wriggle to get away from his hold but he wasn’t ready to let go off her “I won’t let you get away that easily after all the difficulties I’ve finally found you” he told her squeezing her lightly his embrace. Chandni could believe neither her eyes nor her ears, she was still staring at him confusingly “it’s really me Chandni, I’ve come here to take you home” Advay tried to make her believe. Being assured that it was really her husband and father of soon to be child she looked at him with angry face “you? What are you doing here? Are you not satisfied that you’ve got your revenge, you’ve destroyed my life, and what do you want now? Do you want to destroy me again? Do you want to snatch away my baby from me? If that’s so, let me tell you Mr. Raizada I won’t let it happen, I’ll die before I let you take away my baby from me?” she put her both hands on her big baby-bump as if she was trying to protect her baby from his cruelty. “Chandni please listen to me” he was trying to make her hear him, but she wasn’t ready to listen “no Mr. Raizada you’ve done enough damage, now no more” Advay cupped the back of her head and kissed on her lips to make her quite, it was a long and hungry kiss, Chandni also kissed him back for they both had missed each other, finishing the kiss Advay held her face in his both hands and kissed her forehead gently “Mrs. Advay Singh Raizada I’m not going anywhere until you agree to come back to home with me” getting on his knees he hugged her baby-bump and kissed it “I’m not here to snatch away our child from you, I’m here to take you both home because I want my child and mother of my child together in my life” he told her reassuringly.

“I can’t believe you, I know you hate me and you married me to have your so-called revenge, it’s another revenge scheme of yours, I know you will take me to home and when I’ll give birth to my baby you will separate me from it” Chandni expressed her worst fear. “You don’t our baby’s gender yet?” he asked surprisingly “I would love to have a little doll who looks just her mother” he told her and once again hugged her baby-bump this time the baby responded to his touch with a strong kick, which made both Advay and Chandni to laugh “see Chandni even our baby doesn’t want to live away from me” he told her proudly. “I’m sorry Advay but I can’t go home with you, it’s hard for me to trust you again” she told him with tears in her eyes. Suddenly she got fainted due to exhaustion, she was about to fall but Advay quickly held her and lifting her in his arms he laid her on the bed and called their family doctor giving him instructions to come fast telling him the address.

“Doctor is everything fine? Why Chandni got fainted?” she heard Advay asking the doctor, “everything is fine Mr. Raizada, you just need to take care of and don’t let her do any heavy work, she fainted because of weakness, you need to take care of her, I have prescribed some supplements for her you must make sure that she is taking them regularly” doctor told him. “Ok doctor thank you for coming over, I’ll see you out” he shook doctor’s hand. When he came back Chandni was struggling to sit-up he hurried to help her, supporting her back with pillows, he sat beside her and held her hands “what happened to me Advay? How did I faint?” she asked him “Chandni when was the last time when had a good rest” he asked her “I don’t know” she replied not looking at him. “You don’t want to go home with me fine, I’ll be staying here with you, I’ll take care of you for 24/7, and I will not leave from here until you agree to come home with” he told her decisively. “But how can you stay here, this place is according to your taste, you will not be comfortable here” Chandni tried to warn him. “You should be worrying about your own comfort, I am quite comfortable anywhere with you” he told her.

“Doctor has also suggested a sonography to make sure that our baby is healthy” he told her “I’ve gotten an appointment with Dr. Sangeeta Agarwal for you for tomorrow, I’ll take you there” he informed her. “No thanks, I can go by myself and I can take of me and my baby” she retorted stubbornly “yeah, I can see that” Advay teased her with a sarcastic smile “there is argument in this issue, what I have decided is final, you both are my responsibility and Advay Singh Raizada knows how to take the responsibilities.” The next day Chandni was doing her best to not go with him “Advay I can’t go today, there is so much work left to be done, then I also have to give tuition to the children” she tried to convince him “I’ll do all the work and you don’t have give tuitions to anyone, you need to rest and I need to take care of you” he told her in a final tone. “Still I can’t go my feet are swollen and hurting” she made another excuse “that’s not a big problem” he lifted Chandni in his arms “I can manage it” he told her with a smile and with long strides went to his car he settled Chandni at the passenger seat and took the driving seat, within 10 minutes they at the gynecologists clinic. “How are you Mrs. Advay Singh Raizada? It’s been 4 months since you visited my clinic, let’s have that sonography” she suggested “are you going to stay with your wife for the sonography” she asked Advay, before Chandni could deny that, Advay quickly replied with a smile “yes, I will.” “You don’t need to be shy from me Kattu Gullehri. Let me remind you that I’m your husband and I have already seen your whole body” he whispered in her ear teasingly which made Chandni to give him an angry look and she pinched hard at his arm “Ouch” he cried with pain “is everything fine Mr. Raizada?” Dr. Sangeeta asked him “yes doctor, just a cat clawed at my arm today” he replied with a mischievous smile and Chandni again shot an angry look to him. Advay remained with Chandni during the whole process and unconsciously Chandni held on to his hand strongly.

“Your baby’s heartbeat is strong and healthy, all other vitals are also healthy, if you look at the screen here is the heart, that’s your baby’s face, arms and legs, this is the chest and abdomen of your baby” doctor showed them image of their baby which aroused feelings of love and pride in both of them “do you want to know your baby’s s*x as well” she asked them “yes” both replied together “sure lets have another look” after carefully examining the screen doctor said with a professional smile “congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Raizada you are going to have a baby boy.” Although Advay wanted a girl but he was equally happy to have a son “are you to have a son? You wanted a daughter” Chandni asked him when they reached home and he was helping to lie down on the bed “Yeah I’m actually happy, I just want both of you to be healthy” he replied her placing his long slender hand over her baby-bump, again his son kicked responding to his touch, they both laughed “you got a football player there” he teased Chhandni “and as far as having a daughter is concerned we have our whole life to try for it” he winked at Chandni “Advay you are such shameless person” Chandni punched lightly at his shoulder. “Excuse me, I’m not a shameless person, rather I’m a very romantic husband and it’s a good quality” he teased her again.

Advay was now managing his office from home through conference calls and he had informed his and Chandni’s family that he had found and he will bring her home soon. He started to look after Chandni, he didn’t even let her go anywhere in apartment alone so going outside by herself was not an option at all. The time was moving quickly and gradually Chandni begin to trust Advay and believed that he was really regretting over his behaviour with her and he really loved her. Advay didn’t have to express his love through words his every action and the way he was caring for her was enough to convince Chandni of his love for. He wasn’t even sharing the bed with her thinking that it might make her uncomfortable as her delivery dates were near. One night he was sleeping on the couch near to Chandni’s bed when he heard her calling for him, he quickly opened his eyes and looked at her, she was looking at him “what is it Chandni?” he asked her touching her face gently. “Can you sleep at bed next to me? I’m feeling a little cold” she asked him hesitantly “Sure, if it doesn’t make you uncomfortable” he replied “it won’t” she told him. He laid at the bed next to her, Chandni moved near to him and with natural reflexes he put her head on his arm, turning her towards himself, he hugged her lightly to give his body-warmth to her while covering with a blanket. Sometime later Advay woke-up with a movement under his hand, when he looked at it his hand was on Chandni’s baby-bump and it was his son responding to his touch with little kicks, Advay smiled to himself brought his face near to it and talked to his unborn son “you got to quit doing this every time little champ, you will make your mom uncomfortable which your dad can’t bear” the kicking stopped instantly as if his son understood what he told him, Chandni was watching all of this and her heart filled with love for this man who loved her, at that moment she decided that in the morning she will tell Advay of her love for him and that she is ready to go home with him. She hugged him more tightly and again they both drifted into a blissful sleep.

It was 4 o’clock in the morning when Chandni woke-up Advay shaking him badly “Advay wake-up” she said stifling he painful moans “Chandni what happened?” he asked her with sleepy eyes “my water is broken” she told him “what?” he asked her again “Ugh! My water has broken, you have to take me to hospital because our son is in a hurry to come into this world, samjhe Mr. Rowdy ASR?” she informed him moaning with contractions pain. Without thinking twice Advay got out of the bed, he didn’t even wasted time to change his sleeping suit and neither had he cared to wear his slippers. He hurriedly called Dr. Sangeeta and informed her of Chandni’s condition, after finishing the call he lifted Chandni in his arms and almost ran to his car. Advay quickly settled Chandni in the passenger seated and took the driving, while on their way to Dr. Sangeeta’s clinic Chandni was continuously moaning with contractions pain. With their arrival at clinic Chandni was hurriedly taken to delivery room, she asked Advay to remain with her during the delivery. “Chandni you have to push, yes like that push strongly” doctor gave her instructions “Ugh! I can’t” Chandni told them between her cries of labour pain “Cahndni look at me, you are stronger than this, you can do it, trust me” Advay who was continuously hold her hand supported her, brushing her tendrils from her sweaty forehead he kissed it and rubbed her back to reassure her that he is with her. “Chandni push, push, yes a little more, good now one last strong push” doctor her, it took all of her strength for that final push but it was worth the pain and they both witnessed the birth of their son and room was filled with baby cries.

Chandni slumped her back against the bed with exhaustion and tears of happiness started to fall from her eyes seeing her son coming into this world, Advay was also mesmerized watching his wife giving birth to his son, he realized that he had never experienced any more beautiful and amazing than the birth of a child. His love for Chandni increased 10xtimes now because she was the woman who carried his son for 9 months in her womb and had gone through so much pain to bring him into this world and now she will be sacrificing her comfort to make their son comfortable. Advay embraced Chandni and kissed the top of her head gently “Chandni, I know I did wrong and I’m really sorry that I married you with wrong intentions, I was blinded with my anger at that time and I couldn’t realize that I had fallen for you the moment I saw you like love at first sight, you have to believe me please, I cannot live without you and our son, please come back to home with me” he pleaded to her. A nurse with their son in her hands entered the room “Ma’am it’s time for you feed your baby” she placed the baby in Chandni’s arm but she was too spent to hold him strongly “do you help?” the nurse asked her “no, it’s fine my husband is here with me we will manage it, thanks” she told the nurse and she went away from the room leaving the three of them with each other, Advay was surprised at Chandni reply. “Are you going to just stand or will you help me to feed him?” Chandni asked him, he hurriedly moved near and supported his son who impatiently latched to his mother’s br*ast and started suckling strongly to fill his little tummy making loud suckling sounds. This action of their son spread a beautiful smile on their faces which filled with love “now our son is busy in his favourite activity, I think we can talk now” Chandni said to Advay. His heart began to sink thinking that she will refuse to come home with him “you have said you wanted to say now listen to me carefully, I love you Advay Singh Raizada, I had forgiven a long time ago and now I trust you more than anyone in this world, yes you married me for wrong intentions but you gave me the most beautiful gift, our son, you made me feel blessed and because of you there is he who will call me mother and for that I cannot thank you enough, after I get discharged from here you will be taking me home with you” she told him with a beautiful smile on her face and there was no limit of Advay’s happiness “thank you Chandni for trusting me again” he hugged her and kissed her on her lips which made their son squirm as he had filled his little tummy to his content and was his parents “I think he minded that you kissed me and not him” they both laughed and Advay bent down to his beautiful son’s chubby cheeks. “He looks a lot like you” Chandni told Advay “except he has hair like his mother” Advay replied proudly. “What should we call him?” he asked Chandni “I think Jr. Advay Singh Raizada in short Jr. ASR” she teased him. “Not at all, one Advay is enough for you, how about Ajju Bhagewan then I’ll call you Ajju ki Mummy” Advay teased her back “Ewe! I don’t like its sound” she wrinkled her nose, after a long discussion of names they decided to name their son as Aryaan Singh Razaida a Jr. ASR for Chandni.

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