Hate? Really Episode 3 His Confusion

“Aren’t you deciding it so early?” his voice stopped her.

“Time will not change my decision Sanskar. First time in my life I’m clear about something and I’m so happy with the fact” she smiled standing at the place without turning.

“What about the love which you craved all your life?” he neared her. “I have better thing than that” he turned to him. Her eyes shone with the determination. His eyelids moved with confusion.

“And what’s that?” he asked nearing her. Her smile widened more.

“The happiness of being good. Happiness of not surrendering to the situation and greed”

“Does that make any sense Ragini?” he asked confused.

She dragged out of his hold and patted his chest. “You will not understand. Only people with heart can understand it” she smiled looking straight into his eyes and challenging him.

He stood numb for a moment and held her elbow to drag her.

“How dare you?”

“I said the truth didn’t I? The person who wants to take revenge from his Bade Papa and cousin will have a heart? I have not heard of such contradiction till now?” she mocked him.

His grip on her elbow tightened. He was looking into her eyes which were so confident. Did he really knew Ragini.

Can someone just change in seconds? Surely she did change in seconds. Can this night be more shocking than this? He did not knew.

He remembered how he entered Badi and kept a knife across her neck to get save and how she saved him from mobbing and treated him.

She had been looking after him like a small kid from the day they met. Nobody was so good to him all his life except his mom.

Other than his mom Ragini was the person whom he was attached truly.

As he spent more time with her he had witnessed her being victim of Swara and Laksh love.

She happily accepted it and made everyone agree to it. She suffered within.

He thought that pain of seeing Laksh with someone might have made her weak. Or more precisely prone to evil thoughts.

But he was wrong. 

He was totally wrong about Ragini.

She wasn’t any girl who will accept his deal. Deal to help him in his evil plans.

He was shattered totally.

Now what? What will he do? He has to act and think swift.

Though her ‘no’ had made his mind numb he had to pace his thoughts.

“I’m sorry” he uttered. She looked at him confused.

“I’m really sorry that I thought of all this and planned all this. I’m really ashamed of my deeds. Please Ragini just give me a chance to change. I’m sure you will forgive me” he looked at her with guilt in his eyes.

She crossed her arms looking at him; piercing his thoughts and trying to understand was he really sorry.

He collapsed on his knees. “Please Ragini. Please” he tried touching her feet.

“Sanskar… Sanskar… What are you doing?” she stopped him holding his hands.

“Please Ragini just give me one chance to change. I assure you. You will not be disappointed” he looked up at her.

“Is he saying truth?” her mind voiced. “But everyone should be given a chance” her values voiced. She took a deep breath and pulled him up.

“Okay Sanskar. I will give you a chance. You have to tell your truth to everyone tomorrow okay?” she asked looking at him.

His heart paced. He did not see this coming.

“No” he blurted.

“Hm?” she looked at him confused.

“I mean not now. Let Lakshya’s marriage get over I will surely confess my crimes. But now Bade Papa cannot handle this” he sounded normal.

His reason seemed valid. She thought for a moment.

She knew DP was a heart patient. May be Sanskar was right. The truth at this time was may be dangerous to DP’s health whom she believed as her father.

She convinced herself that his point is valid for the time being. She nodded her head and he sighed with relief only when her eyes moved away from him. He has to be more careful now.

One mistake of his could end everything. His plan, his revenge, his only purpose to live. Live the life without the girl he loved immensely – Kavitha.

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