Hate? Really – Engagement

People were running around Gadodia House and were busy in arrangements of Swara’s engagement. “Arrey Bangalan who decorates with roses. We always use marigold flowers for decorations” Dadi hit her head with her palm. “Arrey Marwaran. This is new trend. How will you know old lady” Dida teased Dadi. She fumed and walked to her room angry.

“Dadi sa” Ragini sat beside her placing her palm on Dadi’s shoulder. She looked up at Ragini. “I’m trying Ladoo. I’m trying to be normal. I’m trying to be happy when you are getting hurt every second with this. What else you want me to do?” she looked forward bending her head. Ragini placed her head on Dadi’s shoulder. “Aren’t you happy for Shona?” she looked at Dadi. “I don’t know Lado. I’m confused. Whether I should be happy for her engagement or should I be sad that she is getting engaged to Laksh whom I chose for you” Dadi looked into her eyes.

“He was never mine na Dadi. He was never mine” she whispered painfully. “He was Ladoo. It was your fault why did you let him go?” Dadi held her face. She closed her eyes painfully. “Because your values taught me to let go Dadi what is not mine. It taught me to never force someone to stay with us. If they are meant for us we will get them Dadi we need not snatch them from anyone” Ragini smiled through her tears. Dadi hugged her and patted her head.

“I hope you get someone who deserves you beta. People who reject you don’t realize your real value. And I’m sure they will regret when they will realize it” she thought in her mind.


“Shona” Sumi entered the room but did not find her. “Where did this girl go now?” she scanned the whole room but she was not to be seen. She got worried. “Shona… Shona” she screamed getting out of the room. “What happened Sumi?” Shekar looked at her from the hall worried. “I don’t know Shekar. Shona is no where to be seen?” she looked at him worried.

“What?” he almost screamed. “What happened Baba?” Ragini who was decorating the Tulasi plant rushed inside worried when she heard his scream. “Shona is no where to be found Ladoo” Shekar rubbed his forehead. “What?” Ragini looked at him shocked. “Where will she go? Maa did you checked the room?” asked Ragini looking up at Sumi. “Haa Ladoo. I searched here everywhere” she nodded her head worried.

“I think we should give complain to Police” Dadaji spoke. “But before 24 hours they will not take missing complains” Dida spoke worried. “Let us search around. I feel someone might have seen her” Dadi spoke and everyone agreed.

“Have you seen her?” Ragini inquired a lady walking on the road holding Swara’s photo. The lady nodded her head and walked passing her. She looked worried around. The sun was raising and it increased her anxiety. Something hit her mind and she rushed back to home.

Ragini entered the room in haste and searched for a clue. In a hope something she might find. She found a hanky near the bed. She shrank her eyes and picked it up. “This is not my hanky nor it is Shona’s” she stood up. “It looks more like a man’s hanky” she flipped it. She found a carving on it. “S” she stared at it. “S?” she looked confused.


“Arrey Sanskar beta” Sujata wiped Sanskar’s face with the hanky in her hand. “Aunty here wiping cloth is there” Ragini asked her confused. “No beta he has dust allergy so we keep his sterilized hand kerchiefs for him separately” Sujata smiled at Ragini. Ragini observed and found a ‘s’ carved on it.
Ragini’s eyes widened when she realized it was Sanskar’s hand kerchief. “No I may be wrong also. How many people will have such hanky’s. And moreover he told yesterday that he will not do anything then I don’t think it is him” she roamed inside the room.

“But what if it his him. I should not underestimate him. He may be acting also” she turned. “Ahhhh” she sat on the bed holding her head. “How to find it out now?” she lifted her head and continued staring the wall. Her eyes then moved to the wall clock. It showed the time. “ four hours more for engagement. May be this is just my intuition but I have to try it” she stood up from the bed determined.


“Arrey Ragini beta” Sujata opened the door of MM and stood surprised looking at Ragini. She smiled at Sujata and they walked inside. Laksh who was walking downstairs folding his sleeves looked at her and their eyes met. It was a painful eye lock. Ragini was feeling nervous. She avoided the eye contact with him and walked behind Sujata. “Sit beta” Sujata guided Ragini to sit.

She nodded her head. “Aunty where is Sanky?” Ragini pleaded Sujata who looked at her confused. “I was just worried if he is fine” Ragini handled the situation. “Oh” Sujata sighed. “He is in his room beta” “Okay Aunty” Ragini rushed to Sanskar’s room hurriedly. Laksh looked at her confused. Sujata had the same expression.

“Sanskar” Ragini stopped at the door when she found Sanskar sleeping peacefully. “He is here only” she stopped her steps and walked inside slowly. She sat beside him on his bed. He was sleeping peacefully. “I’m such stupid. I thought he has kidnapped Shona” she hit her head. “Now what will I do. Where to search Shona now” she panicked.

She walked down the stairs defeated. Laksh observed her. “Are you okay Ragini” he walked to her concerned. She smiled at him weakly and walked. “You can share with me if anything is bothering you. We are still friends” Wish he could understand how much it pained her. And she cannot expect him to understand her pain. “Laksh ji” she squeezed her hands worried. Now other than him she had no one to help her.

“Shona is missing” he widened his eyes due to shock. “What?” he screamed almost. “Kya hua Laksh?” Sujata queried from the dining table. “Shhh” Ragini signed him to be quite. “Nothing Chachi. Ragini is saying if we go to Kanha ji’s temple before engagement it is good” he smiled fake at Sujata. “Oh then visit once Laksh and more than Ragini who knows all this stuff” Sujata held her Pallu and walked to them. Ragini smiled at her and walked out and Laksh followed her.


“I don’t know Laksh ji where to find her” she looked at him worried. He placed his hand on her shoulder. She looked at his hand and then at him. “She will be fine Ragini. Don’t worry” he smiled at her. She felt relaxed. “Now we have to find clue. I think we can track her from her mobile phone. I have a friend who works in telecom company and he will help me” he dialed a number. “But her phone is switched off” Ragini looked at him worried. He signed her to wait and waited for the person on the other side to pick the call.

“So this is the place where her mobile turned off” Laksh stopped the car at a place. “This is so…” Ragini gulped scared. “Scary?” Laksh completed. She smiled at him nervously. “Then you be inside the car I will search her” he loosened the seat belt. “No” she jerked and he looked at her. She smiled weakly and gulped scared. “I dont want to be here please” she pleaded him. Laksh smiled at her and they got out of the car.

“There let us search there” Laksh pointed at a old building at distant. “Laksh that looks more scary” Ragini’s heart beat was at peak. “Oh common Ragini” he dragged her holding her hand and she walked behind him scared looking around.

“Shona…. Shona…..” Ragini rushed inside the shed as soon as she found Swara unconscious and tied to the chair. “Laksh” she looked back and found him analyzing the shed. “Shona” he knelt in front of her and patted her cheeks. She was still unconscious. “First let us take her out from here” Laksh untied her hands and legs. Ragini nodded her head and supported Swara’s lifeless body from other side and they were walking outside then a man came in front of Laksh who tried attacking him. Laksh kicked him hard and the fellow winced and fell on the ground. Another man charged at him and he handled Swara and elbowed him and he fell on the ground.

“Wow Laksh I did not knew you are Macho man” Laksh looked at Ragini amusingly for her statement. She bit her tongue. She never spoke so openly all her life. She was all that traditional doll. Laksh nodded his head looking at her this side which he discovered for the first time.

“Shona” Sumi rushed to hold Swara who was in Laksh’s arms unconscious. Laksh walked upstairs and placed Swara on her bed. Sumi sat beside her on the bed caressing her hair. “What happened to her?” Shekar stood in front of Laksh. “She was kidnapped baba” Ragini entered the room with a glass of water. “What?” Dida widened her eyes shocked and Ragini nodded her head and gave the water glass to Sumi. She sprinkled some water droplets and Swara gained consciousness slowly and held her paining head.

“Shona try to remember something. We have to know who did this?” Laksh sat in front of Swara who had bent her head and held it. “I don’t remember Laksh, I seriously don’t. Someone grabbed me from back when I just walked out of the wash room and I was unconscious in few seconds” she looked at him helplessly. He cupped her face. “That’s okay Shona. You are safe. That’s what matters” he smiled at her. She smiled back at him.

“Are you sure we should have this engagement today? You look so tired” Laksh looked at her for the last time when he was walking out. “I am fine Lucky” she smiled at him and he nodded his head and walked out. “Thank you Ragini” he stood beside Ragini who was looking after the engagement arrangements. She smiled at him. “In friendship no thanks and no sorry. I think we are still friends” she forwarded her hand for a handshake. He looked at her hand and then shook it and smiled widely. “We still are”

Dadi wiped a tear at the corner of her eye. “Paru” Dadaji placed his hand on Dadi’s shoulder. “I’m fine” she gave him a tight smile and walked inside to control her flooding emotions.


Everyone clapped as Laksh made Swara wear the ring and Swara did the same. Sanskar jumped like a small kid biting his lower lip looking at them. His eyes searched for his Dost. He found her parallel to him. She was smiling through her tears. Somewhere it pained him. How can she just go through all this without a single regret.

He brushed his thoughts. No he can’t let his hate decrease a bit also. He has to avenge someone. And he will not back off before that. No ways.


I know you guys are waiting for Ragsan moments but you need to wait for it a little. Hope you are enjoying the plot.

Love you guys,

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