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Reawakened Feelings
The breeze touched them. And the silence prevailed. “Sanskar” she waited for his answer. He took a deep breath. His head turned a bit to her side he spoke “I don’t think I need to give an answer” “You have to answer me” she demanded. A light smirk played on his lips.

“It’s my answer and I can keep it for myself” he walked away not waiting for her reaction.

She stood there numb for some more time. And she did not realize for how much time she was standing there. “Ragini” Swara shook her and she moved from her place. “Hmmm” she looked at Swara. “What’s wrong with you? Do you realize from when you are here?” she held Ragini’s shoulder.

“Hmmm” she walked away leaving behind Swara confused. “What is wrong with her?” Swara looked in her direction.


What was she expecting from me to answer?’ Sanskar was in deep thoughts in his room. “Sanskar” he heard his mom and got back to his acting. “What are you doing?” asked she when she saw him playing with something in his hand.

“Ohho beta leave it. Have food take” she forwarded the morsel. He looked at the morsel and then at Sujata who was innocently watching her son.

How am I fooling my mother?’ Sujata cocked her eye brows looking at him. He ate the morsel and controlled his flood of emotions. He had become so blind in his revenge he hadn’t realized how much he was hurting the people who meant his world.


What was I expecting his answer to be?’ Ragini was lost with her work. “Ragini” Swara’s voice brought her out of her trance. “Tu aaj kal bada khojati hai” she signed her to look down. Ragini followed her gaze and her eyes went wide looking at what she was doing.

She unfolded the clothes and again folded them properly. She knew Swara will ask her more questions. “It’s too late Swara. Let us sleep. Your marriage is fixed and we have very less time for preparations.” she tried avoiding the questions in Swara’s eyes.

“Ragini” she held her hand and Ragini stood gazing at the ground. “Why are you so disturbed. Tell me that this marriage is affecting you I promise I will back of. I don’t want to do something which will give you the never ending pain” Swara looked at her emotionally.

Ragini nodded her head cupping Swara’s face. “I’m happy. But I’m not able to express it. Trust me this isn’t the reason” “Then what’s the reason” Swara looked at her hopefully. “I…” she paused. “I can’t share it right now Shona but trust me it isn’t regarding you and Laksh” she assured.

“Don’t you consider me trusting to share your worries” Swara tried emotionally blackmailing Ragini. ‘If I only knew what is bothering me’ she thought. “Shona please just give me some time to sort out myself I will surely share it with” she pleaded helplessly.

Swara thought better to give the space Ragini needed and nodded her head assuring.

“Shona…. Laksh is here to take you for shopping” Dida screamed after opening the door. “Coming Dida” she said and descended the stairs. “Hey Ragini why don’t you join us” said Laksh looking at Ragini who was helping Dadi with the invitations. “No Laksh I have lot of work to do. You people enjoy” said she smiling. “Ohho Lado come on. You know how bad is Laksh’s choice and I don’t wanna take any risk with my bridal attire” said Swara.

Laksh gaped at her. “Oh hello. You are also his choice okay” Ragini defended him. “Haaw paltu. Tu meri behen hai bhul math” said Swara. “And she is my friend and in fact best friend” Laksh held her from her shoulder. They both stuck their tongue out and teased Swara. She pouted and they gave high five.

“Dost dost… she is my dost” Sanskar who was at the door rushed to her and dragged her towards him. Swara looked at him confused. “Ha haa bhai she is your dost and my friend” said Laksh and walked towards but Sanskar stood in front of Ragini.

Ragini was looking at him blankly not understanding his behavior. “She is…” Sanskar gritted his teeth which made Laksh to observe him keenly. “My dost and only my dost” Sanskar stamped his foot like a small kid and pouted. Laksh came out of his thoughts of doubting on Sanskar’s mental condition and consoled him.

“Okay okay bhai you one. She is only your Dost okay. Only yours” he raised his hands giving up. ‘Only mine’ the thought brought a fluttering joy in his heart. He wanted to jump but composed himself and maintained his expressions.

Ragini was looking at them blankly. “Chachi wasn’t at home so I couldn’t leave him alone” Laksh looked at Ragini apologetically for bringing Sanskar without asking anyone’s permission. She smiled at him signing it’s okay. “Chale?” asked Laksh to Swara. “Lado come na” she pleaded Ragini who looked back at her Dadi maa.

Parvathi nodded her head and she walked with them and Sanskar walked holding her duppatta. She was finding his weird behavior more weird from the time she came to know of his real intentions. Some times he confused her and some times startled her. She felt herself getting tangled in the web of his toggling emotions.

“Was that necessary” she whispered at Sanskar when Swara and Laksh were walking forward after parking the car at the mall. “Yeah I don’t want to behave weird at different times. Remember for them still mentally unstable so acting in front of them” he held her dupatta again. And she looked into his eyes. “Is necessary”

“Ragini” Swara’s voice made her to move and looked away from his eyes. “Haa coming” she walked and Sanskar followed her. He was scaring her with his unknown motives. She wondered if he has really changed or just acing in front of her.

As she walked with the dilemma in her heart which battled with her heart he bent his head smirking. Something surely was running in his mind. A very dangerous thought.


Swara was trying all the Lehengas in front of her. Laksh was getting bored due to the time she was taking. “Hell lot of time you take girl” he yawned. She twisted her lips not giving any heed to his words and continued trying the Lehengas.

Ragini smiled looking at them. She walked away giving them the space. She was analyzing the dresses there.

As she moved to a section she found beautiful anarkali dresses and Chunni’s which are specially purchased to present to the bride on her engagement.

A red colour Chunni caught her attention and she picked it up and walked to the mirror.

Marriage is the dream of every girl. But her dream had broken even before she realized it. To get dress up like a bride was her dream like any other girl.

She spread the chunni and twirled it back of her and placed it on her head standing in front of the mirror. She admired her bridal look for sometime. The chunni dropped back and he held it and slowly brought it over her head and looked into her eyes through the mirror.

Her eyes which had turned glassy met his black orbs. She was broken remembering her broken dream. And he could feel her pain in her twinkling eyes. Again the strange feeling which crept his heart which was bleeding seeing her pain.

She turned and buried her face in his chest and he covered her closing his eyes. Her pain and tears squeezed his heart and brought the tears out of his eyes.

He cupped her face but she was still staring the ground. “Ragini” he whispered. “Why do I end up being alone always Sanskar” she held his hand which were on her cheeks. He kissed her forehead. “No more. Till I’m alive you won’t be alone. I will return back from death also for that…” he never knew why did he spoke those words but she knew it was straight from his heart.

She placed her palm on his mouth and touched his forehead with hers. They stood there feeling each others pain.

She was alarmed and opened her tearful eyes. Sanskar looked at her confused when she back walked looking at him painfully.

I deserve to be alone. I deserve’ her mind was fighting with her heart which was beating fast.

This is wrong. Wrong’ she brushed the feelings her heart felt for the first time.

She is going away’ his heart screamed.

I don’t have any assurance of my own. I can’t give her any hopes of love. She needs someone who will love her pain’ his mind spoke.

Idiot didn’t you see her pain was healing when she was with you’ his heart pumped.

He brushed his heart’s emotions and tried composing himself. But his mind was disturbed.


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