HATE ? REALLY (A RagSan Fanfiction) Chapter 22

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Chapter 21

It had been a weak that Ragini got discharged from hospital. Sanskar was staying in an apartment he bought. Sujata tried a lot to convince him to return to Maheshwari Mansion but he refused saying he still loved his mother but the people there were not worth considering.

He requested Sujata to move in with him but she refused sighting her duties towards her sasural. Laksh was forgiven by Durga Prasad on Annapurna’s insistence. But Ram Prasad wondered how his son was outcast just because he was not Durga Prasad’s son but nephew.

Lot of emotional turnovers were happening in Maheshwari Mansion. Uttara was forgiven by all but Sujata did not forgive her.

Swara moved step by step close to become an ideal Bahu of Maheshwaris. She knew she did wrong by distrusting Ragini but she had no courage to face her sister.

Ragini was not aware of all the things happening in Maheshwari Mansion. She did not even knew that Sanskar was living alone. Though she missed him all these days Sumi and Dadi always made her to brush off all the thoughts with their care.

Ragini finally gained enough strength. Sanskar was looking after his company and as it was the newly established firm he was all busy.

His phone ringed and he picked it up still looking at the computer screen. “Hello” he waited for the response. “Hello Sanskar beta” he heard a familiar voice. “Dadi?” he asked confused finally recognizing her voice.

“You called me. Is everything fine?” he asked worried. Dadi smiled at his gesture. “Everything is fine. Actually I called you to check if Ragini can join office from tomorrow?” she asked and waited for his answer.

“Of course Dadi she can. Tell her to be ready in the morning I will pick her” he smiled. “Okay beta thank you” said Dadi. “Beta bhi bolte ho and you thank me also?” asked he and Dadi smiled. “Jeetey Raho” she blessed him and disconnected the call.

Sanskar placed the phone on the table smiling and turned to the computer screen to continue his work. There was a kind of joy in his heart as Ragini was going to return. Still he was not able to name his feelings. Only if he knew he will discover it soon.


The next day the Sun rose as usual. Sumi was running across the hall and kitchen to prepare the breakfast and Dadi was busy with her Puja. Dadaji had been to walk and Shekar sat in the hall reading the news paper enjoying his tea.

“Ladoo” Sumi screamed from the hall. “Get up beta. You will get late” she said wiping her hands with the napkin. “Where is she going?” Dida asked and Dadi who walked out with the Arthi thal was annoyed with her question. “Oh Bangalan. Don’t you interrupt a good work” Dadi walked to Shekar to give him the arthi.

“What did I interrupt? I just asked” Dida looked at Dadi. “Maa. Ragini is going back to work. Nowhere else” Sumi interrupted the further argument she guess might erupt.

“Again? I mean why does she need to go for work?” asked Dida. “So that she stands on her own” Sumi spoke before Shekar or Dadi could reply Dida. “But is that necessary for her? She will be married off soon right?” asked Dida.

“So does that mean she should not be given a chance to build her career?” asked Shekar. “You never gave this opportunity to Shona?” asked Dida infuriating Dadi who was ready to burst.

“Because Shona never asked for it. She was married off soon because she wanted to get married” said Sumi and Dida looked at her surprised.

“Maa” they heard Ragini’s voice and looked at the stairs from where Ragini descended. Sumi and Shekar smiled looking at her and Ragini’s smile drew a smile on Dadi’s face also.

“You look beautiful” Sumi walked to Ragini and placed a black dot under Ragini’s ear. Ragini smiled hugging her. “Happy Mother’s Day” Ragini brought a box front.

Sumi was surprised. “This?” asked Sumi. “I told Dadi to get from the market.” Ragini smiled and Sumi caressed her hair and turned to Dadi who smiled nodding her head. Shekar was happy seeing his daughter and Wife bonding.

Sumi opened the box and found a small ganesh ji’s idol. “I was confused what to buy for you. But then this came in my mind” Ragini said when Sumi was admiring the small idol in her hand.

“This is so beautiful” she touched the idol to her eyes taking blessings from the Vigna hartha. Sumi hugged Ragini and kissed her hair to which Ragini smiled widely.

The honking of a car disturbed them. “Ohho this chora na. Always will be riding on clouds” Dadi rolled her eyes. “Lado have breakfast I will call him inside” said Dadi. “No Dadi it’s okay. I don’t want him to wait. Let me have the break fast in the office” said Ragini running out with her tiffin box.

As soon as she stood at the door she found Sanskar looking at his watch and waiting for her impatiently. She smiled at his annoyed face. Without her knowledge she stood admiring him.

He stood waiting and again was about to bang on the honk when Ragini held his hand to stop him. He sensed her touch and turned. As she was very close to him she stumbled and he held her to prevent her from falling.

He had waited to see her from days. Each minute without her felt like ages but he did not knew why her presence mattered to him to that extent.

Making her stand straight he looked at her. She lowered her gaze and stood. He opened the car door for her and she sat inside. He placed her dupatta which was touching the ground and closed the door. Walking to the driver seat he sat inside the car and drove off to the office.

Both were awkwardly silent as the gap of time had brought that with it. Sanskar entered his cabin and ordered for the break fast. Ragini waited he will call her but he did not. She pouted and sat working.

Her stomach grumbled. “What was that?” Sanskar looked at Ragini who gave him a sheepish smile. Again her stomach grumbled and she stared at her stomach as if it will listen to her.

“You did not have break fast?” asked Sanskar to which Ragini looked at him. She nodded her head negatively to which Sanskar glared her.

“Idiot. Couldn’t you tell?” he walked and dragged her to the couch and made her sit. “I thought you will call but you did not call only” she pouted cutely. He smiled nodding his head.

“Shreya send one more plate of Sandwich” he spoke over the intercom and in sometime the peon brought the tray. Ragini was about to get up but Sanskar held her wrist and made her to sit back.

He walked to the door and received the tray. Placing the tray on the table he signed Ragini to have it. She took the sandwich and Sanskar made the coffee for her. When she smiled satisfied having the first bite she looked irresistibly cute to him. He was admiring her and smiling like an idiot.

She wiped her face after finishing the break fast and smiled as her stomach was filled now. “Happy?” asked he. “Very much” she said with a wide smile.

Now a days her smile only was what he wanted. He could not even imagine the tears in her innocent eyes. Though he was all alone in his life now she was someone who mattered to him.

“What did you gift Sujata Aunty?” asked Ragini sipping the coffee. “Gift?” he looked at her perplexed. “Don’t tell me you forgot Mother’s Day?” Ragini looked at him dazed. “Actually” he was unsure what to say.

Ragini keenly waited for his answer. “Anything happened between you?” asked she when he did not revert. He looked away taking a deep breath.

“Sanskar I’m asking you something” she held his shoulder.

He narrated her what happened after she departed from hospital that day. “I can’t believe Shona spoke like this” Ragini sat baffled. “That’s not what I’m concerned. Swara bhabi’s words were anyway of no importance to me. What mattered to me was my mother was broken” he said controlling the emotional flood.

Ragini rubbed his shoulder to console him. “She did apologize to you for the misunderstanding right?” asked Ragini calmly and Sanskar nodded his head positively.

“You did not forgive her?” he looked up at Ragini when she asked that question. “There is no point of forgiving Mom  Ragini I was never angry on her. I know my mom had sacrificed many things as a daughter in law and even my dad has done it but there is no value for them in Maheshwari Mansion. Not only for them but also for their kids. That’s why Mr. Durga Prasad did not give a thought before canceling Uttara’s alliance with Rajat. Neither he thought about it while fixing it.” Sanskar’s fingers folded to form a fist which Ragini held.

“It isn’t like how you are thinking Sanskar” Ragini looked at him with glassy eyes. “Do you know Mr. Durga Prasad fixed Uttara’s alliance with Rajat because he was a big businessman. Uttara begged him that she want to continue her studies but he refused saying girls are not allowed to educate themselves. Uttara accepted her fate and agreed for the engagement. She had fallen for Rajat lately. But Rajat’s business crashed and he was doomed. So Mr. Durga Prasad broke the alliance sighting the status difference as the reason” Sanskar said sad.

“I don’t blame Rajat for whatever happened with my family over the time. It was Mr. Durga Prasad Maheshwari’s head high prestige which was responsible for all the mess” he gritted his teeth.

“And vengeance was what Mr. Durga Prasad Maheswari invited on himself due to his patriarch mentality and authoritative decision making” Sanskar stared the ground. Ragini just looked at him feeling his pain.

She had no comforting words for him. “So I left them all. I requested Maa to come with me but she refused” he said as a tear tripped his eye. Ragini looked at him shocked.

“Why?” she whispered. He met her eyes with his painful glassy eyes. “Because I could no more live that fake life among the fake people who only care about their prestige nothing else”he spoke and she smiled weakly at him.

“You are brave” she said giving an assuring smile. He smiled at her forgetting all his pain. He was waiting for someone to share his pain. Surprisingly Ragini made him open up his emotions.

Friendship was what they termed it as. But time had different plans.


The time went flying as Ragini and Sanskar were busy in their works. Suddenly Sanskar looked at the clock and realized the time.

“Damn yaar Ragini see the time” he said with wide eyes. Ragini looked at him confused and then moved her eyes to the wall clock. “Oh no it’s already 7” she panicked.

“Now come on. Get going” he walked to her packing his bag. She cleaned her table and picked her bag to leave with him. When she looked up from her desk she found Sanskar smiling. “What?” asked she shrugging her shoulder. “Just was admiring your working style” he smiled at her.

“Now you are admiring my work. Tomorrow you will admire me” she bit her tongue realizing what she blurted out but it was too late.

“In your dreams. I have enough beautiful girls to admire okay” Sanskar teased her. She twitched her lips and rolled her eyes. “I know. The one you made me meet in your farm house” Ragini stared him.

“Oh Ramdulari is life” he said dreamily and Ragini immediately hugged him remembering the lizard. He bit his cheeks inside mischievously.

She was shivering at the thought. “I despise lizards so please don’t even say her name” said Ragini with shaky voice. “Um hm. And I have told you don’t get used to my hug” he said chuckling. Ragini dragged herself away and glared him.

“You are self praising jerk” she gave him a disgusting look. “Any doubt? I’m irresistible” he leaned to her and she cocked her head backwards staring him.

“Now before you drown yourself in my eyes let us move” he teased her and she rolled her eyes.

“You praise yourself a lot” she nodded her head walking and he followed her. She sat in the car and Sanskar ignited the engine.

“Waaw” Ragini screeched happy looking outside. “You love this?” asked he stopping the car. She nodded her head looking at him with a bright smile.

“Come” he loosened the seat belt and stepped out of the car. He held Ragini’s hand and brought her out.

The first rain of the year is always special. As the drops touched her skin she closed her eyes stretching her arms welcoming the new rain and inhaling the petrichor. Sanskar stood admiring her when she twirled happy.

The rain drops drenched her and made her look more beautiful. He was confused why did he felt that sudden urge to drag her to himself and whisk her away from this world to a place where no one will hurt her again.

The droplets of the rain started playing a melody matching with his heart beat and he slowly stepped towards her. His heart beat was increasing each time the distance between them reduced to an inch.

He held her wrist. Ragini who was smiling looked at her wrist and then moved her gaze up where Sanskar was staring at her with his intense gaze which made her weak in her knees.

He dragged her to him and she landed on his hard chest still gazing in his eyelids which were depicting lot of emotions today.

He moved his other hand on her waist and held her near to him locking his gaze with hers and moved with her. There was a melody which only they could hear.

She moved with him like she was bound to some magic.

He twirled her and hugged from back. Moving his chin over her shoulder he teased her senses and she closed her eyes shrinking them losing herself in his touch.

He suddenly dragged her out holding her hand and again dragged her and she collapsed on his chest. Though it was raining heavily and she was drenched in the water her throat felt dry. He moved his face near to her and she closed her eyes feeling his hot breath which fanned her wet lips sending shivers.

When he closed his eyes inhaling her breath and desiring more a memory of his lost love passed and he jerked pushing her away from him. Ragini stood puzzled when Sanskar was panting for breath to relax his senses which were burning in that cold rain also.

He combed his hair back taking few water droplets inside his mouth as he was struggling to slow down his fast beating heart.

“Sanskar” Ragini moved to him and he stepped back surprising her. “I’m sorry” he stared the ground. “I’m..” he closed his eyes taking a deep breath. “I’m really sorry” he walked to the car and waited for her to sit inside.

She stared him blankly for a moment or more as her heart pained for an unknown reason. Suddenly she felt that pain increasing in her heart when he stood not looking at her. She walked to the car and sat beside him in the car.

He stopped the car outside Badi. She looked at him for one last time before getting down. She stood there watching his car disappear.

She walked inside. “Lado” Sumi was worried looking at Ragini who was fully drenched. She dragged Ragini and wiped her hair to prevent her from catching cold.

Ragini remembered Sanskar’s behavior. May be she expected more from him. May be he always considered her as friend and she crossed that thin line between love and friendship.

Again her heart broke and this time it pained like hell. She felt she doesn’t deserve that pure emotion in her life. The broken pieces of her  heart pierced her soul which made her burst into a bitter cry.

Sumi was surprised when she saw Ragini crying. “Lado what happened?” asked she to Ragini who was clutching Sumi’s  stomach like a small kid.

“Lado?” she asked again when Ragini did not reply. “What happened?” Shekar walked out of his room hearing her cry. “Don’t know what happened to her? She is crying” Sumi said worried.

“Lado” Shekar knelt in front of her. She moved her head from Sumi’s embrace to face him. “What happened?” asked he cupping her face.

She suppressed her cry. She can’t make others unhappy due to her pain. She filled the courage inside her.

“I spoiled the dress” she whispered and Shekar looked at her confused. “For that why are you crying Lado. I will get a new dress for you” he said caressing her hair and kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes letting some more tears out.

Sumi thought something else is bothering Ragini. She thought of consulting Ragini later. “Come” she made Ragini walk to her room. “Change yourself and come down” said Sumi closing the door. Ragini leaned to the door and collapsed. Dragging her legs near to her chest she buried her face.

Why life had to be unfair to her always. Why she had to suffer this heart break always. She did not realize when she crossed this line and started expecting from Sanskar.


Painful I know. But love is not simple.

And without complicating it I can’t write further story. Though I love suraj barjatiya movies(which are simple and predictable) I love writing unpredictable story tracks.

So tell me how was the chapter?
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