I hate you (Part 2)


Arnav alone in d playground thinking again and again about the conversation between shradha and him..
…. Fb starts…. (yesterday nite)
Arnav: I said to my mom… shradha tat I’m not ready 4 the mrg…
Shradha: what did she said?
Arnav: you know she don’t have any power in our house. It’s all my dad…
Shradha: hmmmm…
Arnav: shradha… Shall we break up..?
Arnav:I can never go against my dad.. He is determined for dis mrg…
Shradha: I can live without you… (she broke d call)
Arnav: Hey I was just playing wid u…
….. Fb ends……

Arnav( to himself) : she said she can live widout me..mrg she acted like nothing had happened.. Is she really d person I loved d most… Though she may not have luved me.. But I luv her d most… I luv only her…

At d same time…

Kesha: gone…. Everything is gone… My dream… My luv…. California…. Dis Arnav is d MD of d company… He is never going to leave me alone to California.. I only luv California d most..
Mom: ( entered the room) Kesh have u gone mad?.. Its just a place… You can go to California wid Arnav as honeymoon..
Kesha: wid a stranger who I have not seen till now… It will be d most uncomfortable feeling in d world..
Mom: After marriage you’ll luv him..
Kesha: I don’t think so mom… Luv is nothing… Its just a feeling… I’m not crazy about California.. It’s my dream to go to California wid a person I luv d most… I wanna luv dat person as if he’s only one for me.. But dis marriage is gonna spoil everything.. Dad said tat I can luv someone and marry him…
Mom: idiot… D same Kesh will come to me and say tat I’m in luv wid Arnav..
Kesha : no way…
Mom: there is… Tomorrow Arnav’s family is coming to our home..
Kesha: for what?
Mom: to fix your marriage date..
Kesha:ahhhhhhh (she shouted)…

….. Next day….

Arnav with his whole family went to Kesha’s home…

K’s mom : welcome…
She made everyone to sit in sofa..
A’s mom: where is my daughter?
K’s mom: just a moment I’ll bring her now..

A’s dad : so about dat contract…
K’s dad: not now Ashok ..
A’s dad: ok Shekhar

Shekhar and Ashok has their own reason for this marriage..

Kesha entered the hall… Though he is very modern.. It is tough for her to see Arnav face to face… Is it because of shy..

Kesha: ( to herself) My foot… I’m not shy.. I’m just little tensed.. New situation so…

Her thought is interrupted by Arnav’s voice..

Arnav: can I and Kesha talk alone…
Shekhar: Oh sure… Kesha take him to your room..

Kesha didn’t saw his face properly.. She went inside d room and Arnav followed him…

Now Arnav and Kesha are facing walls….

At d same time Arnav and Kesha turned and said: I hate dis marriage..

Both are stunned and saw each other..Arnav saw her face properly and Kesha too.. Soon dey realised dey are starring each other for more and minutes and turned towards wall..

After few seconds of controlling their heart beats Arnav and Kesha turned and faced each other

Precap : Arnav and Kesha saying their reason and Shekhar’s and Ashok’s reason for this marriage…

So how is 2day s part… Should I change something… Plzz comment your views..

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  1. awesome

    1. Tq so much swara

  2. Superb yaar.. but is they r frm any serial?.. i mean.. whenever.. i read arnavs name.. i imagine barubsoobthi of ipkknd… if possible give any celebrity face to each character… that will lool even more beautiful.. and i m damn excited for next part…. i hate u… lol… really loved t

    1. Nah… But if barun comes to ur mind on seeing Arnav’s name.. Then let dis b barun itself. . .. Whom do u think will be suitable for kesha?..

      1. if its barun… then kesha will be kushi…. but… any girl will be super pair for barun….

  3. Dhaara its a beautiful story.. I just now read previous episodes.. Its gud..
    Can I ask u one thing u r the one who wrote “Who am I??’ rit.. Why u stopped it.. I loved reading that story.. If u r other person then I am sry… Keep going..

    1. Yeah yaar… Its me… Sry… Actually yaar I usually start stories n never end it properly… My frnds scolded me and said to start a new concept and end it properly r I’ll kill u… So on their compulsion started I hate you…. I hope you ll love dis… And I promise I’ll end dis properly

      1. yeah dhara.. even i searched for that story…. it was awsome.. but i didnt know that its same dhara… by ananya’s comment i got to know….

  4. Nice yaar

    1. Tq Hayathi

  5. Very good story

    1. Tq Bhisha

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