I hate you (Part 1)

Arnav raised his eyebrows slowly and it was hard for him to do so as he was crying without his knowledge… “shraddha… I can’t leave you. Can u?” he asked himself again and again..

“knock.. Knock”

Arnav : yeah..
Sanju:bhai.. Mom is callin you
Arnav: I’ll be down soon.

He walked mechanically like a robot brushed.. Bathed.. Looked at the mirror…

…. Fb….

In colg..
Shradha : Arnav.. Look at yourself.. I just love your eyes… Do you know why..?
Arnav: it’s sharp and cool..
Shardha: no darling (she placed her arms around his neck)
Arnav: then what?
Shradha: these eyes only see me.. (she said in a low voice)
Arnav:Hey… (he hugged her tightly)

…. Fb ends…

Arnav: now these are eyes are longing to see you idiot.. I want to talk to you again..

Arnav took his phone and dialled her number.

Shradha: hello! Who is dis?
Arnav: shra.. Its Arnav.
Shradha: Oh you!! I’m sry I just deleted your number.
Arnav: Hey crazy.. Listen to me I said those words in a rush.. Whatever my dad says.. I’ll marry you ya.
Shradha: Hey think practically Arnav… We are made for each other…
Arnav: I know your are crying..
Shradha: ( smiling sarcastically). Arnav you must have gone crazy.. I’m not crying.. I’m smiling

She broke the Call.. Arnav can’t believe himself and shradha… One side of the heart can’t belive that she was smiling and other side of the heart can’t believe d shradha who spoke now.. It’s a total different side of her..

Arnav went down and faced his mom..

Mom: beta… Vo..
Arnav: mom I accept d marriage proposal..
Mom: par…
Arnav: yeah mom you heard correctly..

Arnav rushed outside.. The world revolved faster to him. He controlled himself and sat in a chair on playground..

At d same time…

Kesha: wtf? No way… I don’t accept d marriage… I’m not crazy enough to marry someone who I have never seen.
Mom: ok fine see dis pic…
Kesha: mom is dis not d time for a joke..
Mom: I’m not kidding.. See d photo..
Kesha: you know I hate your taste… He must be d ugliest one in d world..

…. Exactly at d same time…

A small kid was playin wid d ball and it came near Arnav…

Cute girl : hello…
Arnav : here you ball( he gave d ball 2 her)
Girl:tq… ( he looked at him keenly)
Arnav: wat happened? Is anything wrong…
Girl: you are so cute… Will you marry me?
Arnav: aww you missed d chance… I’m getting married in 2 weeks ( he said forgetting all his sorrow)
Girl:…. (she ran away widout a word)

….. At kesha’s home….

Mom: he is not my choice… You dad’s..
Kesha: noooooooooooo… Never…. Dad… You know my dream is to go to California…
Dad: beta… Think practically..
Kesha: you must have said it before itself.. I hate u all and dat blo*dy Arnav too… Bye

She went upstairs… She fell our her bed and saw d roof… CALIFORNIA…

Kesha: I hate you Arnav… I hate you so much…

At d same time… Playground..

Arnav: I’m sry Kesha… I have to hate you… I love someone a lot…

Precap : Arnav’s family in kesha’s home to officially fix the marriage date… D meeting of d angry birds… D first meeting

Guys… Plzz comment… I’ll not stop torturing u wid my stories….

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