I Hate You-Naagin Episode 1

Ritik is working in laptop when he sees Shivanya’s pic and thinks “you cheated on me Shivanya now I will never forgive you”tears roll down his cheek.He goes down and sees Angad sitting and thinking something.Ritik goes to him and asks “What are you thinking Angad?” “Nothing just thinking why Bhabi killed papa,Shailesh uncle,suri uncle and virent bhaiya”Angad says”Angad that Shivanya is just a bad naagin.Stop thinking about her”Ritik says.

In forest Shivanya is crying and thinks “Ritik thinks I am evil but how to tell him that for my parents deaths revenge I have to kill his family”she starts crying and Shesha comes and says “Shivanya don’t cry try to understand that he loves his family very much” Shivanya says “you are right Shesha it’s not his mistake”

Ritik takes Shivanya’s photo in his hand in anger throws the photo on floor and he gets hurt in hand.

Precap:Shivanya and Ritik to meet.

—————————————————————————–Guys this is my first ff how is it.I am the only one who commented on Siddhi’s ff naagin love forever.

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  1. It’s good but rivanya chemistry would fetch you more comments and appreciations.

  2. Meher tell whose ff is nice my or Siddhi’shouts?

  3. Awesome

  4. Ayub ur ff is about hatred. and siddhi Di’s about love. so u both write in different way.. and one epi is not enough to compare… ok???

  5. ayub tumhari comments kaha gayi. asmaan khaa gayi ya zameen nigal geya… hahaha…..

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