I Hate You But I Love You – Yeh Hai Mohabbate Episode 1


Raman thinks

Raman:Because of that Ishita I lost my Runi.I will never forgive her.

Adi comes and sees Raman lost in thoughts

Adi:Papa what are you thinking?

Raman Jerks from his thought

Raman:Nothing I am thinking.

Adi thinks

Adi:Papa I know you are thinking about Ishi maa only.You think you hate her but you still love her.Please don’t marry to Shagun maa.

At Ishita’s house Ishita is crying hard and Manik sees it and says

Mani:Ishita stop crying.That Raman don’t cares about your feelings.

Ishita:But ManI then also how can he tell like this that he will marry Shagun.

Mani:Ishita I think you should move on as Raman is also moving on.

Ishita:No Mani it is not possible for me.

Mani:Okay Ishu i understand your feelings.

Mani goes from there and Ishita cries hard again.

Adi goes to Pihu’s room and sees her looking to Ruhan’s consert’s video.


Pihu turns and says

Pihu:Oh ho Adi bhaiya don’t disturb me i am looking Ruhan’s consert.

Adi:Pihu I just came to give you chocolates.

Pihu:Really Adi bhaiya.Thank you.

She takes the chocolate box from his hand.And eats and see the video.Adi thinks

Adi:Pihu you think that Shagun maa is your mother but Ishi maa is your real mother.At any cost I will make Ishi maa and papa together.

Raman is sitting in hall and doing some office work in laptop and Toshi comes and says

Toshi:Oye khotte are you gone mad?How can you marry Shagun?

Raman:Maa It’s my decision and no one can tell anything to me.

Toshi:But Raman.

Raman:Maa I told you I have taken my decision.Now go from here.

Precap:Raman and Ishita to fight.

Credit to: Siddhi

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