I Hate That I Love U (RagSan) episode-9

I Hate That I Love U (RagSan) episode-8

Fb continuous….
Fb in fb
[3years back
Camera shows one girl who is eating ice cream hiding behind curtain..her face revealed to be our ragini..her mother came nd removes curtain nd glares at ragini..
Janki:what is this raagu..i hav told u…dont eat..but..u..
Ragini:maa plzzz..u knw i cant stay without eating ice cream..
Janki:but u r having ice cream only without eating bf, lunch..it will spoil ur health..
Ragini:nothing will happened maa..let me eat..
Janki(grabs d bowl):no..
Ragini makes a baby cry face..
Janki:dont make this face..it cant help u..
Ragini pouts nd goes to her room nd sat sadly..
Someone came nd forwarded one bowl of ice cream..ragini face glowd ,she looked up..
It was swara her elder sister..
Swara:eat fast before maa cme..
Ragini nodded like a child nd eating happily..swara smiles..
They heard foot steps…
Ragini quickly hides her ice cream under bed…
Janki:u both here..
Swara:haa maa..kya hua
Janki:dinner is ready come..
Swara:jii maa u go we will come..
Janki moves towards ragini..
Ragini:k..ky..kya maa
Janki(wiped the cream on her nose):u ate again..
Swara:maa leave na..
Janki:it was u ,who gave ice cream right..
Janki:u only spoiling her….i will see ,u will not be here tomorrow onwards na..then who will give her ice cream..
Saying she leaves..
Ragini face fell…
Swara:raagu ,plz dont be moody..
Ragini:kyun dii..y cant u study here..plz dont go
Swara:no raagu..i got admission there only ,it was top clz..i will come monthly once..
Ragini nodded..
Next day swara left to mumbai for study….
Swara called ragini…
Ragini:diii..missing u badly..
Swara:me too..had ur dinner
Ragini kept silent..
Swara:i knw u havnt..eat..
Swara:eat properly nd listen to maa..be happy..i will come soon..orelse i wont come to see u..
Ragini:i will do..
Swara:good…bye..i will call u tomorrow..
Ragini:bye di..i love u..
Days r passing ,swara always used call ragini nd shares all things…
1 year later…
Ragini gets a call frm swara…
Ragini:dii..im waiting for ur call only..
Swara cries…
Ragini(tensed):dii..di..what happened..
Swara:i got cheated by someone..now im pregnant..he cheated me raagu..he chated me..
Ragink shocked..
Swara:im sry i shared everything bit not my love..i loved him truly but…he..(she sobs)
Ragini:diii..plz dont cry..
Swara:raagu..Take care ur self nd take care maa nd papa..
Ragini:diii…y r u telling me all these now..
Swara:i cant show my face to maa nd papa…i brk their trust..
Ragini(scared):diii..plz dont do stupid..diii..
Swara:i will miss u..
Saying she cuts d call..
Ragini:hello diii..diii
Ragini cries..she calked back swara didnt lift..ragini tried swara friend ‘s no but no usw..ragini dont no what to do…she decides to go mumbai..
When she reached..she was shocked to see swara deadbody..swara died by committing suicide…ragini goes numb…
5mnth passed…ragini nd family literally comes out from that trance..ragino opens d swaea dairy which she found in her bag…
She begun to read..starting all pages ,she wrote about only ragini..hiw she missed her nd all..
Ragini cries….
Today i met someone Mr maheswari..i dont like his name..i love to call him like this only..,i dont knw y but i liked him very much…
We became friends…
He proposed me today..omg i was so happy…
We r happy with eo…we went to some party nd we bcm one there..i hav trust on him..

Nxt pages are blank…

[Guys i didnt give detail hope u r ok with this details]
Ragini closes her dairy nd mumbles angrily Mr maheswari..
Ragini eyes got red…she vows her sister she cant leave him..i will not leave u mr maheswari…i will take my revenge..i will give u that pain which u gave my diii..
Fbin fb ends…
Ragini wipes her tears nd hugged her dii photo tight..

@next day
Sanskar walking towards his classroom,suddenly ragini comes running nd hugs him tight..sanskar stood frozen ,he lost in her hug..
Ragini jerks when he hugged her back..
Ragini( brks d hug):so…so..sorry
Sanskar(noticed tears in her eyes):kya hua ragini
Ragini:vo..some seniors ragged me badly…
Sanskar(gets angry):who the hell are they ..come, show to me who r they..i will see them..
Ragini:no sanskar thats ok.i dont want to give trouble u..
Sanskar:no ragini..they must get punishment..
Ragini:leave sanskar..
Ragini:thank u for concern
Sanskar:no need..but they again rag inform me..i will handle..
Ragini nodded..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:btw thanks
Sanskar:for hugging me..
Ragini:vo..vo..im getting time for class..saying she walks..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini smirks…
Ragini gets call…
Voice:hiii sweety
Ragini:hey how did u got my num
Sanskar:i will tell u later..will u come out with me..
Sanskar:u r new ro Mumbai na..i will show u whole mumbai..
Ragini:no..i wont come
Sanskar:plzzz..we became friends..we hav to celebrate na..plzzzz..
Sanskar:thanks..i will come in 30min to pick..get ready..
Saying he cuts d call..
Ragini says celabrate?? i dont knw about u..but i have to celebrate ..she laughs..

I knw less ragsan scenes in fhis but fb important na..so..nxt epi onwards full ragsan scenes..

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