I Hate That I Love U (RagSan) episode-8

Hii friends..i knw it had been ages i hav posted this ff…
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FB Continues…(Sanskar met one girl in clz..he gets attracted towards her seeing her beauty..)


Sanskar classes got over nd comes out of clz nd sees that same girl who Stood outside of clz…
Sanskar:hii sweety
Girl:i hav already told ,dont call me like that
Sanskar:then what to do..u r not telling na..i will call u like this only until u tell ur name..
Girl gives annoyed look..
Sanskar:btw..y r u standard here..
Girl:kyun ,cant i stand here..there is any board that i cant stand here..
Sanskar:calm down sweety..i askd casually..u can stand where ever u wants..
Girl:i knw..no nee to ur permission..
Sanskar:when i saw u first tikme..i thought u r innocent but,not at all..

Sanskar(smiles):ok sweety..bye..
He started his bike..
Girl(thought something):Hello Mr
Sanskar(turns at her):sanskar
Girl:sanskar ,vo..will u tell where can i find book shops here.actually im new to here nd i dont knw anyone here..i want to buy some stuff..so..will u tell.
Girl makes a sad face..
Sanskar:i wont tell..i will show u..
He smiles..

Girl:no need to show..jst tell..i dont want trouble u..
Sanskar:who told i will get trouble..it will be my pleasure..
Sanskar:kuch nay..come
S:areh come..i will help u to buy what ever u want..
She nodded..
Sanskar:sit on bike

Sanskar:haan..dont wry sweety,i wont put sudden brks nd u can keep ur bag bw us..
Girl smiles..
Sanskar:will u sit
Girl nodded nd sat on bike..sanskar drives smiling..
They went some shops..she bought whatever she want..she sees pani puri stall there..
Girl(smiling widely):pani puri??
Sanskar:ufff..i dont knw y all girls crazy about pani puri…every girl i hav seen crazy about pani puri..
Girl:ohh..means..u hav much experience with girls ah..
Sanskar:dont misunderstand..all r equal to my sisters..
Girl:what ever…

Sanskar:really..i dont hav any past relations..
Girl:i dont care Mr sanskar meheswari..
Sanskar:maheswari..how do u knw my sir name..
Girl(tensed):vo..u only tell
Sanskar:mein..when i hav told
Girl:u told..otherwise how can i knw..

Sanskar:i think..i forgot..leave it..Hav pani puri
She takes a realif..
She having pani puri..Sanskar stood there,remembering something..
[One girl was having pani puri ,one boy stood beside her annoyed..
Boy:areh yaar..how much u eat..its been 1hour..
Girl was not at all listening what he was saying,her concentrate on only pani puri..
Boy snatches pani puri plate from her hand,Girl looks at him annoyed..
Girl:my pani puri
Boy:ahh..this pani puri important to u than me right
Girl:of coures baby..

Boy pouted angrily..
Girl(pulled his cheek):soory baby..i jst kidding..u knw na how much i loves u..nd u will also knw i love pani puri too..
Boy:haan but u at so much..enough..we r getting late for movie..
Girl:1 more plate plz..
Girl(kissed his cheek):pretty plzzz..
The boy looks around as there are so many people r there..

All smiles…he smiles embarassingly..
Girl:give baby
Boy:fine but last one..
Girl:ok..thank u(she kissed again)
The boy smiles]
A wistful smile appeared on sanskar’s face recalling that..
Sanskar gets into sense when he felt someone hands on his shouler..
Girl:where are u lost..
Sanskar(composed):kuch nay..

Girl(in mind ,i knw what u r thinking):ok..chalo
Sanskar nodded…
Sanskar drops her to hostel..
Girl:Thank u so much..
Sanskar:no need sweety..its my pleasure to help u..
She rolled her eyes..
Sanskar:plzz now atleast tell ur name naa..
Sanskar:so u did all to knw my name..so bad..
Sanskar:no no its not like that..ok dont tell..
she( smiles ):ok bye..(she turns to go)

Sanskar pouts..
Sanskar looks at her smiling widely..
Girl:Ragini..(yeah she is ragini only..i knw u must all got)
Sanskar(smiles):i knw
Ragini(raised her eyebrow):u knw?
Sanskar:haan..im ur senior sweety..i can knw..

Ragini:then..y did u askd me again..
Sanskar:bcz i want to hear from ur mouth..i heard..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:ur name is so sweet like u..

Ragini:stop buttering nd go..
Sanskar:may i hav ur phone Number..
Sanskar:what if i feel to talk with u
Ragini:y do u feel
Sanskr:i feel
Ragini:but i wont feel..

Sanskar:tell na..
Ragini:u got my name na..so u will get to knw my number..
Sanskar:to find name is easy but number will be difficult naa..
Ragini:tho leave it..but i wont tell..
Sanskar:i will get to knw soon.. sweety..
Ragini:i told my name na..then y r u calling me sweety..
Sanskar:it suits u very much..
Ragini:but flirting doesnt suits u..

Sanskar smiles..
Ragini:now go..bye..
Sanskar:bye..good night..
Ragini walks smiling…Sanskar brushed his hair smiling crazily nd drives…

Ragini come to her room nd opens her bag..she took one photo..tears rolling down from her eyes..she wipes those tears nd says i never thought he will fall into my trap this much easily..She smirks..


Hope u guys understand….if u hav any confusion,u can ask through comments..nd if u hav lost intereset on this ff bcz of long gape..u can tell me i will end/stop it..
Thank u..

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