I Hate That I Love U (RagSan) episode-7

Episode 6

Ragsan got ready to return mm frm ragini home..both took blessing frm shek janki…
Shekhar(hugs sanskar):thank u so much sanskar..we r very happy to see ur love towards my ragu..we r lucky to have a SIL like u..
Sanskar feels guilty nd says in mind sry papa..ragini gives a fake smile..
Janki(kissed sanskar forehead):be happy always like thia..
Both smiles wkly..nd bid bye to shekjan..
When they comes out ,one man comes nd hugs ragini..sanskar clenched his fist seeing him..
Ragini(brks d hug):Rahul(Ravi dubey)
Rahul:aunty told me u cme..so i cme to meet u..how r u..

Rahul:hiii sanskar
Sanskar walks gritting his teeth..
Rahul:still he was angry
Ragini:he doesnt give me a chance to explain..but i will win his heart again
Rahul(smiles):u can
Ragini:k..i have to go bye

Ragini smiles nd walks to sanskar who stands near car,with rage..
Sanskar:get in
Sanskar(angrily):i said get in
Ragini scared nd get into car..
After a while they reached mm..ragini get down nd about to walk but her sandle brk which makes her leg got twisted..she screams..
Sanskar:what happened

Ragini(she dont want to tell):kuch nay
Sanskar looks at her nd walks..when he turns back he sees ragini who struggling to walk..he comes to her nd lifts her in his arms without uttering a word..ragini stares at him…
Suji(sees ragsan):kya hua sanskar

Sanskar:her leg is not well
Suji(concernrd):what happened to her leg.
Sanskar:nothing maa..jst twisted..it will be fine..
Suji gives a assuring nod..
Sanskar walks to their room nd makes her sit on bed..he slowly twisted her leg..
He rubs her leg nd makes it fine..ragini looks at him lovingly..
Sanskar:is it k now..

Ragini nodded..he about to leave ragini holds his wrist..
Ragini:is this called hate sanskar
Sanskar:leave my hand
Ragini:tell me sanskar..if u hate me y r u concerned for me..
Sanskar:bcz im human…i have humanity..

Ragini(smiles sarcastically):y dont u admit that u r still loving me..
Sanskar:no..im not loving u..i hate u..i will always..i will never forget what u have done..i hate u..
He frees himself frm her grip nd leaves..ragini recalling sanskar words when he was saying i love u..i will love u till my last breath..a tear escaped frm her eye..
Sanskar comes to his study room..he took a book nd opens a page where written i love u nd kiss symnol on it..he caressed it..he recalling their past..


One boy was shown who driving d bike,he suddenly applied break seeing one girl who came across his bike..he stopped close near to her which makes her scared..she closed her eyes crossing her hands in front of her face..
Boy:what d heck..cant u have ey(stopped seeind d girl,who removed her hands on her face nd looking at him pleading face)
He was mesmerized to see her..

Boy lost
Girl:im really sorry..
She sees him lost nd silently goes..
He gets sense by horn of some other vehicle..he looks around nd doesnt find the girl..he smiles nd brushed his hair..nd drives…
Next day @xyz clz
The same girl walking in corridor bowing her head ,feeling nervous as it was new clz for her…suddenly she bumped into a boy,nd she about to fall ,he holds her by her waist..the girl bites her tongue seeing the boy as it was the same boy whome she met yesterday..the boy again lost.

Girl taps his shoulder ,he came to reality..
Girl:leave me
Boy(makes her stand):dont u walk properly..yesterday there..now here..
Boy:yesterday u gone without telling me sry

Girl:i told u..but u lost somewhere..so i left
Boy(composed):vo..vo..leave it.
Girl:sorry(with sweet cute voice) for yesterday nd now..
Boy (smiles):ok..what r u doing here..matlab..i havnt seen u here ever before
Girl:new joining
Boy:oh..im sanskar..studying final year.

Sanskar:fine(lifted his eyebrow)
Girl:shall i go

Sanskar:Ofcourse..may i knw ur name
Sanskar(rolled his eyes):no??but i want to knw
Girl:tho..get to knw
Sanskar:then tell

Girl:i dont want to tell
Sanskar:uff..then how can i knw
Girl gives a i dont knw look nd walks smiling..
Sanskar(loudly):how can i call u till i gt to knw ur name
Girl:y u want to call me
Sanskar:causally..what if i have any need..
Girl:u will not
Sanskar:what if..
Girl:im getting late for class
Sanskar:i will call u sweety

Girl:i dont like nick names..let me go to class..bye

Sanskar:i will get to knw soon..
Girl leaves smiling..sanskar murmures interesting girl..he smiles..

Who is she..ragini ? Or someone else who related to their past…
Hope all r watching ppk..our queen rocking with her performance..hope show will gonna rock..love teja..proude to be teja fan.???

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