I Hate That I Love U (RagSan) episode-6


Ragsan reached mumbai after their honeymoon trip…ragini gives gift to all family which she bought for them..all likes their gifts…they sees ragsan photos which they took in switzerland..all felt happy..
Ap:u both r meant to be together..
Ragsan looks at eo..
Suji:ha jiji..see this photo..they r looking adorable..
Ap smiles..
Suji( hugs both):im very happy..
She kissed ragini forehead nd says hope we will get our pota r poti soon..
Ragsan shocked..
Sanskar excuses himself nd leaves frm there..where ragini gives a faint smile to suji..
Sanskar comes to room where ragini was unpacking their luggage.
Sanskar:leave it like that..get ready..we r going to ur home..
Sanskar:i dont have mood to joke with u..get ready fast..nd one more thing..im jst doing this as my mom told to go..
Ragini face fell..
They reached ragini home..shekhar nd janki happy to see them..ragsan takes blessings frm them..sanskar jst talked them formally for sometime..
Sanskar:papa ,maa we should leave now
Janki:areh beta..this much early..can u stay tonight here..
Sanskar:no maa..if u want ..ragini will stay here..i have to go..
Shekhar ,janki faces fell..ragini too feels bad..sanskar noticed them..
Sanskar(smiles):i jst kidding papa..we will stay here tonight..
They smiles..ragini looked at him surprised..
Janki:u both go nd get fresh..i will make dinner..laado took sanskar to room..
Ragini nodded..she takes him to room..
Ragini:thank u sanskar
Sanskar ignored her nd walks out dialing his mbl..ragini feels helpless..
In kitchen.
Ragini cme..
Janki:ragu y did u cme..i can manage..go nd be with sanskar,he must be feel lonely here..
Ragini:its k maa..he was talking to someone on phone..(in mind he will be happy without me maa)
Janki(noriced her ):ragu..r u fine..i mean everything is fine bw u both..
Ragini(giving a wk smile):ha..maa..we r fine..he loves me ,he cares for me..he doesnt even think to hurt me(tears rolling down her cheeks).before janki could see ,ragini wipes it immediately..
Janki:really ragu..u r not lying for me na..
Ragini:y did i lie ma..u dont tension about me..im happy with sanskar..
Janki noddes.
This scene witnessed by sanskar ,who cme to drink water..
Ragini( comes to sanskar):maa calling for dinner
Ragini turns to go
Ragini looks at him ,sanskar comes towards her nd pics her in his arms..ragini jst stunned by his act..she was jst looking at him unbelievable…
When they reached dining..sanskar stern look turned out to be soft smile..
Shekhar,janki looks at them..
Janki:kya hua beta
Sanskar:vo..she was tired by last night journey nd all..she seens weak so i..
Shekhar ,janki smiles where ragini stood numb..
Janki:ragini..r u fine now..
Sanskar pressed her hand to make her sense..
Ragini gives a faint smile..both sits..ragini thinks what happened to sanskar suddenly..
Janki serves to sanskar..ragini served herself..
Sanskar:see maa ur daughter..how little food she served herself..what is this ragini howmany times i told u eat properly..she never listened to me..
He serves extra food to her..
Shekhar janki feels happy seeing his care..
Ragini jst stares at him..
Sanskar:what r u looking..u want me to feed u..
Shekhar:we dont have any pblm..u both carry on..
Janki smiles..
Ragini:n…no..i will eat myself..
Janki:dont feel shy ragu..
Ragini gives a faint smile..
Sanskar:food is very tasty maa..ragini too made like this only..
He smiles at ragini..ragini heart jumped once seeing his smile..
In room
Ragini:what is all this sanskar
Ragini:at dining..
Sanskar:for ur parents happiness..i dont want to get them knw about our relation..i knw every parent worried about their daughter married life..they will get happy, when they would see bonding bw hus nd wife..i did same..they r happy with us..let them be
Ragini:so u acted as loving me so much..
Sanskar:ha..i acted..i acted only..truth u knw..i hate u..
Ragini:but i really lov..
Sanskar:dare u to say that word again frm ur mouth..
Ragini:y dont u understand sanskar..give me a chance
Sanskar holds her shoulders angrily nd says why u want to brk my heart again..
Ragini:sanskar plz
Sanskar:st(stopped ,his face expression changed,his grip on her shoulders loosened..he closed his eyes nd kissed ragini cheek…
Ragini looks at him shock..sanskar gives a smile..
They hears janki who clears her throat..ragini realized why he did this..they part aways..
Janki:sry to disturb u both..
Sanskar:its not like that maa..
Janki:i forgt to give kheer..so i got now
Sanskar smiles nd takes d bowl frm janki hand..
Janki: i should leave now..good night..u both carry on..
Saying she leaves..sanskar gives her angry look nd lies on bed..ragini touched her cheek nd looks at sanskar who covered himself with blanket..

I will start flashback. in nxt episode


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