I Hate That I Love U (RagSan) episode-1

Hiiii friends..lahari here with new ragsan ff…i addicted to them..my phone gallery filled with their photos nd edits..my heart filled with their memories..finally i became mad about them..i love ragsan(tevar)..i will always love them..ragsan?????

Story starts with….
One girl was standing near window nd deep in thoughts..her thoughts disturbed by her mother voice..the girl turns nd revealed to be our princess ragini..
Janki(her mother):beta..u havnt ready yet
Ragini:maa plz..i told na i dont want to do mrg..
Janki:ragu..u r always telling excuses..but this time..i will not listen..
Ragini:maa plz
Janki:no ragu..get ready..they will come in anytime to see u..
Janki left..ragini says how can i maa..i cant forget him ..she sobs..

After sometime..Boy family arrived shekhar received them..the boy sits uninterested nd engrossed in his mbl…janki bought ragini..ragini sits being her head down..the boy mother called him..sanskar see na(he is our sanskar)..sanskar glares at his mother(suji)..she pleaded..while janki too asks ragini to see him..both looked at eo at a time..Ragsan wr shocked to see each other…ragini eyes filled with love,pain nd guilt…where as sanskar eyes filled with pain nd hatred…they have a long painfull eyelock..disturbed by suji who was whispering in sanskar ears”she was looking beautiful he na”..sanskar back to reality nd composed himself same as ragini..elders r talking..ragsan r staring each other with moist eyes..
Ap asks about his decision..ragini shuts her eyes as she knws he will not agree for this mrg but as soon as shocked hearing sanskar..
Sanskar:im ready to marry her..i want to marry her as soon as possible..
Ragini(after consoling herself):i dont want to marry u..
Ap:its k shekhar ji..dont force her..if she dont like..its k..
Sanskar:i want to talk to her once..
Janki:ragu chup chap jaa..

They comes to room..
Ragini:i knw u r not loving me anymore then y did u say yes..
Sanskar( smiles sarcastically): u r correct..im not loving u..in fact i hate u..
Ragini (shuts her eyes with pain but composed):then y r u doing this..
Sanskar:how can i leave u easily for what u have done to me…i got a chance..i should use it na..
Ragini:but im not ready to marry u..
Sanskar:u have to
Sanskar holds her shoulders harshly nd pinned her to wall.nd says u have to marry me..or else i will tell our love story to ur parents nd i will also tell about what u have done to me..
Ragini:sanskar plz
Sanskar:u r marrying me..its final..orelse u knw me very well..
Saying he left ,leaving crying ragini..

After a while ragini comes nd says im ready to marry…all gets happy..sanskar smirks..Ragini looks at him painfully..then only shekhar called pandit ji..nd fixed mrg in 2days as sanskar askd him to fix muhurt asap…
After 2 days..
Ragini got ready in bridal attire..she cursed her fate..she doesn’t no whether she would feel happy as she will marrying her love..or sad as cant face him daily with guilt..
In sanskar room..sanskar was seeing all their photos when they r in love..he closed his eyes..tears continuously flowing frm his eyes..immediately he wipes as suji came..she says pandit ji was calling groom..sanskar nodded nd goes to mandap..janki bought ragini nd makes her sit beside sanskar..ragini looks at him with teary eyes but sanskar doesnt loik at her..he sat sternly…
He filled her hairlain with sindhur..nd he tied mangalsutra..
Mrg got over..they took elders blessings..

Sanskar was in room..ragini came..sanskar sees her nd says welcome mrs ragini sanskar meheswari..welcome..he takes d milk glass frm ragini hand nd throws it on floor..
Ragini scared..
Sanskar:u never thought na u would face me like this..
Ragini kept quite
Sanskar:i really want to knw how u r feeling now(in taunting way)..
Ragini jst stood with teary eyed..
Sanskar holds ragini wrist tightly nd twisted at her back..nd says tell mrs sanskar maheswari..u r happy na…
Ragini:sanskar its paining leave me
Sanskar:oh its paining…then what about my pain..it has been 2years..2years
Sanskar throws her angrily..she landed on floor..
Sanskar:now onwards..this is ur place…sanskar leaves angrily..ragini cries…
Sanskar comes out nd he too cries..still ur tears affecting me..i hate myself for loving u this much..both r crying nd recalling their past moments…
Sanskar lie on ragini’s lap..ragini caressing his hair…
Sanskar:ha ragu bolo
Ragini:what if i would go far away frm u oneday..
Sanskar immediately gets up nd closed her mouth..nd says plz dont talk like this again..a tear escaoed frm his eye..i will never let u go..i love u…ragini noticed d tear..she says sry baba..i jst kid u..i will never go..he hugs her tightly..
Fb ends..
Sanskar says sab jhoot sab…i hate u..

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