I Hate That I Love U (RagSan) promo


Boy:i love u so much
Girl:i love tooo
Boy:promice me u will never leave me
Girl:u r my life how can i live leaving u..
Boy hugged girl

Girl laughing holding the boy photo..she says poor maheswari..she immitates i love u so much..she again laughs…
Her friend: dont do this to him..he really loves u
Girl:love my foot..i only made that he loves me..
She laughs again..the boy who was heard this all ,heart broken

Boy nd his family came to see a girl for him but shocked to see same girl there…girl eyes fillee with guilt nd love nd boy eyes filled with hatred nd pain..
Boy:i m k with this mrg
Girl(shocked):but i dont want marry him

Girl:u still loves me
Boy(sarcastically laughs):love..im not a fool to loves u
Girl:then y did u married me
Boy:for my revenge
Boy:ha for what u have done for me
Girl:i loves u really
Boy:i dont want to bacome fool again
Girl:try to listen to me once(placed her hand on his shoulder)
Boy(jerks):stay away frm me..i hate u..
Saying he leaves..girl cries

Boy cupped girl face nd says sry for wgat i have done..
I still loves u alot..i cant live without u…girl hugged him tightly with hapiness nd says i love u too plz dnt leave me…boy laughs..
Girl looked at him confused..
Boy:so u believed those words
Boy:matlab i acted …i fooled u like u have fooled me..
Girl:no u r lying..u didnt act right .i knw u loves me
Boy:no its d truth..now u got to knw how i felt that time..how much it pained me..
Girl collapsee on floor nd cries..boy comes out nd recalling that she askd u didnt acted right..i knw u still loves me.. Boy shouts ha i still loves u alot…i hate u..i hate that i love u..


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