I hate love story – swasan ff (Part 2) by Kayu

I hate love story-by Kayu

Swara reached her office nd went towards her cabin nd called Abhay..
Swara-is the project file ready for todays meeting

Abhay-yes mam

Swara-i don’t want any mistakes in the file if we didn’t get the project or they r not much satisfied withr presentation than it will be ur last day today nw u may leave

Abhay nodded nd left frm thereAfter giving instruction to Abhay called her sectary(Tia)

Tia-mam u called me…do u need anything

Swara-yes Tia….did all the candidates came fr the interview

Tia-yes mam

Swara-then take there interview nd the people who r capeable enough to join r company nd give there 1k% fr our company select them nd then send them to me fr final interview

Tia-ok mam!!….

Swara-nd remember no mistakes….ur one mistake nd ur fired nw u may leave

Tia-ok mam

Tia went frm there nd Swara got involved in her work
After sometime…….its lunch time…..Piya come to officeAnd was going towards Swara’s cabin nd she was busy checking her phone nd got dashed with someone nd was about to fall but that person saves her nd Piya seening that person gets lost in his eyes in mean time Swara came out of her cabin nd saw this nd shouted

Swara-Piya nd Abhay whats happening here

The person who dashed with Piya is Abhay….Piya’slove but no one knows abt it

Piya-nthing di i was about to fall nd he saved me

Abhay in nervsousness went from there giving an excuse

Abhay-sorry Swara mam….sorrry Piya mam….exuse me mam i hv to complete this file
Swara nodded her head in giving him permesion to go…..
After Abhay both the sisters went inside Swara’s cabin

Inside cabin

Swara-Piya how come u r here

Piya-di today i got free clases as the lacture didn’t come so thaught to have lunch with my sweet di

Swara-this is the only reason or u want something else also

Piya-actually di i hv a assinment in that i hv to work as a trainey fr 1month in a company

Swara-so u want to work in our company or u hv any
Other comapny name assigned by ur collage

Piya-no di our company

On other hand Sanskar got selected for tha final interview which is going to happen next day

To be continued….

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