a hate to love story ( A SWASAN fanfic ) Prologue


Hello guys sriya here I am back with the prologue of a hate to love story (A SWASAN fanfic). Hope u guys like it too.
Swara pov
Not again this college I am getting bored of these stupid lectures today I am going to bunk my classes so that I can enjoy with my frnds and do pranks on everyone. But I have to make sure that sanskar doesn’t know about this otherwise like always he will spoil my plans he is my biggest enemy in the college I hate him I don’t know what’s his problem he always irritates me and spoils my plans. She goes to get ready and haves bf and leaves for the college.
Swara pov ends
Swara gadodia a cute sweet bubbly fun loving girl a big prankster sanskar kapoor is her biggest enemy hate studies enjoys her life to the fullest. Belongs to a rich family her parents have gone for a trip soon they will be returning from the trip. Loves her parents a lot. She is a party freak.

@ xyz college
Swara reaches the college in her blue sports car. She parks her car and gets down from the car all boys look at her they were lost in her except one boy that is sanskar kapoor. He was busy in talking with his frnds. Swara sees him with full of anger in her eyes and goes towards him and stamps his foot and leaves from there. Sanskar screams in pain.
Sanskar kapoor a fun loving caring boy loves to irritate swara and spoil her all plans hates studies swara is his biggest enemy in the college because of her he always gets scolding from the teachers. He is a party freak. Belongs to a rich family.
Swasan reach to the class and sits down in their seats. Teachers says today partners will be exchanged and says everyone names. Now swasan were the partners the biggest enemies.

Swara pov
Wtf now the mam has make me seat with my biggest enemy now how will I bunk my class my whole plan is spoiled due to this sanskar. Now sanskar kapoor see I will play a funny prank with you. You will get scolding from the teachers and will be embarrassed in front of the whole class.
Swara pov ends

sanskar goes to his frnd for borrowing notes to complete his work. Meanwhile swara takes glue from her pouch and puts everywhere in his seat. Sanskar after taking notes from his frnd sits in his chair. Mam asks him one question and ask him to stand up and answer. Sanskar tries to get up but was unable to do so mam gets angry and he tries again and again he falls down on the floor he gets up and runs in the whole class with the chair but was unable to get up as his pant is fully stick by the chair the whole class starts laughing seeing him and swara was laughing like a mad seeing his state and gives him devilishly smile sanskar gets to know that it was swara prank he gives I will kill you look to swara. Finally sanskar frees himself from the chair. He gets scolding from the teacher and swara was smiling seeing this all sanskar says to mam that it was swara prank teacher says doing this type of things in class and putting the whole blame on swara right now get out of my class. Sanskar leaves there after sometimes the classes finishes and everyone leaves from the class. Swara goes to sanskar and says this is your punishment for spoiling my all plans and for irritating me Mr sanskar kapoor don’t ever try to mess with swara gadodia else the consequences won’t be good understand and leaves from there. They both leave in opposite directions.

Precap: – sanskar to plan something for swara.

So guys how was the prologue and entry of swasan. Let me know through your comments and as of swasan marriage it will be in 6th or 7th episode from that episode their real hate story will start. Love u guys bye take care and don’t forget to drop your comments in the comment box.

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  1. superb!!

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    its sounds intresting… yupieeee u chosed swasan 😀

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  5. Sha

    Hey!! I read it.. Lol.. Sanky’s condition… Mera poor sanku. Nice prologue.. Just now opened tu and saw this. Continue Dr.

    Lots of Love.. ?

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    Nice…seems interesting…. Update next one soon

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  14. Serena

    Oh god I was laughing like maniac????
    Nice start sriya…
    Keep going on….
    Well I got one more brilliant ff in my reading list…

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    Ohh man swara ne sanskar ki halat kharab kr di… Lol

    I hate that teacher he dare she scold my sanskar

    Keep going…

    Seems interesting

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  16. Awwww……I just loved it dear …I am really excited reading collage storis and moreover our swasan as enemies ……truly waiting for the next episode …if u upload any of ur ff then let me know it ..
    Who wants to miss ur splendid episodes

    Keep smiling

    1. Sriya

      thanks a lot dolly my cute sis I have posted its next episode soon it will be published in tu my another ff has been published hatred or love it is a ragsan ff it is 2nd page if u want to read u can my sis but there is no swalak
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      1. Awww….u know na I am die hard fan of swalak u should write for me one …anyways I will read asap and will let u know

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    Hi ! Ur ff js wonderful well fantabulous. I read u like to make new friends so friends? Please conginue

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