a hate to love story ( a SwaSan fanfic ) Episode 2

Hi guys here sriya with the next update of my ff so sorry for the delay but anyways I am back again. Hope you guys like it too. Thanks guys for motivating comments.
Episode 2
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Recap: – swara to get scolding from the teacher. Sanskar is laughing on her…!!!!!!!!!!!!
We see sanskar smirking and dozes off to the sleep thinking about swara. Here same happens with swara she also dozes off to sleep thinking about sanskar.
The next day

Swasan at the same time reached to the college and sanskar gives a smirk to her and swara smiles devilishly. They both reach to the class swara enters the class sanskar signs to someone as soon as she enters a bucket full of water falls on her. She shouts and slips due to a banana peel and hits the teacher with the teacher top of her they both hit the wall. Swara and the teacher gets up and everyone laughs seeing swara and sanskar was laughing like a mad seeing her state the teacher says this is last warning next time if you do anything like this swara then you will be out of my class. At lunch break swara goe to washes her and then cleans her face with a towel. When she enters the class everyone is laughing seeing her she doesn’t understand and then her friend tells her that there is sticky mud on your face she gives a death glare to sanskar she tries to get up and is unable to do so she tries hard but she falls down with the chair as there was sticky mud attached to the chair when finally she succeeds in getting up and on back of her there was written I am chudail stupid dumb headed brainless monster….!!!!!!! Everyone starts laughing seeing her sanskar laughs like a maniac. The teacher scolds swara and gives her detention for one hour. Sanskar suppresses his laugh and swara gives a death glare to sanskar he chuckles.
Swara gets seated on her sports car and tries to drive the car but it was not moving only. She tries harder this time then also it was not starting when she gets up and goes to see there was a cow attached to the car and there was his potti. Swara closes her nose everyone runs away from there laughing and sanskar gives a devilishly smile to swara.

Precap: – SwaSan dance in a party…!!!!!!!!!!

So guys how was second episode. Let me know through your comments love you guys bye take care.

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