a hate to love story ( A SWASAN fanfic ) episode 1


Hi guys I am back with the first episode of a hate to love story ( a SWASAN fanfic ). Thank u guys for the comments keep commenting and supporting me dear.

Episode 1
Recap: – swara prank on sanskar.

Next day the sunrays fall on sanskar and he gets up and goes to have a shower. After coming from shower he dressed up. He was wearing a white shirt with blue tore jeans with wet hair. He was looking hot and handsome. He haves his bf and leaves for the college.
Sanskar pov
This swara how dare she you have played a prank on me now I will also play a prank on you. Get ready miss swara gadodia you have mess with sanskar kapoor now you have to bear the punishment for playing a prank on me.
Sanskar pov ends. Sanskar smiles evilly.

@ swara house
Swara gets up from the sleep and goes to have a bath. After that Swara haves bf and leaves for the college. She was wearing a blue knee length frock. She was looking beautiful
Swara pov
Yesterday oh my god sanskar state I was laughing like a mad seeing him like that I know he must be planning something for me I think he wants to do a prank on me for messing with him but you are wrong sanskar kapoor you can’t do prank on me I am the biggest prankster in the college I will only do a prank on you that you will remember for the whole life.
Swara pov ends.

@ Xyz college
Swara reach the college before sanskar in her sports car. She plans everything for playing a prank on sanskar. Sanskar soon comes with his sports bike as soon he parks the bike two three rotten eggs fall on his head sticky smell was coming from him everyone starts laughing seeing him he eyes angrily to swara and gives her I will kill you look he goes to wash his head. After washing he goes to class. After sometime lunch break starts as soon as he opens his lunch box the whole chilli sauce spits on his face. He starts shouting and screaming everyone starts laughing seeing his state. He was going to wash his face outside the class there was a banana peel he steps on it and goes forward and falls down with a thud everyone starts laughing him seeing like this. Teacher starts scolding sanskar and gives him punishment to stand him outside the class till the college finishes. Sanskar eyes swara angrily. Swara was controlling her laugh she says to teacher see how sanskar is seeing me. Teacher shouts sanskar he says yes mam teacher why are you seeing angrily to swara ask her sorry right now or else I have to complain to your parents sanskar says sorry swara teacher says now good get out of my class if next time this happens I will surely inform to your parents sanskar. Sanskar leaves from there in mind he was cursing swara. He thinks that now I have to give punishment to swara for her deeds and smiles evilly.

Precap: – swara to get scolding from the teacher and sanskar is laughing on her.

So guys how was the first episode. Let me know through your comments. Love u all guys bye take care don’t forget to drop your comments in the comment box. Hope u guys like it and thanks for showering your love on me guys.

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    sooo sweet fights….amazing

  4. Pooja26

    haha poor sanky…… 😉 😉

    post asap…….

  5. Very nice
    I like it a lot

  6. Sweet fights

  7. awesome!!!

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    Nice dear

  9. Sha

    lol.. poor sanky.. mere sanku ko baksh do yaar..waiting for their hate to love track..

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    Omg awesome. Poor sanky. My sanskaar is still suffering. Loved it. Fantabulous. Amazing. Forgot to say in the previous chap.
    Love u keep smiling

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