Our hate or love story for each other Shraman (EPISODE 2 )


Hey guys sriya here with second episode of my ss…!! hope u guys will love this one too…!!
Episode 2
Link to previous episode…!

Episode 1
recap: shravan new avatar…!! suman to become bold…!!
the next day:
sumo gets up from her sleep….!! she sees her and shravan pics and lets out a faint smile….!! she starts talking to it..!

sumo: everything has change a lot shravan maybe our love for each other too has turned hate for each other I know I did a mistake no nope actually a sin and I regret myself for it and I am very much guilty for it I said sorry too u also but u r stick on ur decision..! I am sorry but I can’t do anything now looks like everything is changed and now I have to also change..! I have to become more bold stronger and independent I can’t fall weak anymore I have to move on in my life looks like we are never meant to be together…!
she gets up and gets ready…..! she comes wearing down a pink top and blue jeans with a pink lipstick…!
she hugged preeti and bid bye to her and left to pcd…!!

@shravan office:
Shravan sees his and sumo pics…! and lets out a faint smile…! he picks up the photo…!
He says: looks like everything has changed a lot sumo I think we are never meant to be together we are not destined for each other…! u should move in ur life sumo forgetting me and I will also move on forgetting u…..!! no use staying anymore in our dark sad past…!
He smiles remembering their moments spent together…..!!

Precap: past begins……!!
So guys how was it? Hope u loved it bye sweetos cupcakes and lovely sissies…! love u loads take care it will end in 10-15 parts cause it is a short story…!!
My ff: next week if possible…!!

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    1. Sriya

      thnxxxx fatima di…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Nice..gud..????
    Past may bring their amazing facts of their love story????

    1. Sriya

      thnxxxx sona di yes for sure…!!

  2. Ariana

    Shravan really thinks they were not meant for each other? K I’ll laugh at his face on their wedding. Wonderful epi yaar. Ending was soooooooo suspensive. 1st i thought past will b y Shr hates her but…..it sounds so interesting. It’ll b more of them together…those romantic moments!!! Desperately waiting for the next part. Pls pls pls pls pls post ASAP. I wanna read it very soon. Keep my wish *innocent eyes*
    Waiting for the next part…tic….toc….tic….toc…
    Love u uncountablely
    Take care nd keep writing to make me smile 🙂
    oh yah….huggies nd kissies…muuuuuaaaaaahhhhh

    1. Sriya

      thnxxx my love aru di haha too funny na? we know they are perfect for each other idk oh right? it does seem interesting very big one…!! will try my love…!! ohhhh wat a joke u and innocent no match di idk just kidding haha tic toc tic toc me too waiting don’t know about my little brain wats going on? will write wat i feel like..!! love u uncountably ( million X zillion X infinity ) take care will always make u smile my love idk shit i forgot lots of hugs and kissies to u my love muahhhhh

  3. Nikita

    Shravan, you and suman are made ‘EK DUJE KE VAASTE’
    you really think you can stay away from Suman?
    the episode was amazing I loved it so so so much and
    yes past coming up I’m so excited to read it please please please post soon….
    Sriya loved it.. do post soon
    Love uh!

    1. Sriya

      yup nikko di 100% right? nope i don’t think so neither my little brain did haha thnxxxx a lot nik…!! will try my sweetheart cupcake..!!! love u uncountable nik ( million X zillion X infinity) muahhhh

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