Hate love story episode 2

He found her unconscious
D- kavya wake up

He started taping her cheeks he takes her out in his arms and settles her in his car he was going to sit when kavya holded his hands

K- don’t leave me please I am alone

D- I am not going okk I am here with you kavya
His pov
I think so I should take her khanna mansion

He drove to khanna mansion

Khanna mansion
All were talking about mishti’s birthday party

N- avni I think so we should call veer also right mishti
M- papa
A- are you blushing
M- no ways maa
Harleen- putar you look very cute but
Shweta- haa
M- are

Suddenly dev comes with kavya in his arms

Avni saw him she touches Niels shoulder

A- neil kavya
N- what happened

He sees them after him all sees

H- kavya

A- dev how this happened please bring her

He makes her lies on sofa and explained

N- that’s why I don’t allow her to drive

All- NEIL!
N- fine thanks dev

D- your welcome sir I have called the doctor

N- okk

Doctor arrives he checks kavya

Doc- is she allergic to anything

Neil was quiet avni was thinking

Dev- artificial colours and dry fruits

Doc- what kind of parents are you both you don’t know to what your child is allergic

N- you should do your work
Dev it’s very late you should stay here

D- no sir it’s fine I will manage

A- dev neil is right

H- haa putar

D- okk

H- mitali guest room dikh kar de till that dev have dinner with us

D- okk aunty

At midnight

Dev went to take water while he heard avneil

A- vidyut because of him this all Is happening neil

N- how could this be possible he is in jail and it was kavya’s fault avni

A- but neil

N- avni now sleep it’s late hmmm

A- hmm

Dev pov

Vidyut who is he

Next morning

Dev was going when bebe stopped him

H- today we are going to play a game

All- GAME!

D- bebe main kya karuga so let me go

H- rukh tujh se kisi ne kaha

He shakes his head

H- phir kyu mare jaa raha jaane ke liye putar

D- okk Aap ka order salrakho par

Precap – kavya and neil in same team

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